Best PVP builds in New World

The real end game of New World is PvP, with players and their factions going head-to-head against each other to control different parts of Aeternum. Here are some of the best PvP builds in the game to ensure opponents will fall before a player’s feet. Void Gauntlet / Life Staff This build looks to build […]

Best DPS build in New World

When it comes to dealing out the most damage in New World one would think to choose the best weapons off our Best Weapons in New World guide. That would not be the best bet, as the weapons on that list are ranked the way they are based on multiple factors. When players are looking […]

Where to find Malfunctioning Vending Machines in Fortnite

One of the Season Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 requires players to purchase an item from a malfunctioning vending machine. This can be either a Weapon-O-Matic or Mending Machine, but it must be malfunctioning. Malfunctioning vending machines look similar to regular ones but have a red front with a large red exclamation point […]

All enemies in New World

There are five main categories of enemies that players can encounter in New World’s Aeternum. Each of these has its own weakness players can exploit. The following is a table of all enemy types in New World, along with how much damage different attacks affect them: Category Arcane Fire Ice Lightning Nature Slash Strike Thrust […]

How to get all motes in New World

Motes are a useful material in New World used in various crafting recipes. Players can obtain Motes through Mining, Harvesting, and Skinning magical animals. They are also available from Level 20+ Chests, or from the Trading Post. The guide below outlines each type of Mote and where to best find them. Air Motes Source Skill […]