All smoothie recipes in Grounded

It can be difficult to maintain your health, thirst, stamina, or hunger in Grounded. To make that easier, you can craft yourself some delicious smoothies that will replenish your hunger, stamina, health, and even give you bonuses that can help get around the map or slay stronger bugs!

How to make a Smoothie Station

The Smoothie Station can be made by combining 1 Acorn Top, 4 Sprigs, and 5 Grub Goops! The Acorn Tops can be found by heading over to the Oak Tree with the red leaves and smashing Acorns with a hammer. Sprigs are found all over the place in the grassy parts of the maps. Grub Goop can also be found around the Oak Tree, but it's a lot harder to find. You will need to craft a shovel and look for shifting dirt in the mud and dig up the grub. You can then kill it to get the goop.

This is just one of the options you can craft that will be helpful to you in collecting food and drink. There's also a Roasting Spit, Mushroom Garden, Jerky Rack, and Dew Collector! I recommend crafting yourself a Dew Collector to make keeping your thirst up a lot easier. Having a Mushroom Garden nearby is also pretty convenient, if you don't want to run around looking for food.

All Smoothie Recipes

Here's a list of Smoothie Recipes:

  • Boost Juice - Aphid, Acorn Bits, Mushroom (Replenishes Hunger, Heals, +Max Stamina)
  • Fuzz on the Rocks - Mite Fuzz, Quartzite, Pebblet (Replenishes Thirst, Heals, +Max Health)
  • Gastro Goo - Honeydew, Gas Sack, Fungal Growth (Toxin Defense, Heals, Replenishes Thirst)
  • Green Machine - Plant Fiber, Sprig, Clover Leaf (+Hyperstamina, Heals, Drinkable)
  • Hedge Lord - Acorn Bits, Aphid Honeydew, and Berry Chunks (Lowers Hunger and Thirst Rate, Heals)
  • Human Food - Cookie Sandwich Bits, Apple Bits, and Billy Hog Nugget (Replenishes health & thirst, adds damage resistant)
  • Liquid Gills - Tadpole Meat, Water Flea Meat, and Ell Grass (Gives underwater breathing for a short period)
  • Liquid Rage - Ant Mandible, Spider Fang, Larvae Spike (Replenishes Hunger, Heals, +Attack Damage)
  • Worker's Comp - Ant Head, Ant Mandible, Ant Part (+2 Hauling Strength)

Just place one of each of the items into the Smoothie Station to craft one of these options. Once you've made it once, you can head to the "Recipes Memorized" option to bring up the ingredients that are required to craft it.

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  1. you can now craft “+” versions of every recipe! simply craft 2 of the original smoothie of choice, then put 2 smoothies into the smoothie maker along with 1 muscle sprout!

  2. im not sure if you said this but if you put in honeydew, aphid roast, and weevil roast you get a smoothie that regens health

  3. Liquid Gill is now:
    Tadpole meat, Water flea meat, and Ell grass.

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  4. What about the workers comp? ant mandibles, ant head and ant parts?

    1. Added, thanks.

  5. Human Food

    Cookie Sandwich Bits, Apple Bits, and Billy Hog Nugget

    Replenishes health, and thurst plus adds damage resistant.

    1. Added, thanks!

  6. Hi again, there´s a new smoothie available. It´s called “Human Food” and is a combination of the “new” resources added with latest update. It´s made from Billy Hog Nugget, Oreo Cookie Bit, Apple Bit (effects: edible, + damage resistance, heals). The Hot Dog was in the game already before update, Cookie and Apple are kind of hard to find, but seems that they respawn now and than on same location.

    1. Added it, thanks!

  7. Hi Shaun, thx for the list, just a remark related to “Liquid Gills”: try to use “Water Flea Meat” instead of “Eelgrass Strands”, this worked for me to get this smoothie.

    1. Fixed, thanks! Do you know what it does?

      1. Gives about 15 seconds extra of underwater time

        1. Thanks!

  8. Workmanship comp Ant head ant body part and ant mandible allows you to carry more with ant armor you can Cary ten planks

  9. How is one expected to come across these recipes naturally? Trial and error? Seems little gain for the risk of that… kinda.
    Not that “free heal potion for 3 pieces of anything!” Isn’t a great trashcan and thus worth any experimentation.

  10. For Gastro Goo where is the honey for it? I cant seem to find it

    1. it’s Honeydew from the aphids not just honey

    2. I don’t think honey is in the game yet.

      1. Change Honey to Honeydew.

        1. Fixed, thanks.

  11. Thanks so much for the amazing page! I love when websites tell you exactly what you need with no added unnecessary fluff and fuzz, like: “oh, all of you gamer fans blah blah blah…” This post was straight forward and simple. Whoever wrote it needs a promotion!

    1. Thanks, glad you like it!

  12. Hedge Lord is actually Acorn Bits, Aphid Honeydew, and Berry Chunks

    1. Whoops, fixed! Thanks.