How to play Propnight for beginners

Propnight is a Dead by Daylight/VHS-like game that was released fully in late 2021. The main aspects of the game’s content revolve around players defeating one enemy player as a group with the tools they have at hand. It is a four vs one, with the singular enemy player having several abilities as a monster. […]

All Betnikh Skyshard Locations in ESO

Skyshards are incredibly important across Tamriel, as they give players access to extra skill points. Betnikh is one of the smaller islands that players within the Daggerfall Covenant will visit after their starting island Stros M’Kai. As a smaller island landscape, this island only contains three skyshards across it. Gilbard’s Hook Skyshard One of the […]

All bosses in New World

There are a total of 12 main bosses within New World that provide a distinct challenge to players. Each of these bosses can be found in dungeons or during expeditions. In all, there is, Foreman Nakashima, Simon Grey, Alectos the Relentless, Greundgul the Regent, Archdeacon Azamela, Commander Thorpe, Isabella’s Pets, Zhou Taiying, Alluvium Marl the […]

Best Minecraft Builds

With Minecraft being around for over a decade, players have dedicated from hours to months to years of their lives to create some of the most impressive builds around. These aren’t just outstanding castle or house designs. Instead, these creations are colossal works of art, pushing the bounds of what Mojang produced. Notre-Dame-de-Paris Created by […]