All Sorcery Types in Elden Ring

Sorceries galore.

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated RPGs of 2022, and players can combat the game's plethora of enemies and bosses with melee combat, Sorcery Types, Incantations, Bows, and more. Those with an affinity for magic are best suited to pick up Sorcery, and there are plenty of spells that players can use in Elden ring.

There are two types of Magic in Elden Ring: Sorceries and Incantations. Sorceries require users to equip a staff to use. Incantations need a Sacred Seal for activation. We've listed each Sorcery in Elden Ring below:

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ImageNameEffectFP Cost
Ambush ShardStrikes enemies from behind with a long-range projectile16
Unseen BladeMakes right-handed weapons invisible18
Cannon of HaimaArcs an explosive magic object at enemies45
Carian GreatswordExecutes sweeping slash with a conjured greatsword16
Carian PiercerStabs enemies with a conjured greatsword23
Carian SlicerCreates a wide slash with a magical sword4
Comet AzurFires a giant comet at enemies40
Crystal BarrageShoots a barrage of crystal shards at enemies14
Crystal BurstShoot a burst of Glintstone Crystal Shards at foes14
Gavel of HaimaConjure a magic great hammer and attack enemies37
Glintblade PhalanxMake a defensive perimeter with magic Glintblades20
Glintstone ArcFire a magic attack with a horizontal magic attack10
Glintstone CometshardShoot a magic comet at enemies with a trailing tail25
Glintstone PebbleFire magic glintstone objects at enemies 7
Glintstone StarsConjure three shooting stars that track targets14
Gravity WellCreates a gravity projectile, pulling enemies toward the caster12
Great Glintstone ShardFire larger projectiles at enemies made from glintstone12
Magic BubbleLaunch magic bubbles are enemies12
Magic GlintbladeCreates a sigil that launches a glintblade at foes after a short delay12
MeteoriteSummons small meteors to rain down from the sky30
Rennala's Full MoonCreate a moon to hurl at enemies55
Roiling MagmaFire a mass of magma that explodes after a short delay32
Scholar's ArmamentEnchants right-handed weapon with magic damage25
Scholar's ShieldEnchants left-handed shields with damage negation magic30
Shattering CrystalCreates a crystal that explodes, showering crystals at the enemy32
Star ShowerFire six shooting stars that track enemies36
StarlightIlluminates surroundings using light from a star12
Swift Glintstone ShardFires magic projectiles forged from glintstone5
Tibia's SummonsSummon undead allies to aid in battle20
Crystal ReleaseShoot a rain of crystal shards from above38
Unseen FormMakes the caster almost invisible20
Frozen ArmamentEnchants right-hand weapon with frost20
Greatblade PhalanxCreate a barrier with larger magic glintblades43
Loretta's GreatbowFire a great arrow using a magic greatbow32
Shatter EarthThrust your staff into the ground and create a shockwave12
Terra MagicusCreate a magic sigil that raises the magic strength of everyone inside20
Great Oracular BubbleLaunch a giant magic bubble at enemies16
Magic DownpourCreate a magic orb that rains projectiles over a particular area25
Magma ShotFire a mass of magma that explodes when making contact24
Night Maiden's MistCreates a mist in front of caster that drains the life of enemies inside35
Rock BlasterStab staff into the ground and create a large shockwave30
Thops's BarrierCreate a magic forcefield that deflects magic spells7
Carian PhalanxCreate a defensive perimeter using an array of magic glintblades26
Freezing MistEmit a cold mist in front of the caster20
Gelmir's FuryCreate a surge of magma that erupts from the ground21
Glintstone IcecragFire cold magic forged from glintstone12
LucidityRemoves Sleep and Madness buildup10
Zamor Ice StormCreate a freezing tornado by thrusting your staff into the ground22
Carian RetaliationRemove enemy spells and fire off glintblades8
Adula's MoonbladeA sweeping slash attack follow up with a cold blade projectile26
Founding Rain of StarsCreate a hail of stars that attack enemies for an extended period69
Info and Images via Elden Ring Wiki

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All Sorcery Types in Elden Ring

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