How to earn Credits in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a competitive collectible card game in which you assemble a team of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains to battle over iconic locations. As you play, you will earn various rewards, including cards, player icons, and Credits. Credits are an in-game currency that may leave you wondering how to earn Credits in Marvel […]

How to increase your rank fast in Marvel Snap

The next entry in competitive CCG is here with Marvel Snap. This fast-paced game features tactical gameplay where you must outthink your opponent and take control of two out of three random locations from the Marvel universe. With the competitive aspect in Marvel Snap, you may be wondering how to increase your rank quickly. How […]

How to unlock Ranked in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a competitive CCG that focuses on fast-paced gameplay and a control point objective. As it is competitive, you will want to join Ranked matches and become the best in the Multiverse. But since Ranked is not available at the start, you may be wondering how to unlock Ranked mode in Marvel Snap. […]

All Locations in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced competitive card game utilizing your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. You will compete against other players to win two out of three locations. This may leave you wondering what locations are in Marvel Snap. Locations are iconic places from the Marvel Universe. There are three in a match, with the […]