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Fortnite Best Guns and Weapons List – Top Weapons in the Game!

Our Fortnite Battle Royale best guns guide lists the top guns in the game for taking on your opponent and securing victory!

If you are looking for Fortnite's best guns then our list features the best weapons for you to run on your way to victory!

I've revised this best guns for Fortnite Battle Royale post to be the absolute best guns in the game. I previously had it as a list that was best guns for beginners and advanced players, but I feel like it's better to just know which is the best no matter what. If you are starting out, some of the guns listed might not be your best option. You might want a Scoped AR rather than the Bolt-Action Sniper because it is far easier to use.

The Best Guns and Weapons for Fortnite Battle Royale

This list isn't ranked in any particular way, each of these guns is really good at what it does. No gun is great in every situation, explosive weapons are better in fort battles, sniper rifles are better in a long distance fight, assault rifles are better in mid-range fights and in general situations, and shotguns are the best for close range battles.

SCAR (Assault Rifle)/Suppressed SCAR

An accurate, mid-range, fast-firing assault rifle that does a good amount of damage. The only real negative about the SCAR is that it can be difficult to get your hands on if you aren't opening supply drops or getting lucky with chests or floor loot. The newer Suppressed SCAR falls pretty much right along the lines of the original. It is more accurate when you are tapping, but the spray is a bit wider and random. It largely depends on which style you prefer, are you a slow firer or are you prone to spraying?

The SCAR and Suppressed version come in Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) versions.

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Heavy Sniper Rifle

The Bolt-Action Sniper used to reside in this spot, but now due to the power of the Heavy Sniper it has been usurped. The Heavy Sniper is just a super powerful weapon that does enough damage to finish someone in one shot to the body the majority of the time. If you think about it, most players are at around 150 hp (small shields or they might be at 75 shield and 75 hp). This gun does 150 to the body for an Epic and 157 with the Legendary. This means in most cases, you don't even have to aim for the head. This gun also one shots any structural wall, ramp, floor, or roof. Even if it's a fully constructed metal piece, you can still blow it away in one shot. If you are in duos or squads, you can easily time a shot with your friend to knock out a wall and then they can hit the kill shot. You can also surprise people with this in solos, and follow it up with another sniper or any weapon to deal damage or finish them off.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle comes in Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) versions.

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Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is one of your best options if you can get close to an opponent for a quick kill without too much struggle.

As a bit of a tip, try to shoot INTO a base rather than just shooting at the base. If you can land the rocket over the top of a wall you can destroy more of the fort and potentially kill your opponent. If you just shoot into a wall it can quickly be replaced and it doesn't do any damage. Another thing you can do is shoot a rocket towards a wall and then immediately shoot it out with another gun so the rocket has a chance to land on the interior of the base.

The Rocket Launcher comes in Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold) versions.

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Heavy Shotgun

The big nerfs to the base damage and headshot multiplier of the pump shotgun have brought a new top dog to the Shotgun type. The Heavy Shotgun is now the best shotgun in the game, and this does makes sense based on the higher rarity. Now that double shotguns are pretty much dead, having a Heavy Shotgun can be even more dominating due to its power and speed.

Shotguns are one of the important guns to master, so be sure to check out our Shotgun Tips Guide!

The Heavy Shotgun comes in Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Gold) versions.

Compact SMG (P90)

The Compact SMG took a bit of a nerf, but it's still a strong secondary option to your Shotgun. It can tear up walls and as an extremely fast fire-rate that will overwhelm anyone standing in front of you.

The Compact SMG comes in Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Gold) versions.

Hunting Rifle

The Hunting Rifle is one of the best of the sniper options in the game. In some loadouts, it has replaced the need for an Assault Rifle. This is due to the power of the SMG, and that the Hunting Rifle covers for its weakness at long range. The Hunting Rifle is a very strong weapon, it can fire and reload quickly, it is also capable of one-shotting enemies no matter the rarity with a headshot.

The Hunting Rifle comes in Uncommon (Green) and Rare (Blue) versions.

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  1. I think they should add a limited time game mode where you can use all the removed weapons & items from Fortnite (excluding reskins of weapons), such as the LMG, Dual Pistols, Guided Missile, Crossbow (Field Hunter version), C4, Drum Gun, Jetpacks, Zapotron and more! Though this would be very buggy so maybe nerf some of the weapons. They should also add the bouncer in this mode as well.

  2. Also u should add the double barrel shotgun gun instead of heavy shotty and it sucks blue rpgs aren’t in the game or drum gun hit someone in face wit shot gun then spray wit the drum gun

    1. Double Barrel isn’t nearly as good as it was prior to the nerfs. It’s still good, but it’s more for competitive play these days.

  3. To be honest i hate the drum gun and a lot of people will react to this as: ‘What do you mean bro!’
    But here’s why.
    Everytime i decide to swich my pump smg for pump drumgun i hit my first pump shot, switch over to drum gun and my aiming point is litterally on target and few bullets hit.
    For me the drum gun feels like one of the more rng based guns like LMG or Minigun.
    I prefer an normal SMG even though it does a little less damage.

  4. I think this ia the best guns but I put Pump and drum fun and not put rocket launcher
    Whatever This is the best website in the game

  5. I honestly think the grenade launcher is the best weapon in the game. Here’s why:
    -It does a ridiculous amount of damage when you get a hit (2 hit kill at somebody with full health and shield)
    -The enemy hide behind one wall, they need to build a whole 1×1 base with a roof to avoid being hit, and it can be easily destroyed with grenades, so they will waste a lot of resources.
    -Newer players frequently underestimate the power of a grenade launcher, so they ignore safety measures they should be taking to avoid the grenades, providing a free kill.
    -Although it can be difficult to aim, experienced players can aim well with grenade launchers to shoot through windows or other small holes to kill enemies.
    -Last thing is it also comes with blue rarities so it isn’t actually that hard to find. Although it can be kinda cancerous, I think it’s amazingly overpowered and it is by far my favorite weapon.
    That’s all. If anybody actually read all that, good for you 🙂

    1. I think the same of it.
      The nice side of rpg is that its controllable.
      But enemy’s can see where your rocket is going to provide being hit.

      Grenade launchers are way more ‘random’ and way less easier to protect yourself from.

      Once i was in such a fight where i came out of a fight, a dude had build an huge tower and he was the last person alive. I had nothing explosive. This was before the rocket spawn nerf so he just kept on spamming grenades, while i tried to keep building. It was a rain and there was no way for me to be able to protect myself. I was hit so i needed to box in to heal. I boxed in and when drinking my shield i saw a grenade in the same box as me. R.I.P in the chat.
      Grenade launchers are OP.

  6. you guys should add the new submashine gun it’s 247 DPS when it’s common and it can reach up to 263 DPS

  7. I’m my opinion the scar first second bolt third famas fourth heavy shot gun fifth tactical smg for beginners and RPG for experienced players iv e got most kills with blue Tommy gun its so op they should add a legend or epic and add it to list but the reason I did not do grenade launcher is aim.

        1. Grenade Launcher is really good, not sure what they are talking about. LMG isn’t bad, it’s better than the Minigun that’s for sure.

          1. Most beginners don’t like grenade launchers because of the hard to aim. In my opinion the pump shotgun should be taken off the list and replaced with the purple SMG. Rarely does someone ever get a headshot with the shotgun and the SMG shoots at a crazy rate and can shred buildings, people, and anything else.

          2. You must not watch a lot of good players then because people get headshots with shotguns all the time. The purple SMG is certainly a good weapon, it’s just not even close to as good as the pump shotgun.