Darkfire Bundle

Darkfire Bundle Bundle

Darkfire Bundle is a Bundle.

The Fortnite Darkfire Bundle is a cosmetic pack that will be available at physical locations as well as online. It was released on November 5th, 2019 and can be purchased at various online retailers as well as on Amazon (Affiliate Link)!

The Darkfire Bundle includes three remixed Legendary skins: Power Chord, Omen, & Ark with each of their back blings. You'll also be getting three Epic Wraps and three Rare Dual Wielding Pickaxes, plus a new Emote!

Included Cosmetics

  • Dark Power Chord
  • Dark Six String
  • Molten Omen
  • Molten Battle Shroud
  • Shadow Ark
  • Shadow Ark Wings
  • Dark Angular Shift Wrap
  • Shadow Angular Shift Wrap
  • Molten Angular Shift Wrap
  • Dark Strikers Pickaxe
  • Molten Strikers Pickaxe
  • Shadow Strikers Pickaxe
  • Unification Emote

Official Description

Embrace your dark side, heat up the battle and slip into the shadows with the Darkfire Bundle.

Cosmetic Information

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Darkfire Bundle's Attachments

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      1. Okay I did they said they have some codes available I went to pick one up. Also I wish they did this type of thing where you can buy all the Fortnite bundles in stores. Thanks anyway

  1. Ok so my main question
    Immediately is … what if I only previously own the omen skin

    Does that mean I get everything else besides the power cord and shadow ark outfit ? Seeing as I don’t previously own those skins to get the outfits for ?
    Or if I purchase the bundle. Do they give me both the characters I’m missing.
    Asking before I purchase

  2. Hey Evident? Do you think i would be able to buy a code for this at gamestop and use the code on the epic games website i dont have access to an xbox, switch, or PS4,

  3. I feel like they are gonna give a new frozen series rarity skin with a wrap and backbling and dual wield pickaxes because when my group looked at the files a gift file was attached to the pack saying it would last from november 5th to November 15th saying “Thank you for buy buying the Darfire bundle we worked so long on it thank you for buying it early!” im not sure if its a replacement file but im actually even more excited for this pack the file just has a bunch of letters and numbers as its name though and its skin pickaxe and backbling are decoded so we cant push them into the locker yet ill be sure to inform other leakers on this if i can get in touch with them (sorry for the long message)

  4. THIS BUNDLE IS SO SICK I LOVE IT ITS SO GOOD im sorry i have been waiting for months for this bundle!
    XD Evident you excited for this bundle?