Fortnite Item Shop – Today’s Available Skins Right Now!

Our today's Fortnite Item Shop post features all of the currently available skins and cosmetics in the item shop right now! This is updated on a daily basis, and has all of the information you will need when making your decision on purchasing a new skin!

Bookmark this post so you can check it each day for the most recently available skins and cosmetics!

Community Choice Options

Epic sometimes allows you to vote for a cosmetic that will be added to the item shop! A certain amount of options will be shown to the community which they can vote on. The cosmetic that wins will be added to the shop! We don't know when these return, but if they do they will be featured right here!

Current Fortnite Item Shop

Here's today's current Fortnite Item Shop. Older cosmetics generally only return to the shop for 24 hours, so you will want to jump on those immediately. If it's a cosmetic that is part of an event or holiday, those can sometimes stick around for multiple days! You can click on each of the images to learn more about the skin or item, such as the release date, set name, and what the cosmetic comes with when you purchase it!

  • Last Updated: April 1st, 2020
  • Creator Code: ProGameGs (Using this code gives us a portion of the sale!)

Available Outfits

Available Items & Cosmetics

Limited Time Offers

About the Author

Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. So, April Fools 2020 is coming up, and I have a ton of pranks in mind, so what will Fortnite do? My best bet, have a shop thumbnail image of the following items:
    Renegade Raider outfit
    Raider’s Revenge harvesting tool
    Aerial Assault Trooper outfit
    Aerial Assault One glider
    Recon Expert outfit

    Skull Squad set (With Purple Edit Style)
    Ghoul Trooper set (With Pink Edit Style)
    Raptor glider
    Mako glider

    And then once you click on any of them, it takes you to the Never Gonna emote, where you can purchase it. If that happened, that would be the funniest thing in the world!

  2. Hey, Mr. Evident, which factions are you transforming your Battle Pass agents to? My brother and I are split with Shadow and Ghost (I’m Ghost, he’s Shadow) and we have a plan for each agent:
    Shadow Brutus
    Shadow TNTina
    Shadow Meowscles
    Ghost Skye
    Ghost Midas

    What factions are you choosing?

  3. I forgot to mention Evident, I used your code for Catwoman as my final purchase of Chapter 1 back in Season X. I even have an Xbox clip of proof, in case you want.

  4. Hey Eviden! Maybe is not a normal question, but… wich skin do you think that look’s more like Loki, the brother of Thor?
    If you can answer doesn’t mind.

  5. Hey Evident, I just found your Reddit and it seems like you created your account 6 years ago. When did you create this website? Just curious, I wanna know.

  6. Hey Evident I have a skin idea “The Henchmen” It is a skin based off all the henchmen in the bases. It will have styles based off all the henchmen and they could release it after chapter 2 season 2 in order to avoid “pay 2 win” angry people. What do you think?

    1. John Wick came back, so I do think it’s possible. I don’t think they are going to make another Star Wars with those characters though, so it’s hard to say for sure!

        1. Despite the fact I own Black Widow, she should return this May for her new movie. Star-Lord, maybe not as much.

  7. Pretty generic shop for the last day of Season 1. I wish every season’s last item shop essentially recapped the entire season, so here’s what I’ll put
    Zero Point set
    Open Water set
    The Final Reckoning set
    Stormtrooper outfit
    Yule Trooper outfit
    Globe Shaker outfit
    Dolph outfit
    Harley Quinn bundle
    Metal Masq set
    Wild Hearts set

    OK, that’s a bit much, but they did do larger item shops in the past with special offers, so my point is valid.

  8. Hey Evident, the other day I think i got killed by you in Fortnite! The player name (I can’t remember but i think it was CODE ProGuides) and the skin was frozen fishstick with the spine back bling (i can’t remember what it’s called) my username is JM4N916

  9. hi evident. this is a really nice and helpful site and i was wondering if you could add banners list or at least to ask if there is a marshmello banner

    1. Glad you like the site! Unfortunately, Banners are really hard to keep track of so I won’t be having a list of them at this time. I don’t think there’s a marshmello one, but I’m not positive on that.

      1. thanks for the info for now. maybe they will add more challenges which include a mello banner for the next event to which epic decide to invite him to

  10. They re-released Plague and Scourge with the Chinese outfits during the outbreak plague.

    Well played, Epic.
    Well played.

    iKONiK has been getting removed from people’s lockers due to many purchasing him via a rather illegal way, for say, $5. And yes, this goes to all who bought the Samsung phone the legit way.

    Of course, we are getting closer to the release of Birds of Prey, the latest DCEU installment. Warner Bros. tweeted something out about the film, as Fortnite responded “See you soon, Harley!”. This could be
    A) A collab with the Batman stuff returning as well as Gotham City replacing Lazy Lake until Season 2,
    B) A publicity stunt to get people talking about Birds of Prey and Fortnite again.

  12. They re-released the Rage Quit emote when the Ninja set was on the shop.

    Well played, Epic.
    Well played.

  13. I just purchase Save The World! And yes, my brother came up with an extremely stupid name for our homebase.