How to play all minigames in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series

All minigames and how to play them from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise!

There have been several minigames available to play throughout the many Five Nights at Freddy's games. Each minigame helps players better understand the lore and backstory across the series.

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However, the gameplay of these games can be confusing at times, as most are fairly abstract.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Minigames

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Players start off in the dining area. Walk out into the hall to see one of the puppet animatronics standing in a puddle of blood. Follow the puppet until he leads the player into another dining area, where William Afton, the purple figure, will quickly grab the player.

Give Gifts. Give Life.

Playing as one of the puppet animatronics, a child is placed in each of the four corners of the room. Go to each corner and place a present next to the child. After this has been done, the command at the top will change to Give Life. This time, place an animatronic head on each of the children.

Foxy "Go! Go! Go!"

Play as Foxy heading off of the stage through the purple curtains. Follow the arrow into the room to the right. Repeat this each time that Foxy is congratulated.

Take Cake to the Children

Playing as Freddy, players will be placed in a room with three children on either end of the room. Freddy will have to race to each of the children and give them a slice of cake before all of them are reset.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Minigames

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BB's Air Adventure pt. 1

Play as BB in a Mario-type level. Jump onto each platform to collect the balloons. Once all of the balloons have been collected, an exit door will appear. Instead of going to the exit, go to the upper left platform and jump out of the level. BB will float down to a black and white striped level. Head right to see other dark BBs under a tree. Further to the right is another level with a single balloon at the top. Collect it to complete the minigame.

Mangle's Quest

Play as Mangle in a similar style level to BB's. Mangle will have to collect his body parts spread across the platforms in the first level and avoid the child. After all of the pieces are collected, an exit door will appear in the far right section of the level. Again, jump out of the level above the exit door. Mangle will float down to a red and black striped level. Head left and used the balloons as platforms. Finally, reach the cake at the end of the platforms to complete the minigame.

BB's Air Adventure pt. 2

Much like in the first part of BB's adventure, players will start by collecting balloons. Same as before, once the exit door pops up, jump out of the level from the platform above it. Float down and take the balloon platforms across until players reach the cake and crying gray child.

Chica's Party

Play as Chica, collecting cupcakes across the green platforms in the level. Then feed them to crying children found in different corners of the level on the floor. Once everyone has been fed, an exit door will appear. Head up to the leftmost platform in this room and continue left, breaking through the walls of the level. Use the balloon platforms to reach the crying child in the far left.


During the rambling of the previous employee, players can enter code 395 and hit the button where 2 was previously displayed to enter this game. As Freddy jumps off the stage and into the cheering children, then heads back towards the stage without jumping.

This will break Freddy free of the level. He'll fall past a couple of the first levels until he reaches the bottom. Then head to the right past more levels until the exit door appears. Turn around and jump near the left bottom corner of the level to go up. Continue to jump through the stacks of levels back up until the player reaches the far upper right level. Here is where the crying child should be.


The glitch starts at a level with an exit door in the upper right corner. Head to the lower-left corner of the level to glitch through different levels. Once inside BB's level, exit the level via the upper left platform. The crying child will be in the far left corner of the purple and black striped level.

Freddy, Night 1

Head off of the stage and into the room to the left. From the dining area, head down. Ignore the purple Freddy to the right in the room and continue down. Follow this purple Freddy further down and through the full circuit of rooms until the room with the boarded door to the right. Try to follow the purple Freddy now, and an error will occur. Freddy will then be attacked.

Bonnie, Night 2

As Bonnie, traverse the rooms and follow the purple Freddy when asked to follow. Players will quickly be taken to the room with the disassembled Freddy and will receive an error when trying to follow the purple Freddy further. Bonnie will be attacked in the same fashion.

Chica, Night 3

Repeat the same actions as Bonnie from the previous night.

Foxy, Night 4

As Foxy follow purple Freddy to the room with the disassembled others and head to the room south. Return to the previous room afterward, and a cupcake will be sitting in the room. Foxy will be disassembled as well after trying to follow Freddy.


As the crying child, head to the room with the cupcake and disassembled animatronics. Players will finally be able to go through the northern door here and find William Afton and a separate animatronic suit. Corner Afton enough times and he'll jump in the suit which kills him.

Happiest Day

As the crying child, head to the room with the cupcake and disassembled animatronics. Players will finally be able to go through the northern door here and find William Afton and a separate animatronic suit. Corner Afton enough times, and he'll jump in the suit, which kills him.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Minigames

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5 days until the party

Players are locked in their room with their FNAF plushies as the crying child. Knock on their door in the northern section of the room until the child collapses and cries.

4 days until the party

This time, the player's door will be unlocked. Head out of the bedroom and keep left. Someone will jump out from behind the TV and scare the child with a Foxy mask.

3 days until the party

The child starts out crying in the pizzeria. Head to the left, and it will tell players that this is the wrong direction. Head right and a Freddy will appear in the doorway. Head into the room to the left and keep switching back and forth. Eventually, the door will open to reveal William Afton and a worker putting on a Spring Bonnie suit. The door will close, and players will be followed into the next room and caught by the Freddy.

2 days until the party

Once again, the child starts in the pizzeria. Head right and interact with the child in this room. Keep south and interact with the next child. Continue south and talk to the man laughing on the corner of the sidewalk. Follow the sidewalk left and talk to the child with the balloon. Follow the sidewalk the rest of the way to reach home and head to the bedroom.

Five Nights at Freddy's World

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Chica's Magic Rainbow

As Chica, players will have to make it through the Mario-like level. The first is just dodging flower petals, but a new challenge will be added after each checkpoint. Essentially, each level will become harder and harder as the voice becomes more and more patronizing in the background after each death. The rainbow's eyeball section is the last.

Foxy Fighters

As Foxy, players will fight in a plane alongside several other animatronics. Defeat the cupcakes and anything else that drops into view while dodging their attacks. Be extra careful when Chica asks the player whether they'll get tired of her voice, as the screen will fill with her icon. Then battle Souldozer to complete the minigame.

FNaF 57: Freddy in Space

Survive as Freddy is another platformer, this time with lasers! Freddy has a gun so he can shoot down the adjustable lasers in his path to drop hearts. When the path opens up to go nearly straight down to the right, use the platform to head up instead. At the top of the next area, head into the secret area in the top left, through the fake wall to grab a cupcake.

Then continue on the path northeast. Keep right and fight the robots to earn more hearts. Then defeat the man's head in the tank with arms to complete the minigame.


As Bonnie, players need to keep right. The game will continue to distort until it turns into an entirely different game.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

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Another platformer, playing as Circus Baby. Feed all children along the path cupcakes until they sing and dance. Collect more cupcakes with the cupcake boxes when she runs out. Pink will shoot one cupcake at a time. Blue will shoot three at a time in a spread. Green will shoot one cupcake at a time that continues on through to the next kids in a lineup.

Use them strategically to feed all of the kids in the level. In the end, Circus Baby will receive an ice cream cone. Head back to the beginning of the level and drop the cone for a girl to come out of the corner.

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