Fortnite Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, Flopper Pond Locations

Let's take a look at where to find the Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, and Flopper Pond Locations! You need to go to these to catch fish, which is part of the Cameo vs. Chic Overtime Mission. You should be able to do it in one game, but the areas are pretty far away from each other.

Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake, Flopper Pond Locations Map

You can go to all of these locations in one game, but it's probably a lot easier to just split it up. I would do this in Team Rumble because you get the glider and can travel across the map a bit better. You could also potentially grab a boat at the Lazy Lake area.

Flopper Pond

Flopper Pond can be found to the east of Holly Hedges in the middle of nowhere. It's a small little fishing hole that's on the way to Salty Springs from Holly Hedges.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake is a town, but you'll need to be out on the water which is directly west to get credit for this challenge.

Lake Canoe

You can find Lake Canoe directly north of Retail Row. It's a good sized area with an island in the middle that has a barrel of fishing poles to use.

You can find more information about these challenges in our Season 11 Overtime Challenges Guide!

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  1. Update:

    The mark on the map is incorrect for the Lazy Lake portion, I took a chance and went to the dock west of Lazy Lake, F6, the dock near the house, I caught a fish and it registered, I have now completed the challenge and on to the next one.

    Thank you Evident for the amazing guides, I always check your writings and have been since waaaay back, thank you for putting this out for us!

    1. Thanks so much for the information! I’m sorry about having the wrong location, I have these guides ready to go beforehand but I usually check to verify them. I didn’t have a chance, so I appreciate the help!

        1. Hi Evident!

          Map looks good, I only went to that dock near the house to fish and complete the challenge, possibly fishing off the small island may work too. Good to see that the house is STILL there after countless seasons, even after all the different variants we’ve had with this location.

          Thank you again!