Psychonauts 2: Lady Luctopus Boss Guide

Who ordered the calamari?

While Raz makes his way through many a mind in Psychonauts 2, he’ll have to take down several tough customers, including the personification of his teacher’s gambling addiction: Lady Luctopus.

Agent Forsythe‘s got money on her mind, and if Raz wants to reassemble her mind, he’ll need to adhere to these tips to take down the game’s first formidable boss:

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Phase 1:

  • The boss battle begins with Lady Luctopus drawing cards. When she pulls the bomb card, she’ll spit several bombs at Raz that plant themselves in the ground before exploding. Use Raz’s Telekinesis to pick up the bombs and chuck them at the tentacle to the right of your screen. Hit the boss with two bombs and you’ll stun Lady Luctopus.
  • After she’s stunned, Luctopus will relinquish two of Raz’s fellow interns. They’ll spawn some thought bubbles for Raz to use. Zip to the top of the thought stream using Mental Connection.
  • Eliminate the Bad Idea guarding the platform at the top of the thought stream and climb it to gain some height. Look for a barrier at the top of Lady Luctopus’ head.
  • Use the Psi Blast to shatter this barrier before zipping to the inside of Luctopus’ skull with the aid of more thought bubbles and the Mental Connection ability.
  • Drop down and melee her heart until she inevitably spits Raz out, starting Phase 2.

Phase 2:

  • For this phase, Lady Luctopus will add a new attack to her arsenal: Deck Dealer. This move lets her shuffle and fling cards across the stage. You’ll be able to tell where they’re heading, as red trails flash on the floor just before she launches her deck at Raz. Keep an eye out for her shuffling animation, as it’s the tell for this move.
  • After her Deck Dealer attack, she’ll begin firing off bombs, this time faster than before. Evade them and use Telekinesis to pick the bombs up and hurl them at the vulnerable tentacle on the left of the screen. It’ll always take two hits to stun Lady Luctopus. Be careful though, Lady Luctopus will use a set of cards to guard her weak point periodically.
  • After she’s been stunned again, Lady Luctopus will release two more fellow interns, and they’ll spawn a second thought stream. Use the Mental Connection ability to head up once more. This time, card dealing tentacles will accompany the Bad Idea, swatting at Raz while he climbs. Take care of the Bad Idea before carefully climbing up.
  • Use the Psi Blast again to shatter Lady Luctopus’ defenses.
  • Use the Mental Connections to enter her head, dropping down and dealing damage to her heart until she ejects Raz once more, signaling the beginning of the third and final phase.

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Phase 3:

  • The final phase introduces one more attack: the Defibrillator. Lady Luctopus will use these medical tools to shock the ground, damaging Raz if he’s standing there. When she starts to rub the tools together, hop on a pile of casino chips to avoid taking damage.
  • Once the floor is zapped, the boss will shuffle her cards before unleashing Deck Dealer once more. Watch for the red lines that signify their trajectory, evading them when Luctopus launches her attack.
  • Once she’s used both the Defibrillator and Deck Dealer attacks, Lady Luctopus will rapidly fire off the bombs once more. Pick them up with telekinesis and launch them into her exposed tentacles, taking care to watch out for her guard maneuvers.
  • After hitting her with two more bombs, Lady Luctopus will free the final two interns, who will again leave a thought trail for Raz to ride to the top of the boss’s head. Platform carefully through the Bad Idea and swatting cards.
  • Psi Blast Lady Luctopus’ head one last time before zipping to hear heart with Mental Connection and striking the finishing blow.

With the sinister cephalopod defeated, Raz and his peers are free to head back to the real world, freeing Agent Forsythe’s mind in the process.

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