Fortnite Fortbytes Locations List – All Locations, Cheat Sheet, Utopia Skin

We've got a full look at how-to find all of the currently released Fortbytes in Fortnite!

Our Fortnite Fortbytes Locations List Guide features all of the challenges and a cheat sheet map where to find all of the Fortbytes in Season 9! This is a new addition to the game, and collecting Fortbytes will unlock the Utopia Mystery Skin, as well as unlock styles for some of the new Battle Pass skins.

Fortbytes are small electronics that you will be collecting during your time in Season 9. These have seemingly replaced the hidden banners that were included with every other challenge, and are required to be collected to unlock the mystery skin for the season. Each day one will be unlocked, and you will have to complete the challenge to obtain it. This can be a lot of different things, including finding it on the map, dealing damage to enemies, gaining XP, leveling up your battle pass, completing challenges, and more!

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Most Recently Unlocked Fortbyte

Fortbyte #32 (Accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northern most point) was unlocked on 5/26/2019! A new Fortbyte is available to collect each day at 6am PT.

Utopia Mystery Skin

Typically the mystery skin of each season has been earned by completing challenges in our battle pass. For Season 9, however, it requires you to obtain Fortbytes. You will need to locate and earn 90 different Fortbytes to unlock the Utopia mystery skin in this season. We don't know what it looks like just yet, but we will update this post with any leaks in the future.

Fortnite Fortbyte Cheat Sheet Map

Some of the Fortbytes you will need to collect are on the map. The map below will be updated with new locations when they are released. Check below the map for specific instructions on each of them!

Fortnite Fortbyte Detailed Solutions & Locations

06: Accessible with Yay! Emote at an ice cream shop in the desert

Head inside of the ice cream shop that's located to the west of the race track in the desert biome. Right at the entrance will be the Fortbyte you are looking to grab. Use the Yay! Emote right next to it, and you will be able to collect Fortbyte #06!

07: Accessible by using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

Head south east of The Block to the umbrella shaped hole, right where the handle would be. Just above the mine shaft area is a wooden structure that you can land on, and this is where you fill find the Fortbyte. Use the Cuddle Up Emoticon near it, and you will be able to collect the #7 Fortbyte!

08: Found within Junk Junction

Inside the main building in Junk Junction on the first floor you'll find a mattress that's laid on some wood planks that is facing a television. On top of the mattress will be Forbyte number 8!

13: Found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #2

This is under a Port-a-Potty in the desert biome south of Paradise Palms. Crack open that Port-a-Potty, and you will find #13 inside.

16: Found in a desert house with too many chairs

Head to the very south of Paradise Palms, and you'll find a little town that is referred to as Westworld. In the house to the south west, you'll see a bunch of chairs in it. Break through these and make your way to the bedroom, in here will be the Fortbyte you are looking to collect!

17: Found inside a wooden fish building

The Fortbyte is located in the tail at the thermal pools near Lazy Lagoon and Pressure Plant, so you can edit your way down to the location that's in the water, or you can just destroy the poor fish to obtain the #17 Fortbyte!

22: Accessible by using Rox Spray in an underpass

Get over to Neo Tilted and you should find the Fortbyte near the big truck under the bridge. Use the Rox spray right next to it, and it will unlock allowing you to collect Fortbyte number 22!

24: Found within Fatal Fields

Head to the big house at Fatal Fields and on the second floor in the second door on the right that is furthest from the stairs you'll find the #24 Fortbyte!

32: Accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northern most point

North east of Junk Junction is the spot we're looking to go to. You've likely been here before if you played in previous seasons, it was part of a Battle Pass challenge. To the west of the sign is a small pile of rocks, in the middle of those will be Fortbyte #32. As long as you have Kyo equipped, you should be able to collect it from this spot!

36: Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island

Make sure to wear your Sentinel skin when you attempt to obtain this Fortbyte! This is on the island at the far south-west portion of the map, you will see the faint outline of it when you get close.

41: Accessible by using Tomatohead Emoticon inside the DurrrBurger restaurant

Head to Neo Tilted, and then to the huge DurrrBurger restaurant. Make your way inside through the entrance, and then head down to the ordering area. Jump over the counter and back towards the fryer and counter-tops on the right side, and you should find yourself the #41 Fortbyte! Use the Tomatohead Emoticon to unlock it.

47: Found between a Reboot Van, pirate camp, and a crashed battlebus

You can find this one just to the west of Lazy Lagoon! It's in the jungle area, it's not too hard to find.

55: Found within Haunted Hills

You can find this one in the north eastern building in Haunted Hills! It's in the corner near a chest spawn.

64: Accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain

On the mountain north west of Neo Tilted, you can find Fortbyte #64. You have to be wearing the Rox outfit, which means you can't get this one if you don't have the paid battle pass.

72: Found within Salty Springs

There's a bright red truck in the middle of Salty Springs that has apparently been put on its side in some kind of crash. There's some construction stuff surrounding it, and in the cab of the truck you will find the #72 Fortbyte.

77: Found within a track side taco shop

Head to the racetrack in the desert biome. It's to the east of the ice cream shop you visited in the past. Behind the garage area of the taco stand is the Fortbyte. Break it down, and jump over the counter to easily access it!

81: Accessible in the daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge

You'll find the Fortbyte located directly under the dinosaur bones. Make sure it is DAYTIME, or it won't show up. Look for the sun to be in the sky.

82: Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle NW of The Block

You will need to head north west of The Block in the tree area to unlock this one. You will also need three other players to unlock it. Take a Squad over here if you've got one, or hope you'll find some players that don't shoot you immediately to get it done! Three people will have to continue to stand on the plates, while one grabs the Fortbyte.

92: Accessible by using Rock Love Spray near a lavafall

You'll find this Fortbyte just south of Pressure Plant. Make sure to have the spray equipped to your favorites for ease of use, it's unlocked at tier 2 in the free battle pass.

Fortnite Fortbyte Challenges List

On the first day of Season 9 there's 18 Fortbytes available that you can obtain. Each day in the future, there will be another one unlocked that will require you to complete a challenge of some sort. The challenges vary from just gaining xp, to going to a specific location on the map (even wearing a specific skin), gaining battle pass tiers, completing challenges, and more!

Currently Unlocked Fortbytes

Leaked Fortbyte Challenges

Some of the challenges have leaked, but the specific Fortbyte number they are attached to is unknown at the moment. One of these will be unlocked each day until either very late into or at the end of the season.

Fortbyte Wall Leak

If you're curious what these Fortbytes are hiding, then there's been a leak that shows a lot of the ones that are available unlocked. It looks like Bunker Jonesy had lost his mind in his purgatory that was shown in the trailer to Season 9. He appears to painting something in the bunker that him and Peely were inhabiting. You can see at the top right that the cube is shown, so he must be trying to figure out what caused all the craziness that has been happening on the island!


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    1. There’s a picture at the bottom in the spoilers section of all the available and leaked ones. We don’t have a full one yet.

  1. EVIDENT UR THE BEST!!! Thks for making these guides. I couldn’t have done half of these fortbytes or challenges without ur guides!!!

      1. Ive tried, it isnt working for me ive tried with the sentinel backbling on and without it and its not working

        1. The back bling doesn’t matter, it’s just the skin itself. If you continue to have this issue, you need to report it to Epic.

  2. “You have to be wearing the Rox outfit, which means you can’t get this one if you don’t have the paid battle pass”. Actually, you can’t even get any Fortbyte without the paid battle pass 🙂 , But seriously, many thanks for the daily updates!

      1. I have 2 BP accounts for my 2 kids, had to create 2 more free accounts just to be able to get the fortbyte requiring a squad, 2 BP accnts able to get the fortbyte, the 2 non BP accounts couldnt, fortbyte aint there, its not even transparent

  3. By the way, these guides are the best! Thank you Evident for making these. They have been such a great help to me. Support ProGameGs in the item shop everyone!

  4. So the unbrella is near the block and the crashed battle bus if u didn’t know and the underpass is probably that bridge near shiftey and the ice cream palace is near the race track and the dear devils mountain is near neo tilted and pleaseant Park the fortbyte in junk is on a mattress all I have a question for is the fortbyte in salty this website really helps me with fortbytes and when I get utopia and the secrecy I will definitely credit u thanks a lot.

  5. This has helped loads , and is it just me or when you look at Jonesy in the battle pass he looks super scared , and underneath his name it says “ debunked “ so maybe he cracked a code

  6. Evident, there is one fortbyte at junk junction on the mattress. And in square i7 there is an ice cream place. There is one fortbyte there too. It can be colllected by using the Yay! Emote

    1. I’m thinking that must have been a bug, because I went there and it wasn’t available. These are probably going to be available soon.

  7. Really like your website, it’s very informative and well organized.
    I have 1 quick question,
    For the fortbyte challenge to be awarded by finishing top 10 in squads, duos or solos 25 times, do you have to finish in the top 10 25 times for one type (squads, duos or solos) or does your top 10 finishes from all types (squads, duos or solos) get added together to arrive at 25?

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    I just tried to get the ice sentinel fortbyte but it wouldn’t let me get it.
    I hope i can get a reply, Thankyou!

    1. Make sure you visit the island with the zip lines on it. It’s not the island with the rift it’s the one west of that island

      1. On the first day of Season 9 there’s 18 Fortbytes available that you can obtain. Each day in the future, there will be another one unlocked that will require you to complete a challenge of some sort. The challenges vary from just gaining xp, to going to a specific location on the man (even wearing a specific skin), gaining battle pass tiers, completing challenges, and more!

        you typoed man instead of map