How to get Baal/Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

Some of Genshin Impact’s most renowned characters include The Seven, which consists of Archons who rule over the seven nations of Teyvat. Inazuma is ruled by the Electro Archon, a position that was once held by a god named Baal—also known as Makoto. She ruled Inazuma until she perished during the cataclysm 500 years ago. […]

Will Genshin Impact release on Nintendo Switch?

Genshin Impact has claimed critical success and become one of the most popular games. It is available on PC, Mobile, and PlayStation. However, you may have noticed that the Nintendo Switch is not mentioned on that list. So you may be wondering if Genshin Impact is releasing on Nintendo Switch. miHoYo has announced that Genshin […]

Genshin Impact: Sacrificial Offering Quest Walkthrough

With little direction and silent ghosts standing around, players may be a little lost on how to complete the Sacrificial Offering quest within Genshin Impact. This quest involves ghosts, fox statues, and an abandoned shrine. It’s all fairly simple, just not straightforward. Investigating the Abandoned Shrine and Mysterious Shadows After starting the Sacrificial Offering quest, […]