How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Season 4

It's that time again, where you're looking at your new Battle Pass all the way back to level one and you're wanting to max it out to gain all those sweet new cosmetics. Well, if you want to know the fastest ways to level, we're going to go through all of them and have you earning the most XP as quickly as possible in Season 4!

How to Level Up Fast

To level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, you can either head into bot lobbies or play Team Rumble. Bot lobbies allow you to play against computer players that are low skill and can be easily eliminated. You can get your quick challenges done easily, as well as gain a bunch of XP from eliminating the bots. You can also play rounds of Team Rumble, which is good experience but can sometimes get boring.

Play Bot Lobbies

Heading into full bot lobbies is the best way to gain xp right now. If you want to be super efficient at it, you'll want to go through and open as many chests, ammo boxes, supply drops, and anything else you get experience from. While you're doing that you'll also want to be completing all of your quick challenges. These are challenges that refresh once you complete them and finish a match. So, you can continually do these challenges over and over! You first get 10k xp the first time you do them that day, and then you'll get 1k xp every other time you complete them. You should get a fresh batch each day that will again give you 10k xp.

The full strategy for the most XP in Season 4 is taking out Stark Robots at the various Quinjet locations and then completing all of your Quick Challenges in a single round. Grab a helicopter and the fly out to the Quinjets that are on the outskirts of the map. Down all of the robots, hack one of them, open the chests, and then jump into your helicopter and fly to the next one. Repeat this process until the storm blocks off the jets.

Now that you've done the Quinjets part, you will now want to complete all of your Quick Challenges that are available. Finish out the round by opening any chests and eliminating any bots that are on the map. Credit to KobesMind for the strategy, which you can watch below.

You can learn how to get lobbies with only bots in them with our Bot Lobby Guide! This is going to be more difficult if your secondary device is Apple, because you can't party up with it anymore.

Play Team Rumble

Playing Team Rumble will let you put together a bunch of eliminations and assists which will stack up a bunch of XP. However, the big bonus comes from the experience you gain for surviving. For each game you complete, you earn survival experience based on how long you lived. You get the same exact experience rates as you do in a normal game of Battle Royale, but in Team Rumble you are guaranteed to survive until the end. That means you are going to be getting a whole lot for each round you play, plus all the additional combat experience you'll get.

You can also complete Quick Challenges in Team Rumble, so make sure to focus on that in each match.

General XP Gain

Here are just some general ways to gain experience while you're playing the game. These are things you can do more casually, and don't require the focused grind.

Complete Quick Challenges

These are really great, because you get five challenges per day to complete for 10k xp each. Once you've completed one of those, it will be replaced with a new challenge that gives you 1k xp. The next day it should refresh and give you a batch of new 10k xp options to complete! So, you can finish just the first five that are the bonus xp, or you can just repeatedly look to complete these over and over.

Henchmen XP

Knocking down Henchmen and then shaking them down is a great way for easy experience gain. Taking out the Henchman is easy, you can shake them down, then pick them up and use them to scan open doors. This can be done repeatedly and you gain 120 XP each time you do it.

Henchmen are pretty limited as of this writing because they can only be found in Doom's Domain. However, you can knockdown Stark's Robots which spawn at the Quinjets in a similar fashion, but they can't be shaken down. You can instead hack them which will get them to fight by your side!

Collect XP Coins

XP Coins are here again in Season 4, so make sure to grab them all when they refresh every week! These were greatly improved from previous versions, and give you quite a bit of experience for each one you collect. Green ones can be collected normally, Blue coins need to be found within a breakable object, Purple coins explode into smaller coins, and Gold ones need to be driven through with a vehicle. Be sure to check out our XP Coins Guide to easily find them all.

Complete Punch Cards

Punch Cards are back for another season and are still a great way to get a whole lot of experience. They require you to do a lot of various things including eliminate Henchmen, catch fish, collect XP coins, get eliminations with different weapons, and a whole lot more. You can find all the ones you can do with our guide right here.

Complete Weekly Challenges

The weekly challenges are back, but are slightly worse than last season. Each one only gives you 25,000 Season XP now instead of the 35,000 that was rewarded last Battle Pass. The new group challenges are back, but have also been reduced and will give you 50,000 Season XP. While they have been lowered they are still worth doing, so be sure to check out our guides that are always going to be posted for each week right here.

What's After Level 100 in Season 4?

While the previous season had an incentive that improved the look of one of your skins, this season has a bunch of different additional styles for all the comic book heroes you can collect. This time you will be unlocking foil styles, and they come in silver, gold, and holo. Silver and gold are pretty self-explanatory, but the holo is really interesting because it's a blend of rainbow like colors. If you want to collect them all, you will need to reach all the way to level 220! You can check out what they look like in our foil style guide.

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  1. Need more challenges Or give more daily XP

  2. About how many hours of gameplay would it take to get IronMan? Are there any purchases that can be made that would speed this up (like XP boosts, etc. )

    1. I don’t know how long it would take, but you can purchase levels if you wanted.

  3. I dont know how to get into a bot lobby can you help

  4. Evident, in the team rumble section you put game and not gain

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  5. You only get 10K exp and 1K exp from quick challenges

    1. Fixed, thanks!

  6. I used to do bot lobby’s using my brothers switch(he Let me use it) and played on our PS4 But with the new season I can’t do bot lobby’s now, but these other tips are very helpful!

    1. Hmm, I’ll have to try on my Switch.

      1. I used my Switch and it worked fine. If I remember correctly from last season, you will need to start a new account for the one you group with and it should work.

        1. i play on switch and im level 152

  7. If you catch anything with a fishing rod in the loading screen it gives you “first catch” xp and counts as a fishing spot.

  8. Where can I see total XP earned per match like it use to say at the end of each match

    1. It doesn’t show that anymore unfortunately.

  9. Hello,
    Thank you for the XP advice: very useful!
    Ch 2 Season 2, on the Battle Pass page, at the top left corner, it said how much XP needed to level. Would you know where I can find that information for this Season 3 please? I’ve scoured the pages and cannot find it. Maybe it is not there but just in case it is, I would love to know where! Thank you.

    1. Actually, if you complete all but one daily challenge, you will receive supercharged XP the next day. It checks if you completed all daily challenges yesterday , and if you haven’t, then you will receive supercharged XP the next day. So, a good strategy is to complete four of the daily challenges, and not complete one so you can receive supercharged XP the next day, and go in Team Rumble.

    2. I don’t believe that exists anymore, sorry!

      1. Um, I’ve been doing this since before the start of the new season… I think it still works, it may have changed in W4

        1. Aaaa wait I messed up