Singularity is a Legendary Outfit and is the mystery Utopia skin that is unlockable in Season 9 by collecting 90 Fortbytes! If you're behind on collecting your Fortbytes, we have an extensive guide right here.

Learn how-to unlock all of her styles with this guide!

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The first and the last.

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Rating: 3.9/5. From 2.3K votes.
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  1. I wont say is not worth it. But being honest, collect 90 fortbytes to unlock her is more difficult to do than the challenges to unlock the other mystery from previous seasons.
    Now, to unlock the full suit, we need to collect 100 fortbytes. There is a fortbyte that is lock until we finish all the challenges, so we need to complete the entire season to unlock the helmet style.
    Is too much grind just for a skin that is not that GREAT, like The Prisioner or The Visitor.

    1. Grind!??? you just run around that map and find their location while sometimes having to do a small challenge or where a certain skin. There is literally no grindin. Go play Monster hunter or FF7 if you want to know what real grinding is.

  2. it sucks that you get this skin in week 9-10 and with the previous skins such as hunting party, blockbuster, etc. it was week 7

  3. Just throwing this theory mixed with another theory. There are so many theories about the volcano being a missile silo or a mech. Well if it is a mech, it would make sense with Singularity being a Hero in Neo Towers, she is the mech Pilot.

  4. Wow.
    Probably in my top 5 favorite tbh.
    I like drift and cuddle most.
    Now I’m literally doing every fortbyte dincr I saw this I’m not procrastinating anymore.

  5. For example, would I need the Drift skin from season 5 to have the “Drift Style” for the Singularity skin?? Thanks I really want to know.

    1. Nope when u get the skin u need to find helmets around the map for the edit styles. The drift helmet is by polar peak.

  6. Hey Evident, I would be happy if i could be able to play with you sometimes? I use your Fortbyte guides and it was useful! Thank you

    1. I’m so glad you like the site! Unfortunately, I don’t get to play the game much, this site takes up quite a bit of my time.

      1. Its fine, I mean you did alot of guides already so it kinda takes up a bit of time to really search the fortbytes.

  7. I honestly disagree with a lot of the hate this skin is getting but I don’t feel the need to dive into my personal opinion. Does anyone know what the challenges for unlocking the different styles of this skin will be? If not my guess is that you will have to go to locations on the map like the prisoner. Anyway, what do you think about this skin evident? 😀

    1. For the secret skin i think it’s very disappointing. The secret skins need to have a lot going for them seeing as you have to work to get them and comparing to the other’s are all worth the effort. If this was in the item shop it would be an uncommon.

    2. I think you get the upgraded suit and the helmet from doing more fortbytes because im pretty sure lucas7yoshi had that on his twitter

  8. Dear people who hate this skin, please keep your hateful comments to yourself.

    Kind regards, Everyone else

  9. The base version is alright but the styles really sell this skin for me, probably because I loved the Season 5 Roadtrip Loading screens and this skin has a style for each of the Skins involved plus a Durr Burger and a Pizza Pit style. 100% the best Secret Skin in my opinion.

  10. This isnt leaked the challenges are already on the fortnite style challenge page on my acc it says i havent got my 90 fortbytes though so its not leaked it is out

    1. The leaked section also functions as the unreleased section. You technically can’t obtain this skin yet because 90 Fortbytes aren’t available.

  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I don’t like it. They give us The Prisioner Perfect! They give us Ruin, Awesome! But she, common!! I expected much much more.
    She doesn’t have any creativity, nor concept. Is like the twin sister of the Roxy chick. And NO ONE can’t denied it: Collect 90 fortbytes is more difficult that complete 55 chalengues.

    1. I agree 110%!!!! Such a weak skin after previously giving us good secret skins, I’m in NO hurry to unlock this skin whatsoever….

      1. The Fortbyte were incredibly easy to collect easier than most challenges. I found the majority of them completely by accident by just playing the game .

    2. I agree about everything except the fortbytes. Most of them are just “ go there and hold interact for 2 secs”

    3. Sometimes it’s not all about the design, there’s story behind all of these secret characters which in return makes them special like other skins, just in a different way.

      1. “It’s not all about the design”? Um yha it is! It’s the whole reason people by them in the first place if the skin looks cool it gets bout if not it doesn’t sell. Stop trying to defend lazy skin design.

        1. First of all, you don’t buy secret skins. Second, the secret skins so far aren’t even that good looking,The visitor, aim, ruin. I don’t understand what your so ‘disappointed’ about