Genshin Impact: Sacrificial Offering Quest Walkthrough

With little direction and silent ghosts standing around, players may be a little lost on how to complete the Sacrificial Offering quest within Genshin Impact. This quest involves ghosts, fox statues, and an abandoned shrine. It’s all fairly simple, just not straightforward. Investigating the Abandoned Shrine and Mysterious Shadows After starting the Sacrificial Offering quest, […]

How to put wheels on cars in Teardown

Of all the challenges that players face in Teardown, one of the oddest ones is simply destroying or driving cars into nearby waterways. Thing is, to be able to take these cars for a swim in the first place, they need to have wheels. Unfortunately, players cannot put wheels onto cars, but they can do […]

How to get into the vault in Teardown

In Teardown, players can use all sorts of methods to break and destroy nearly everything. Unfortunately, one of the indestructible items in the game is a vault door. Players can come across this vault On Hollowrock Island during The BlueTide Computers mission. Related: How to detonate the big bomb in Teardown Finding an entrance into […]