Does Valkyrie Elysium have New Game Plus?

One large defining portion of the RPG genre of games is the Dark Souls series as well as other games by FromSoftware. Because of this, many other RPGs have taken inspiration from these games. Specifically, the RPGs have added a New Game Plus mode or a mode similar wherein players would be tasked with starting […]

Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium: Abyssos raid guide

The second part of Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium raid, Abyssos, can be a great challenge for players to test their skills and get better gear. Featuring four boss fights with their own challenges and mechanics, Endwalker’s main raid is sure to be a frustrating yet fun one. However, this guide will explain each boss fight found within for […]

How does Soul Guard work in Dead by Daylight?

Comparable to online card games, Dead by Daylight faces a perk/status effect overflow where both survivors and killers are unsure what certain effects convey. This is due to the sheer amount of varying effects and perks in the game. Not only that, but perks like No Mither and Unbreakable receive updates constantly, making it hard […]

Which Strikes have Cabal bosses in Destiny 2?

Along with the replayability and potential loot that Destiny 2’s Strikes offer, some challenges accompany them. For example, one challenge requests that the player kill Fallen bosses within Strikes. A similar challenge exists for Cabal bosses, so for those wishing to farm out Cabal bosses, knowing where to find the bosses is step one. Strikes that have Cabal […]