Fortnite Item Shop – Today’s Available Skins Right Now!

Our today's Fortnite Item Shop post features all of the currently available skins and cosmetics in the item shop right now! This is updated on a daily basis, and has all of the information you will need when making your decision on purchasing a new skin!

Bookmark this post so you can check it each day for the most recently available skins and cosmetics!

Community Choice Options

Epic sometimes allows you to vote for a cosmetic that will be added to the item shop! A certain amount of options will be shown to the community which they can vote on. The cosmetic that wins will be added to the shop! We don't know when these return, but if they do they will be featured right here!

Current Fortnite Item Shop

Here's today's current Fortnite Item Shop. Older cosmetics generally only return to the shop for 24 hours, so you will want to jump on those immediately. If it's a cosmetic that is part of an event or holiday, those can sometimes stick around for multiple days! You can click on each of the images to learn more about the skin or item, such as the release date, set name, and what the cosmetic comes with when you purchase it!

  • Last Updated: May 30th, 2020
  • Creator Code: ProGameGs (Using this code gives us a portion of the sale!)

Available Outfits

Available Items & Cosmetics

Limited Time Offers

About the Author

Evident is a lifelong gamer and creator of websites. He mostly focuses on shooters, but has been known to dabble in the occasional card game as well. You can find him binge watching TV shows in his downtime.

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  1. Hey Evident, do you think I should get Borderlands? I like the tone (Maybe because I play Apex a lot) and I have some money that I’m only using on Fortnite cosmetics. So I don’t really have anything to buy nowadays. I’m interested, so should I get Borderlands?

    I have an Xbox One, so perhaps Borderlands 3 should be my choice. Should I get it?

    1. I enjoyed Borderlands 3 for the gameplay, but I wasn’t a fan of the story. If you feel like you’d enjoy a FPS where you’re mainly searching for loot then it’s worth picking up.

  2. Hey Evident,
    Do you think the underwater leaks and shark riding stuff are real?
    Lots of people have been posting stuff about them.

    1. It’s hard to say, you never know with leaks. I haven’t seen anything that outright makes them seem fake yet.

  3. Hi Evident,

    The shop changed recently, not everyone knows about this,

    Dark Bomber
    Big Chuggus

    Bionic Synapse
    Feelin Jaunty
    Synth Streak (New)
    Cap Kick

    Renegade Shadow is still in the special offers btw.

    1. Hey, thanks to all the people who commented on this letting me know. I was asleep when it happened, I wasn’t expecting it! I got a lot of comments about it, so I’m not letting them all go through, but just know that I appreciate the heads up from everyone.

  4. Evident, is there a way to add when the last time a skin was in the item shop or is that too difficult to track? I know you have when it first appeared, I just thought it would be cool to see the last time an item was in the shop and how long it was since it appeared.

      1. No, I know that and it makes sense if you’re looking up a skin or something. However, in the Daily Item Shop as soon as it hits the shop you reset the last date it was available to that day (technically you set it to the next day as that’s when it will be replaced at 7pm CST). I was asking is there a way to do it where it says something along the lines of the previous time it was in the shop prior to that day?

  5. I have been waiting for so long for Beast mode. I have been counting days since I last saw him. I did not have enough vbucks but now I do. I just feel bad 🙁

  6. I swear, I’m about to have a goddamn meltdown. I don’t think it will, I want to cry, as I physically wanna cry, I’m holding the tears back right now. OH MY GOD, I just saw that on your screen. I’m not in a good mood, you’re gonna see what’s up. I’m so mad right now. HURRY UP FORTNITE! Wait for it, wait for it, IT’S BACK GUYS! HIGHRISE ASSAULT TROOPER IS BACK! LET’S SEE IT! There he is, guys. There he is. I hope all of you who weren’t around for him, enjoy him like I have. I have to see how many complete brain-dead Highrise Assault Troopers are running around in Solos right now. I need, no actually no. Let’s go into Team Rumble, the casual mode. I’m so mad.

    Don’t attack me, it’s a specific reference related to Nog Ops. And I will get him on my second account, with your code, Evident.

    1. I actually bought the skin yesterday. It’s my new sweat skin, I understand how you feel a rare skin came back that you thought would never come back.

  7. (Well-designed game, hard-working developers working hundreds of hours to deliver fresh, exciting and new experiences as well as the addition of casual gamemodes like Party Royale, Battle Lab and Creative)

    Community: I like this,

    (Chapter 1 Season 3)

    Community: But I like this more.

    This is a meme version of that “Community is stuck in the past” comment I made a few days ago.

  8. Hey Evident, I’m launching my new videogame newsletter website. It’ll be kind of like yours, but written by me and with different articles and games. It’s not complete yet, so I won’t link it to you, but in one of the challenges guides, I use one of the maps you created, but I credit you, is that OK?

  9. Now that Molten Legends is back, I’m going to rank every Legends pack:
    1. Polar Legends
    2. Frozen Legends
    3. Dark Legends
    4. Slurp Legends
    5. Molten Legends
    6. Shadow Legends

    Next season is probably gonna be Golden Legends or Aqua Legends, I dunno

      1. I think it would be pretty neat if they made a golden helmet or fully gold selectable styles of the skins on Midas’ trophy self. Another loose concept I have is that they make a “Ghost Legends” pack with maybe a ghost cuddle bear and raptor.

  10. I think shops should be themed. What I mean is to have a theme in these daily shops.
    One theme could be “war” and you could bring back the Air Royale, Raptor and Munitions Expert sets

    The next could be “cops and robbers” and you can bring back the Getaway Gang, Goldie, Jailbird and Waypoint sets.

    Then you can have a theme of history and bring back Dino Guard, Western Wilds, etc.

    The possibilities are endless! What do you think?

  11. I know I will get hate for saying this, but I don’t want anything Chapter 1 back. Yes, I love Athena as much as the next guy, and I miss the old recruits, but Epic worked so hard to create Chapter 2, and then people complain “tHeY doN’t lISTeN tO tHe cOmmUnItY” because they want old stuff back despite the fact they wanted new stuff when they were in the old days. Guys, they do listen to the community! Just because you’re stuck in the past and refuse to move on doesn’t mean they’re ignorant of the community. I really love Athena, but I also really love Apollo, maybe it’s because they both have Pleasant Park, I dunno.

    In conclusion, no, Epic’s not bringing back Athena, no, the old recruits are not coming back, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the community. Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest.

    1. I respect that. I think you should find a way to tell this to the rest of the community. Sometimes we need people like you.

  12. Hey, Evident. I made a secondary account and decided to buy Save The World, since I had it on my main account. But I didn’t purchase it on my secondary, so when I logged in and did the tutorial, it wouldn’t grant me the cosmetics. Now my account is made up of ugly defaults and wraps. Is this a glitch, or what?

  13. Do you have a way to see future item shops before they are released? I would like to know if I should spend my V-Bucks or just wait to get what comes out later. It would be helpful.