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12 Best Minecraft House Design Ideas (2023)

Craft your very own dream home!

With an open-ended sandbox survival game like Minecraft, the possibilities for building are endless. When that build is the future home base for all of the player's adventures, the decision on what to choose can be intimidating.

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Don't become overwhelmed by your building choices, though. To whittle down options, we've compiled a list of useful house-building ideas for all types of Minecraft players!

The Medieval Cottage

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This is one of the most popular home builds for several reasons. It fits within the aesthetic of almost any world, its build relies on more readily available materials, and it's a fairly simple home to create. The cottage-style build relies heavily on whites and wood grain, making the resources easy to come by. Its biggest strength is that it provides style with relative ease, which is always ideal when building in Minecraft.

Base Material List:

  • Wood (Any)
  • Wood Planks (Any)
  • Wooden Door (Any)
  • Brick
  • Clay (White or Beige)
  • Vines/Leafs
  • Mossy Cobblestone

The Contemporary Condo

Screenshot via Mojang

Contemporary, or modern, builds are quite common and popular for their sleek and edgy looks. Players wanting to homestead in style can create these types of builds fairly easily as long as they have access to sand and stone. Glass and quartz are the two main components to creating a slick contemporary build, which we can see on display above.

Base Material List:

  • Glass (Any)
  • Glass Panes (Any)
  • Smooth Quartz
  • Quartz Pillar
  • Quartz Brick
  • Polished Blackstone

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The Mushroom Villa

Screenshot via Mojang

With cottage-core and faeries becoming a common trend online, more players may be interested in building their own little mushroom home to accent the trending style. Mushrooms homes can vary quite a bit in size and shape, depending on the type of mushroom the player wants to live in. It could be something quite small, or tower over the mushroom forest. Either way, the idea is cute and very customizable.

Base Material List:

  • Clay (Beige or White)
  • Mushrooms
  • Wood (any)
  • Bricks
  • Moss Block (Carpet)
  • Vines
  • Hyphae Blocks

Asian-Inspired Minka

Screenshot via Mojang

For players who love more Asian-inspired architecture and symbolism. The Minka offers a lovely balance of colors for a jungle or beach biome home, or wherever you want to place it. The style of house also offers some different ways to utilize the space inside of the home, aside from the usual square block with a roof.

Base Material List:

  • Dark Prismarine
  • Bamboo
  • Clay (White or Beige)
  • Trapdoors
  • Wood Planks (Any)

Starter Modern House

Image via Tanol Games

The best thing about this build is that it offers you the ability to modify the required materials quite heavily. You can use Iron and Obsidian, but any sturdy light/dark contrast colored blocks will work well as a substitute. You can have a fancy modern home on a budget. The decor in the tutorial is inspirational, but is not necessary or can be changed easily.

Base Material List:

  • Iron/Quartz/Clay
  • Obsidian/Black Concrete
  • Wood Slabs (Any)
  • General Decor

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2x2 Minecraft House

Image via CSX42

For the builder who wants a simple, quick, and cheap home, try out the 2x2 Minecraft House tutorial. While not much bigger than enough space to sleep, this home has the advantage that it is super quick to make and requires barely any materials. And the ones it does require are easy for beginners to procure. This makes the 2x2 house an ideal starter survival house to bunker down and plan within while playing Minecraft.

Base Material List:

  • Wood Slabs (Any)
  • Wood Door
  • Glass

Large Medieval Home

Image via Nanaroid

Want a bit of a challenge? This detailed medieval home will require a bit of patience and a lot of materials to get established, but this tutorial will make it a lot easier. The grandiose house functions both as a formidable fortress and a beautiful place to lay your virtual head down at the end of the day. Try your own hand at building it and see how your own take on the house turns out!

Base Material List:

  • Andesite (block and wall)
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Spruce (all varieties)
  • Dark Oak/Oak (all varieties)
  • Iron Trap Door
  • Ladder
  • Chest

Gracium Modern House

Image via JINTUBE

While architecture in the Modern style doesn't always come to mind when picturing Minecraft, it's actually a well suited design for the blocky Minecraft aesthetic. We know that the material list may be intimidating at first sight, but you don't need to be worried. The Gracium Modern House tutorial by JINTUBE shows that the lengthy material list is offset by the easy level of the building, which won't be too hard to complete at all.

Base Material List:

  • White Carpeting
  • Bookshelves
  • Polished Blackstone Pressure Plates
  • Quartz Pillars & Quartz Stairs
  • Cauldrons
  • Cobbled Deepslate Slabs
  • Dead Brain Coral Fans
  • Oak Stairs & Oak Trapdoors
  • Polished Diorite Stairs
  • Red Tulips
  • Turtle Eggs
  • Acacia Trapdoors
  • Black Banner
  • Dead Bush
  • Flowering Azaleas
  • Levers
  • Note Blocks
  • Pistons

Large Suburban Home

Image via Greg Builds

Want something that reflects more of your real life surroundings, rather than a fantasy home? If so, check out the Large Suburban House tutorial from Greg Builds. While the ample size may put some people off, it's actually still a pretty easy to make home build. And the material list keeps itself brief, which is a major bonus. This is also a good build if you want a basic template to build upon, adding your own personal touches.

Base Material List:

  • Brick Blocks
  • Dark Oak Stairs
  • Stone Brick Blocks

Fantasy Mansion

Image via BigTonyMC

This giant home has one of the most expansive build material requirements of any entry on this list, but that's to be expected when you're crafting a gorgeous mansion. The Fantasy Mansion tutorial by BigTonyMC will walk you through every step of how to make this otherworldly estate. As long as you follow along with the video, you shouldn't have too much trouble beyond amassing the large number of items required.

Base Material List:

  • Oak Logs/Oak Trapdoors
  • Spruce Planks/Spruce Stairs/Spruce Slabs/Spruce Trapdoors
  • Spruce Fences/Spruce Fence Gates/Spruce Doors
  • Dark Oak Fences/Dark oak Fence Gates
  • Stone Bricks/Stone Brick Stairs/Stone Brick Slabs/Stone Brick Walls
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks
  • Mossy Stone Bricks/Mossy Cobblestone
  • Cut Copper/Cut Copper Stairs/Cut Copper Slabs
  • Smooth Sandstone
  • Calcite
  • Diorite
  • Glass/Glass Panes
  • Oak Leaves
  • Grass Blocks
  • Sweet Berries
  • Polished Blackstone Buttons
  • Cobbled Deepslate Walls
  • Iron Bars
  • Anvils
  • Chains
  • Lanterns
  • Campfire
  • Hay Bale

Christmas House

Image via JINTUBE

Another entry from the talented JINTUBE, the Christmas House tutorial is quick, easy, and festive! No matter what time of year it is, it's hard to say no to the cheery decor and solid building skills shown in the video. And we won't skirt around it, this build requires a lot of materials. So much so that we included the photos from JINTUBE's video instead of a list (as it would be messy and unintelligible in a bullet list). But if you find this to be a gorgeous idea for a home, like we do, you might find it worth the extensive material gathering process.

Base Material List:

Haunted Halloween House

Image via Rizzial

Still looking to be festive, but don't want to gather as many materials as what's required in the Christmas House build? Then check out this spooky Haunted Halloween House tutorial by Rizzial. This layout here is much more simple, but you can always build up from what's included in the video, adding anything you think will add to the eerie vibe of this home.

Base Material List:

  • Gray Concrete
  • Acacia Planks/Acacia Stairs/Acacia Slabs/Acacia Fence
  • Cobblestone/Cobblestone Stairs/Cobblestone Walls/Cobblestone Slabs
  • Door
  • Pumpkins
  • White Stained Glass Panes

We hope you've found this list to be useful while you play Minecraft. If you're searching for more ideas after making your house, check out Best Minecraft Dungeons Builds – Leveling Builds!. Didn't find a house on this list? Try our Cool Minecraft Houses – Ideas for your next Build! list here.

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