Fortnite Battle Royale Glider/Umbrella Cosmetics Skins List

Check out a full list of the cosmetic options you have available to you for your Glider in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Among the cosmetics that Fortnite Battle Royale has to offer are ones for the Glider! Here’s a full list of the options that are available as daily, weekly, seasonal, or from the Battle Passes!

Glider Costs

Each glider is assigned a rarity and each rarity has a different cost.

  • Green (Uncommon): 500 V-Bucks
  • Blue (Rare): 800 V-Bucks
  • Purple (Epic): 1,200 V-Bucks

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Other Cosmetics/Skins

Fortnite Battle Royale Glider List

Some gliders are limited edition and will only be available during Holidays or via the Battle Pass. Thanks to for the high quality PNG images!

Unreleased Gliders

The following skins have not been released yet, and it is unclear how they will be added to the game. They could be store or promotional skins, we have to wait and see! These skins were datamined by, so credit to them.

Epic: Rusty Glider

Daily/Weekly Gliders

Uncommon: Checker

Uncommon: Fighter Kite

Uncommon: Fossil Flyer

Uncommon: Hot Rod

Uncommon: Jolly Roger

Uncommon: Mainframe

Uncommon: Modern

Uncommon: Petunia

Uncommon: Raptor

Uncommon: Roadtrip

Uncommon: Snow Squall

Uncommon: Stealth

Uncommon: Warthog

Uncommon: Wasp

Rare: Feathered Flyer

Rare: Googly

Rare: Half Shell

Rare: Prismatic

Rare: Stage Dive

Rare: Voyager

Rare: Zephyr

Epic: Cloud Strike

Epic: Orbital Shuttle

Epic: Planetary Probe

Epic: Space Lander

Promotional Gliders

Founder’s Glider

Common: Founder’s Glider – BETA Save the World

Playstation Plus

Rare: Blue Streak – PS PLUS

Twitch Prime Glider

Epic: Slipstream – Twitch Prime Exclusive

Holiday Gliders

Christmas Gliders

Rare: Cozy Coaster

Rare: Gum Drop

Lunar New Year Gliders

Legendary: Royale Dragon

Saint Patrick’s Day

Uncommon: Storm Sigil

Valentine’s Day

Epic: Bear Force One


So far the only way to get the umbrellas is to earn them via getting a win or to have gotten one via being a Save the World Mode founder.

The Umbrella – Win a Game

Snowflake – Get a win in Season 2

Paper Parasol – Get a win in Season 3

Founder’s Umbrella – Save the World Founder, Win as a Founder

Battle Pass Gliders

Season 3: Battle Pass

Paid Battle Pass (Tier 15) – Rare: Rainbow Rider

Paid Battle Pass (Tier 39) – Uncommon: Carbon

Paid Battle Pass (Tier 100) – Epic: High Octane

Season 2: Battle Pass

Paid Battle Pass (Tier 42): Royale X

Paid Battle Pass (Tier 14): Get Down!

Free Battle Pass (Tier 35): Sir Glider the Brave

Season 1

Aerial Assault One (Season Level 5)

Mako (Season Level 25)

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        1. You can’t even tell who has better players. Check top 10 in the world at fortnite most pc and ps4

        2. tbh I haven’t been able to win as many games in season 3 as I did in season 2. I have only a few wins in season 3, but during season 2 I had easily 30+ wins

  1. After doing some research, I do not believe the Gum Drop Glider is a Christmas Glider. I believe it is a regular glider that could show up in shop any given day (for example it was in the shop yesterday). You may want to double check that, but I am pretty sure it is not a Christmas Glider. Otherwise though, really love the site! Do you know if holiday items like Christmas or Halloween items will come back to shop before the next holidays? If not, do you know if they will be the same next time, or completely new ones? I would hope they keep the same ones, and only add to them.

  2. You didn’t write what tier you get the gliders on for the Battle Pass Gliders, although you did it with the pick axes, so don’t know whether it was a mistake or not.

  3. The Carbon Glider says it’s Uncommon but the background is blue, not 100% sure whether it’s Uncommon or Rare, but i’m pretty sure it’s a rare.

    1. Carbon’s uncommon, I just haven’t gotten around to updating all of the glider images yet (they are in-game screenshots currently).

  4. The Mainframe has been added to the game. It came out with the Cipher Skin and the Cutting Edge Harvesting Tool.

  5. The stage dive had a bug were the spikes and graffiti wernt on it in the store, so if you could find an image of the actual glider that would be good

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