Grounded Playground Codes (December 2023) – Share your Playgrounds Levels

Updated November 29, 2023 Added a new code! Grounded explores the idea of being shrunk down to bug-size and exploring our world. Survival plays a big role in Grounded, but my favorite parts are discovering new insects and creating bases. Player creation gets an upgrade with the addition of Playgrounds, allowing players to create and share […]

Grounded Patch Notes – Playgrounds 1.3.2 Update (December 2023)

Grounded is a game concept based on surviving against nature in your own backyard. Here’s everything added in the latest Grounded patch notes for the Playgrounds update. Grounded Patch Notes 1.3.2 Update (November 21, 2023) Grounded Patch Notes – Update Hotfix (November 16, 2023) Grounded Playgrounds Patch Notes – ‘Make it and Break it’ […]

How many Milk Molars are in Grounded? Answered

Grounded is a multiplayer survival game in which you can upgrade your abilities using Milk Molars. I’ll tell you how many Milk Molars are in Grounded. What are the number of Mega Milk Molars in Grounded? In total, there are 78 Milk Molars scattered through the yard, along with 45 Mega Milk Molars hidden for […]