Where to find Kohinorr World Boss in Lost Ark

Kohinorr is one of the World Bosses you’ll face in Lost Ark as you progress through the game. These bosses needed to be defeated to complete the Adventurer’s Tome of each respective area. Kohinorr can be found in Yorn and, more specifically, in the northeastern area of Iron Hammer Mine. The area is highlighted below […]

Where to find Island of Fortuna in Lost Ark

The island of Fortuna is located east of East Luterra between Drumbeat Island and Opher, the Lonely Island. It’s always accessible and doesn’t require you to monitor the Procyon Compass to disembark. The island is covered in different jars with different rewards and items. Island of Fortuna Breakdown Related: Where to get Solar Protection, Solar Blessing, and Solar […]

What are Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

Chaos Gates are one of the raids you can experience when you play through Lost Ark. Up to thirty players can join in on the fun, and there are six dungeons. These dungeons will only appear on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays every hour between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm local time. You can open up […]

Where to find Lullaby Island in Lost Ark

Lullaby Island is one of the many islands that you’ll come across as you sail through the oceans of Lost Ark. You’ll be able to find this one specifically east of East Luterra in the Singing Sea. A more detailed map is outlined below. Lullaby Island Breakdown Related: All Mokoko Seed locations in Cave of […]

How Do You Unlock Hildebrandt Palace in Lost Ark?

Hildebrandt Palace is one of the Abyssal Dungeons you can experience when you play through Lost Ark. After unlocking Abyssal Dungeons by completing the Waiting and Leaving quest in North Vern, you’ll have access to this dungeon, among others. To start it, you must be at least Level 50 with an Item Level of at least 460. You will […]