The Scientist

The Scientist

The Scientist is a Legendary skin and is considered the mystery skin for Season 10 of the Battle Pass. It is very similar in look to The Visitor which was skin/character that caused a lot of havoc in the Fortnite storyline. The big difference with this skin is that you don't have to complete weeks of challenges or collect anything to obtain it. Instead, you need to complete the A Meteoric Rise Challenges to earn the outfit.

A Meteoric Rise Challenges

Official Description

His mission is unknown. One of The Seven.

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      1. But they tweeted that was free ONLY for Battle Pass owners. They accidentally make him free for all players, later they locked the Challengues to players that didn’t bought the BP. Those lucky players that manage to get him before they locked those challengues, keept the skin.

  1. Is a cool skin to be honest. When I saw the leaks I didn’t like him that much, but in game he looks cool with his heavy armor. Probably a kind of Visitor with BRUTE armor pieces, and because his body type, is a very unique skin. Now that I already play with him, he looks like a skin worth buying for 2,000 VBucks. Glad is free!

  2. “The Scientist” skin has been released in a new challenge pack, “A Meteoric Rise”… it seems to look like one of the selectable styles of the skin, however just by doing 7 challenges i can unlock the skin. It says “ONE OF SEVEN”, meaning there are other styles?? It also says selectable styles. I have also seen people using this skin today?? The challenges end on the last day of BP10??

  3. I sure am glad I unlocked the original Visitor because he looks way better than this remake, the masks look weird and he’s way too bulky OG visitor is better every time compared to this guy. But I guess they had to do something for the newer players who didn’t get the visitor.

    1. I just like that 50s retro sci fi b-movie type look of the old one so i think im still gonna wear the old one. And this is way to bulky and has less detail than i would expect anyway considering the size

  4. Bulk level 1000000. This guy destroys the competition on being the bulkiest skin in the game. You’d expect skins like the Beastmode, Mecha Team Leader and Sentinel to be the Bulkiest, but no.