Mulan and Mushu quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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How to unlock Mulan and Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring honor to your Valley by welcoming Mushu and Mulan!

Not too long ago, we welcomed Daisy Duck to our Disney Dreamlight Valley worlds, but we've been eagerly awaiting Mulan and Mushu ever since we caught wind of the 'lucky dragon' hints. We can finally complete their quests and bring them to our Valleys, so here's how.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley A New Recruit Quest Guide

Mulan and Mushu have arrived in their very own realm, which means to begin the process of welcoming them to our Valley, we'll need to venture into the Dream Castle and unlock the door using Dreamlight.

Ascend two levels of stairs in the Dream Castle, and her door will be all the way on the right side with the dragon on it. Like always, Merlin will speak to you about removing the Night Thorns. It will cost you 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock it, so make sure you save some up by completing Dreamlight Duties.

When you arrive in Mulan's Realm, you'll immediately begin the first quest, "A New Recruit." Continue through to the training camp and speak to Mushu to get started.

How to clean up Rice Spills, Rocks, and Cauldron

After he mistakes you for a spy, he'll have you clean up the rice spills and break up the rocks around the area. You'll also need to make sure you flip over the cauldron.

There's a total of eight rocks you need to break and twelve rice spills. You'll need to use your shovel to dig up the rice spill and your pickaxe to break the rocks.

  • Cleaning up rice spills in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Breaking rocks in the camp in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Flipping the cauldron for Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All the items you need to clean are in the fenced-in area of the training camp. Take a good look all the way around the tents and other training props. There are some around the very edges that can be easier to miss. Once you're done cleaning, return to Mushu for your next step.

Where to find your Training Uniform pieces

Now, Mushu will want you to locate your uniform to put on. However, they're scattered around in pieces, meaning we will have to find them all separately. The pieces you need to find are Shoes, Socks, Pants, and a Shirt.


Just to the right of the main gate entrance, look for a sparkly spot on the second tent in the first row. Inside, you'll find the Training Shirt.


From the main gate entrance, take a left past the low tents. In the far left corner, check the tent first tent in the first row. You'll find the Training Socks inside.


When facing Mushu, take a left and go out the side gate. Once you cross over the small bridge, take another left and follow the dirt path. You'll spot the Training Shoes on a rock on your left side.


Head back out of the main gate and take a right. On the right side of the dirt path will be a tree and you'll see the Training Pants hanging from them.

Once you have all the clothing items, return them to Mushu. After we show it to him, we'll be able to put it on and truly look like a recruit. Next, Mushu will have you cook Mulan for some breakfast, and it's a recipe that you may have made before Mushu's Congee.

How to make Mushu's Congee

If you haven't made the dish before, don't worry. Mushu provided all the ingredients we needed to make it on the table next to the cauldron. Head over and grab all five of them: garlic, ginger, eggs, rice, and mushrooms. The cooking station is right beside Mushu, so once you have the items, add them to it to prepare the dish.

Mushu told us after we finished cooking, we needed to ring the gong beside Mulan's tent. This will wake her up and allow her to eat the breakfast we prepared. It's just to the right of Mushu and the cooking station. Approach it and press the interaction button to ring it. Now, we'll finally get to see Mulan! Approach her and give her Mushu's Congee to continue.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Dragon Army Quest Guide

Mulan will want some time to eat her breakfast, so we'll continue our training with Mushu first. He needs us to make some Dragon Statues that will scare away the enemies. They required several materials to make, but we can find most of them right here in the realm.

First, take a picture of Mushu as inspiration, and then you can begin tracking down the materials that you need:

  • Camp mud spots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Firewood spots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Red Spider Lily spots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Chrysanthemum spots in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Bucket of Water 1 location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Bucket of Water 2 location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Bucket of Water 3 location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Camp Mud x50 - Indentions in the ground that can be dug up using your shovel.
  • Firewood x10 - Looks like regular light wood you'd get in the Plaza; you'll find it scattered around the grassy areas.
  • Red Spider Lilies x10 - Red flowers found in the grass outside the camp.
  • Chrysanthemums x5 - Yellow flowers found in the grass outside the camp.
  • Dream Shards x10 - Back in Dreamlight Valley, collect them by digging sparkling spots in the ground or removing Night Thorns (you can also craft them using Dreamlight).
  • Buckets of Water x3 - Literal buckets filled with water already, found in these spots:
    • Head out the side gate and continue all the way to the barricade of wagons. Take a right and you'll see a bucket by the steam.
    • Directly to the right of the main gate, near some bamboo plants.
    • Head out the side gate, and instead of crossing the bridge, immediately turn left, and you'll see the bucket past the tree.

Once you have all these materials, you can use the workbench just to the right of where Mushu is standing. The statues will be under the Furniture tab. You'll need to make all 20 of them to complete the quest.

After showing them to Mushu, follow him over to the kiln to fire them up and make them appear like they're breathing fire. You'll add the statues and the firewood inside the kiln. While we wait for four batches of dragons to finish, we'll head to Mulan and complete her training.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Defender's Training Quest Guide

Mulan wants you to complete three different training exercises: fishing, brick-breaking, and orienteering. You can complete them in any order that you like. Here's how to do them all:

How to break bricks to develop strength

The brick-bricking training is right near Mulan, so it's the exercise I chose to complete first. To do it, approach each of the bricks and use your pickaxe to break through them. You'll want to break all eight of them to finish the exercise.

How to fish to exercise your precisions and patience

To complete the fishing exercise, all you need to do is wander around the various streams in the realm and use your fishing pole in the fishing spots. You'll catch ten Salmon to finish the task. They are found only in the gold fishing spots.

How to complete the fishing exercise in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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When you have all ten Salmon, speak to Mulan for the last step of this exercise. You'll need to place all the fish into the cauldron (the same one we flipped up during cleanup).

How to go orienteering to challenge your endurance

Once you have the other two exercises done, speak to Mulan to begin the last exercise, Orienteering. Follow her over to the training maze. Equip the Training Weights in your Wardrobe menu and then make your way into the maze.

Not only will you be navigating your way through the maze, but you'll need to find all the pebbles that Mulan hid. Here's where to find them all:

All training maze pebble locations

  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Maze pebble location in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • From the start, turn around and break the rubble in front of the dragon fireworks to find the first pebble hidden behind the training maze door.
  • Now turn back around and continue straight ahead to find the next pebble behind the rubble.
  • Take a left at the second pebble, and you'll spot the third pebble.
  • Take a left at the third pebble and break two things of rubble to make it to the fourth pebble.
  • Now, backtrack back to the third pebble spot and follow the path around the corner. Break the one piece of rubble in your way and continue straight forward to break another rubble hiding the fifth pebble.
  • From the fifth pebble, turn around, and you'll see the next pebble across from you underneath some target dummies.
  • Now, from the sixth pebble, turn right and continue all the way forward to the rock wall. Turn right and break the rubble to grab pebble seven.
  • Backtrack a bit and break the rubble between the cart and the fireworks. Then, make a slight detour to the right and follow the path into the corner near some bamboo plants. You'll find a different type of treasure here.
  • Finally, back track a bit from the treasure spot and break the last piece of rubble to grab pebble eight.

Now, you can speak to Mulan and turn in all the training exercise quests you completed. You can also turn in all of the treasure items you found along the way (she'll give you special furniture items to put in your house). You've all done with her training, so you can return to Mushu to check on the Dragon Statues.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Clearing the Road Quest Guide

While speaking with Mushu about the Dragon Statues, a landslide will interrupt you. Follow Mushu and Mulan out to the clearing to continue.

Protecting the Camp Quest

Mulan will ask you to help clear all the debris from the clearing. This include fishing out and removing the following items:

  • Sand Piles x8 - Use your shovel to dig them up.
  • Rocks x7 - Use your pickaxe to break through them.
  • Broken Logs x10 - Remove them by picking them up off the ground or fishing them out of the stream from fishing spots.

After you finish clearing, return to Mulan. She'll have a great idea to plant some trees at barriers. She'll provide the seeds and dig the holes for you. All you need to do is put them into the holes and water them. All the holes will be right in the clearing area, so look all around and fill all ten holes with seeds.

When you've finished planting, Mulan wants a way to solve the flooding problem. We can craft some Sandbags for her. You'll need the following materials to do so:

  • Fiber x15
  • Brown Sand x40

If you don't have enough brown sand, look around the clearing. You'll find some piles of sand possibly left over from when you were clearing out the rubble. Then, take the materials to the crafting bench near the kiln to make the Sandbags. Bring them back to Mulan and follow her over to where she'll put them in the camp.

Mulan is ready to come back to Dreamlight Valley at this point, but we'll need to finish things up with Mushu before we can welcome them in.

Mushu wants to make a fence to prevent any future landslides from happening. You can make a fence by using 25 Wooden Logs. If you don't have enough yet, look around for more of them in the clearing area. Remember, you can also fish them out of the stream.

Then, bring them to the crafting table to make the four pieces of the wooden log fence. The trench where you need to place the fence is already dug for you. Just approach each spot and interact with it to place the fences. Now, you can follow Mushu to signal that the delivery is ready by sending fireworks up into the sky!

There's only one last step you need to take before you can welcome Mulan and Mushu to your Valley, and that's placing their house. You can place it anywhere you like, but it'll cost you 20,000 Star Coins to get Scrooge McDuck to build it. If you don't have enough, try selling some of your more valuable items to earn Starcoins more quickly.

Mulan will join immediately once you place their house. To get Mushu, you'll just need to head back to the realm for 'one last surprise.' And it's really one more scavenger hunt because you'll need to track down Mulan's Key where Mushu lost it.

Where to find Mulan's Key

Thankfully, finding the key is not as difficult as expected. You can find it by walking through the clearing, now filled with beautiful cherry blossoms, and looking at the ground beside the blockade of carts.

This key will let you open the chest behind Mulan's tent and collect a Defender's Sword furniture item you can put on display in your house. Finally, Mushu is ready to return to the Valley, where you can enjoy progressing your friendship with him and Mulan!

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How to unlock Mulan and Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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