Best characters for Fervent Flames (Pyro) Elemental Resonance in Genshin Impact

Use these fiery fighters to burn down the opposition.

Pyro characters are burning, destructive symbols of power in Genshin Impact, taking down groups of enemies and leaving piles of ash in their wake. Their combat abilities are usually geared toward dealing massive amounts of damage, and Elemental Reactions involving Pyro are an explosive sight to behold on the battlefield. Wielders of Pyro also have access to a handy Attack buff when other Pyro characters are on your team—the Fervent Flames Elemental Resonance.

Pyro pairs

The Fervent Flames buff is focused on buffing your team's Attack Percentage, allowing you to quickly mow down enemies with hard-hitting Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts. Elemental Resonance is required to activate this buff, however, meaning you'll need to include at least two Pyro characters on your team before benefiting from the following effects:

  • Affected by Cryo for 40 percent less time
  • Increases Attack by 25 percent

There are a total of ten playable Pyro characters currently available as of Genshin Impact 2.4, so you have a few choices when it comes to deciding which fiery fighters belong on your team. While each Pyro wielder is strong on their own, there are two pairs of characters that burn a bit brighter than the rest.

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Hu Tao and Bennett

The first Pyro pair on this list is Hu Tao and Bennett, a team that works as a fantastic Main Damage-per-Second and Support combo. Hu Tao takes on the role of primary damage dealer in this pairing, incinerating opponents and healing herself, while Bennett helps to provide further healing and an increase to your team's Attack.

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Hu Tao's Elemental Skill consumes a portion of her Health to grant some pretty helpful buffs—increased Attack based on her Max Health and increased resistance to interruption, along with all Attack Damage being converted to Pyro Damage for a short time. Each enemy hit while under these effects will be afflicted by a Blood Blossom, dealing Pyro Damage every four seconds. On the other hand, Hu Tao's Elemental Burst deals Area-of-Effect Pyro Damage while regenerating Health for each enemy hit.

Bennett's Elemental Burst creates an Inspiration Field, dealing Area-of-Effect Pyro Damage to any foes within its radius. This field will also regenerate the Health of characters with less than 70 percent of their Health remaining and grant an Attack Bonus to characters with more than 70 percent of their Health remaining. This makes Bennett a great Pyro Support for Hu Tao, restoring the Health that she loses when using her Elemental Skill.

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Yoimiya and Bennett

The second pair appearing on this list, Yoimiya and Thoma, are another great option if you're looking for a Main Damage-per-Second and Support combo. Yoimiya fills the role of the heavy-hitter, using her signature fireworks to cause large explosions, while Thoma acts as her support by creating damage absorbing barriers.

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Yoimiya's Elemental Skill transforms her arrows into Blazing Arrows, converting all Damage to Pyro Damage for a short time and increasing the amount of Damage dealt. Her Elemental Burst fires forth a barrage of blazing rockets, dealing Area-of-Effect Pyro Damage and applying Aurorus Blaze to one of the hit opponents. When the marked enemy is hit by Attacks, Elemental Skills, or Elemental Bursts, a second explosion is triggered, dealing further Area-of-Effect Pyro Damage.

Thoma's Elemental Skill and Burst both deal Area-of-Effect Pyro Damage, along with creating a nifty protective defense for your active character—Blazing Barrier. This barrier absorbs Pyro Damage 250 percent more effectively, allowing Yoimiya to survive the fire from all of the explosions she creates. Blazing Barrier's Damage Absorption scales with Thoma's Max Health, so be sure to invest in that stat to bring out his barrier's full potential.

Both of these pairs can work great in any team combination, you just need to pick the one that’s the right fit for your vision. And remember, these are just our picks from the characters currently available, so be sure to check back in as more Pyro characters are released for future updates!

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Best characters for Fervent Flames (Pyro) Elemental Resonance in Genshin Impact

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