Fortnite Sprays List (Chapter 2) – Spray Paint Skins, How-to Use Sprays

We've got a full gallery of just about every spray that has been available in Fortnite!

The Fortnite 4.0.0 patch brought along a new cosmetic type in sprays. These are a bit different than the emotes you might be used to. Instead of being thrown into the air briefly, they will be sprayed onto whatever surface you are currently aiming at. Check out our full list of Fortnite sprays as well as a quick guide on how to use them!

How-to Use Sprays

If you've used any emotes or dances in the past then these should be pretty easy to use. Go ahead and equip one of the sprays to your slots. Once you are in-game, go ahead and press the following key depending on your platform: PC: B Key, XBox: Down on the D-Pad (directional pad), Playstation: Down on the D-Pad (directional pad). If you only have one thing equipped, it will automatically do it if you've hit the key. If you have multiple equipped, you will then direct an arrow to the option you are looking for.

Sprays can be added to any surface depending on where you are aiming. You can spray them on the floor, walls, or ceilings!

Chapter 2: Season 1 Promotional Sprays

This set of sprays is being given away via a code you can redeem. You will need to search Twitter or other social media for the codes, they are only available for a limited amount of uses.

Battle Pass Chapter 2: Season 1 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 10 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 9 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 8 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 7 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 6 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 5 Sprays

Battle Pass Season 4 Sprays

Fortnite Promotional/Challenges

These are sprays that can be obtained through promotions outside of the game, and via challenges through various events that are added.

Welcome to Pandora

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer 2019

Downtown Drop

Marvel Sprays

14 Days of Fortnite Christmas 2018

Share the Love Sprays

General Promotions

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      1. Ok thanks I was just wondering if you were gonna add them and their are videos were people have 2 sprays called play to win and take cover also don’t know how they have them

  1. Really Helpful, thanks! Although I noticed a few issues

    1. Season X Level 100 Spray hasn’t been added in

    2. There is a Legendary Share the Love Spray for the Share the Love Champion Division Finals

  2. Thanks for updating. Noticed a few more issues though. They include:

    1. Plugged In Spray should say Pax West

    2. Two Downtown Drop Sprays are missing. They are the Wings and G.O.A.T. Sprays.

    3. Disco Baller was brought back for E3 2019 so I guess that label has to be changed to “Various Conventions” as well.

  3. There are a few issues here,

    1. Season 7-9 battle pass don’t show the level 100 spray.

    2. The Kab-llama & Plugged In Spray have wrong descriptions. Kab-llama spray has multiple sources to obtain, the original being the Tokyo Gameshow, however I believe everyone knows it as the Twitch Con Spray. Plugged In was released at Pax West.

    3. The Llamalaxy Spray isn’t listed here under General Promotions. Description of Llamalaxy should be “Obtained with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Fortnite Smart Cover”

    4. I believe there was a 5th Share The Love Spray. It’s legendary rarity.

    1. More issues:

      5. None of the Downtown Drop Sprays are shown.

      Just a reminder don’t forget to add the 14 Days of Summer Sprays

    2. Updated most of these, the fifth Share the Love Spray doesn’t appear to have a larger version available so I’m not including that.

  4. Crazy Castle foreshadowed Season 6, and in case anyone’s wondering, Bananas’ foreshadowed Season 8.

  5. Either Google Images is giving mi shiz or all Share The Love sprays are named as such in the ingame locker. I also happened to find fifth one, legendary, Champion Division Finals competitor Share The Love spray.

  6. Walmart Exclusive spray signed ‘Boogie’ here is really named Disco Baller. Boogie is a spray from season 5 Battle Pass. Thanks for your work, have a nice day.

  7. Share The Love ‘Prospect Division’ and ‘Open Division’ have their rarities swapped, they should be uncommon and common respectively.

      1. Are you talking about the new Walmart one they added? It’s a boogie bomb with glasses, smiling, and has a Mohawk

        1. Yeah, so apparently it was a bug and it replaced the original Boogie spray that was released in the Battle Pass. I fixed the post now, thanks.

  8. There is a gangster llama made for Gamescon if you get 3 badges and show someone working at the Fortnite stand, they give you a card to redeem the Gamescon spray. You need to add the Gamescon spray.

    1. It’s been added now, thanks. You don’t have to comment multiple times, I see every comment. I just can’t always get to everything right away, but I leave them in moderation to remind me about them.

    1. You can spray up to 3 sprays at a time. If you do another, then the first one you sprayed will be removed to make room for the new one.

  9. As a suggestion, I think you whould put the tier number next to each spray, and the season number if they add more in new seasons