Marvel Snap Codes (December 2023)

Bringing CCGs into the digital space has allowed designers to work new magic into the genre, and Marvel Snap shows just what is achievable. Matches are super-fast and tactical, and I love the smart random elements because the better thought-out deck is going to win a lot more games than it loses. Especially once you […]

Marvel Snap – Best Ms. Marvel decks

Kamala Khan enters Marvel Snap with the November season pass and makes a place for herself as a great boost card. If you want to build around her, check out the best Ms. Marvel decks in Marvel Snap below. What cards work best with Ms. Marvel in Marvel Snap? There are 12 spots you can […]

Best Hit-Monkey decks in Marvel Snap

The Marvel Snap April Season Pass has finally dropped, allowing players to get their hands on Hit-Monkey, Marvel Snap’s newest card, plus some amazing animal-themed card variants. This new two-cost card is quite unique and fits in the emerging bounce-style decks. Hit-Monkey has some easy synergies with series three cards and Mr. Negative decks due […]

Best Snowguard decks in Marvel Snap

The Marvel Snap April Season Pass brought Hit-Monkey to the scene and now Snowguard. Snowguard is a unique card with two different forms, changing between them each turn the card is in your hand. Snowguard is a difficult card to play with limited synergies with other cards. Here are the best Snowguard decks in Marvel […]

The Best MODOK deck in Marvel Snap

In the February Season Pass, Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner has added the new M.O.D.O.K card with the Season Pass: Into the Quantum Realm. M.O.D.O.K revolves around Marvel Snap’s Discard mechanic, which requires you to manipulate your hand and discard pile to play cards. Discard cards are often high-power and come with a risk vs reward […]