Fortnite Sorana Pickaxe Location

We're taking a quick look at exactly where you need to go to find Sorana's Pickaxe Location! You will need to have the Sorana skin before you can complete this, but once you do you'll be able to go collect her sweet new pickaxe on the Fortnite map.

Party Crashers Pickaxe

Party Crashers

As mentioned, you'll need to obtain the Sorana skin before you can collect this cosmetic. To do that, you'll need to get all eight FORTNITE letters that are hidden in the game. Each letter needs to be unlocked individually by completing eight challenges in each of the missions from the battle pass. You can find guides for all of these, including the letter locations right here.

Sorana Pickaxe Location

The actual challenge is, "Find the Pickaxe hidden in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen while wearing the Sorana Outfit". It's unclear if we have to wait for the Chaos Rising Loading Screen or not, but it has leaked ahead of time. You can find the coordinates to the back bling on it and circled below:

The coordinates shown on the loading screen are G1/G2-H1/H2, which is actually incorrect. Those are apparently where you unlock the back bling. If you want to unlock the pickaxe, you need to go to the snowy area that is south of Retail Row at G7/G8-H7/H8.

It is right on the mountain near a flag and some oxygen canisters:

If you're looking for the Back Bling, you can find that location here. There's also styles to unlock, you can find those with this guide here.

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