10 Best Pokémon Mega Evolutions of All Time

The Pokémon franchise has seen several unique gimmicks that alter how popular creatures perform and combat each other depending on their region of origin. Before Gigantamax forms and Z-Moves, Pokémon could Mega Evolve. This powerful transformation saw dozens of Pokémon change their appearances and even types to create more powerful variants of fan-favorite creatures. While […]

10 Worst Shiny Pokémon of All Time

For many Pokémon fans, shiny hunting is a staple of the series. Finding these rare and coveted variants of the monsters in the Pokémon franchise continues to enamor fans two decades after the series began. While some shinies are incredible, however, others are lackluster and not worth the effort to track down. Here are ten […]

10 Best Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Some of the most dedicated Pokémon players love hunting for shiny versions of their favorite pocket monsters. Shinies are incredibly rare, but if you hunt down the right Pokémon, the hunt will be well worth the struggle. Certain, shiny Pokémon are a cut above their counterparts when they look even better than the original color […]