All New Cars in Los Santos Tuners | GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online may be approaching eight years on the market, but the developers at Rockstar Games continue to push out updates to keep the experience fresh. Their most recent update, Los Santos Tuners, centers around the automobiles for which the franchise is famous. There are new cars, but what new cars are available? […]

How to Trade Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Few mobile games have the staying power that Pokémon GO has had. Over five years after its initial launch, the game still sees new players and an active fanbase investing time into the game. One of the most popular activities in the Pokémon community besides catching these fictional creatures is trading them. It’s important to […]

WarioWare Get it Together: Microgames vs. Minigames – What’s the Difference?

At E3 2021, Nintendo announced another entry in their acclaimed WarioWare series. This franchise focuses on the Mario franchise’s Wario and his esteemed company. In WarioWare: Get it Together, players are tasked with completing several microgames in rapid succession as in the franchise’s previous iterations. Tasks get increasingly challenging because of the dwindling time users […]

What platforms is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant on?

Ubisoft San Francisco’s latest project, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, is a fast-paced, high-intensity shooter. Several personalized classes and gunplay aim to be realistic, like in other Tom Clancy games. New characters and gameplay are the cornerstones of this new release. But what platforms is Tom Clancy’s XDefiant coming to? Tom Clancy’s XDefiant will be available for […]