The Prisoner

The Prisoner

The Prisoner is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit.

The Prisoner is the Snowfall skin and is the reward for completing 60 weekly challenges which ends up being 9 weeks worth. This is probably the most detailed and crazy version of the bonus skin that has been released, and will likely lead us story-wise into Season 8.

If you are wondering how-to unlock the additional stage of The Prisoner, check out our How-to Unlock The Prisoner's Stages post!

Official Description

Unchained and out to restore balance.

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Rating: 3.5/5. From 3.5K votes.
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  1. There’s unfortunately a bug with his toga(may be only on nintendo switch and mobile, but I don’t know) where it’s stuck to his legs, so when you emote, or run, it doesn’t sway. He’s my favorite skin, and I wish Epic would fix him.

  2. I think people don’t value some AWESOME skins. Sites like Reddit or this one (3.5/5 is a poor score for someone like The Prisoner) say that people don’t like this skin.

    In my opinion, is the most detailed and unique skin that Epic give for “free”. Look at him, his alternate styles, his animation, his concept. Is a solid 10/10 skin. By far the best secret skin. Was the best part of Season 8. I still don’t understand why such a low rating, why people don’t like him that much.

    Anyway, lets hope that the Utopia Skin is better than him, difficult, but I am curious to see what surprises Epic gift us.

  3. This is terrible and disgusting. I was hoping for a cool-looking skin to use, now I’ve worked harder on challenges than any other season, for this. I think final stage is pretty cool but anyone know how to get it?

  4. My theory is that the ice king is really good and he froze himself and the castle to keep the prisoner captive. But when they hit the island the temperature was to hot and melted the ice. When the ice king woke up he realised what was happening and froze the island in an attempt to keep the prisoner frozen. But it was too late and the prisoner was using all of the power he had when his hand was free and he slightly regained consciousness to melt the ice and free himself from captivity. Now that he has escaped he is melting all the snow and “restoring balance”. I think the description where it says that he is out to restore balance is really his own version of balance. Like Ultron from avengers how he was designed to save earth and decided that the only way was to kill all humans. Also I really like the skin and it looks a bit like Thanos. Thx for reading my thoughts about the story in the game and my one sentence about the actual skin and how I feel about it. What do you think Evident? About the skin and my theory?

    1. Agreed. During this entire season everyone have been assuming that ice king is bad.but,what if he is the actual good.and besides the prisoner looks more evil to me! And the the final stage of ice king is golden. If we look through a cinematic view, gold is heoric colour and red is evil.

        1. Well who knows what EPIC GAMES are up to. Maybe the real story is way far from our theories! If they can put thanos in fortnite, then they can do any thing.

  5. Something about this skin just… irks me. Something doesn’t click with me about it and I absolutely cannot see why people love it. It’s definitely the ugliest secret skin. It’s even worse than Enforcer, and that’s saying something. It has a nice backblimg I guess…

  6. I don’t think that these are Wallpapers, rather loading screens due to the banner and star locations shown. Great website by the way! Really helps the community!

  7. “Fortnite: Can I copy your homework?
    Blizzard: Sure just change a little so it don’t look too obvious”

    = The Prisoner
    (Search for Bolvar Fordragon World of Warcraft)

  8. You know something, Evident. I gotta say, he looks pretty insane in his base form. I like the mystery and build up he had, and I secretly had hopes that when I saw it, he would just become straight magma or lit up in flames. But not disappointed, great to see a bonus skin that can top the visitor.