Fortnite Item Shop

If you are wondering what was in the Fortnite item shop yesterday, then you've come to the right place! We have all of the cosmetics that you had a chance to purchase if you might have missed what was available. If you happen to have missed something you had been waiting for then you shouldn't fear, because items are frequently being re-added to the shop. If the item is popular enough, it will likely return within 30 days or so.

The skins available for April 23, 2024 are: P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader, Marshall Never More, Rap Boy, Slim Shady, Alto, Desert Dawn Lyric, Doggo, Ghoul Trooper, Glitch, Hothouse, Luminos, Lyric, Poet, Triage Trooper, Wilder, Curious, Sandstorm, Serenade, Skeletara, Sunset Alto, Surf Rider and Wake Rider, while also containing the following items: Dancing at Coachella Bundle, Falcon, Axe ‘Bout Me, Boney Bounce, Mom’s Spaghetti, Shady Double Saw, Airlift, Cactical Crusher, Phone It In, Rocking at Coachella Bundle, Softest Electropalm, Vibing at Coachella Bundle, Air Flurry, Big Lug, Clean Groove, Cold Snap, Crystalline Cactus, Desert Breeze, Electropalm Staff, Festival Shredder, Finfin Flair, Flatliner, Mainstage, Neon Biter, Scenario, Spear of Inquiry, Switchstep, Bloomin’ Bouquet, Dual Filet and Hip Check.

Avaliable Yesterday

52 All
22 Outfit
12 Harvesting Tool
8 Emote
3 Bundle
2 Glider
2 Back Bling
2 Wrap
1 Music

Falcon Clan


Support Squadron


Grumble Gang

Machine Learning

The Leftovers


Curious Pathwalker

Immortal Sands


Ethereal Song

Bone Scan

Aqua Marine