Hearthstone Best Paladin Decks (May 2020) – Standard & Wild!

Paladin has had quite a few different options available to it in the past. However, recently the class has seen harder times. Regardless, we'll be featuring all the best Paladin decks you can try in the Ashes of Outland expansion. We've got some different tools to work with, so there's some interesting new options to now bring to the standard or wild ladder.

The Paladin class has had quite a few different options available to it over the life of Hearthstone. It was more of a midrange and control class originally, but eventually got access to some pretty interesting combo options. It has also had stints of being a pretty powerful aggro class with Mechs and Murlocs running wild. Paladin also has been known as a class that buffs minions with various spells. Prior to the Year of the Phoenix the class was struggling a bit, but things have been looking up for Paladin after the rotation.

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Best Paladin Decks for Ashes of Outland Standard

The top deck options for Paladin in the meta right now are Murloc Paladin and Pure Paladin! We've got the most popular versions of those decks below, with some custom variants and experimental options further down the page.

Murloc Paladin

Murlocs are far and away the most popular archetype for Paladin right now. This is a pretty straightforward deck, it's an aggressive list that looks to overrun the opponent with more and more Murlocs. Try to buff them up with cards like Hand of A'dal, and use weapons to get in damage and takeout your opponent's minions.

2x - Imprisoned Sungill2x - Murloc Tidecaller
2x - Hand of A'dal2x - Murmy
1x - Murgur Murgurgle2x - Toxfin
2x - Underlight Angling Rod2x - Fishflinger
2x - Truesilver Champion2x - Hench-Clan Hogsteed
2x - Scalelord2x - Murloc Tidehunter
2x - Coldlight Seer
2x - Murloc Warleader
2x - Felfin Navigator
1x - Hoard Pillager

Deck Code

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Pure Paladin

The idea behind Pure Paladin is that you get access to powerful cards for building your deck only with class cards. It also utilizes some of the powerful Librams it was given in the Ashes of Outland expansion. This is pretty much a midrange type deck, where you're trying to cheat out cheaper Librams via some of the synergy cards.

2x - Aldor Attendant
2x - Air Raid
2x - Hand of A'dal
2x - Libram of Wisdom
1x - Murgur Murgurgle
2x - Subdue
2x - Aldor Peacekeeper
2x - Bronze Explorer
2x - Ancestral Guardian
2x - Consecration
2x - Lightforged Zealot
2x - Aldor Truthseeker
2x - Libram of Justice
1x - Lady Liadrin
2x - Lightforged Crusader
2x - Libram of Hope

Deck Code

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More Standard Paladin Variants

These are more tailored versions of the decks from the previous archetypes. These decks have generally obtained high legend spots on the ladder. Some will contain tech cards that are used to fight off specific decks in the meta.

Ike's Highlander Murloc Paladin

Ike had some success on the Legend ladder with this unique highlander version of Murloc Paladin.

1x - Imprisoned Sungill1x - Murloc Tidecaller
1x - Righteous Cause1x - Murmy
1x - Sand Breath1x - Toxfin
1x - Air Raid1x - Fishflinger
1x - Argent Protector1x - Murloc Tidehunter
1x - Hand of A'dal1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Micro Mummy1x - Coldlight Seer
1x - Murgur Murgurgle1x - Murloc Warleader
1x - Sir Finley of the Sands1x - Evasive Feywing
1x - Underlight Angling Rod1x - Felfin Navigator
1x - Blessing of Kings1x - Skyfin
1x - Consecration1x - Argent Commander
1x - Truesilver Champion1x - Dragonmaw Sky Stalker
1x - Scalelord1x - High Inquisitor Whitemane
1x - Tirion Fordring1x - Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Deck Code

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Best Paladin Decks for Ashes of Outland Wild

Wild can be a bit difficult to predict, so here's a look at some decks that have been successful on the ladder.

Wild Mech Paladin

Paladin has quite a few powerful Mech options in the Wild format, so you can slap those together with all of the other strong Mechs that have been in the game to make a pretty powerful deck.

2x - Crystology2x - Skaterbot
2x - Glow-Tron2x - Annoy-o-Tron
2x - Smuggler's Run2x - Galvanizer
2x - Grimestreet Outfitter2x - Mechwarper
2x - Shielded Minibot2x - Flying Machine
2x - Divine Favor1x - SN1P-SN4P
2x - Annoy-o-Module2x - Replicating Menace
2x - Wargear
1x - Zilliax

Deck Code

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Wild Murloc Paladin

Murlocs are obviously pretty strong in Standard, so it isn't a surprise you can get access to even more strong options in Wild.

1x - Grimscale Chum2x - Murloc Tidecaller
1x - Vilefin Inquisitor2x - Murmy
1x - Murgur Murgurgle1x - Sir Finley Mrrgglton
1x - Coghammer1x - Toxfin
1x - Underlight Angling Rod2x - Bluegill Warrior
2x - Prismatic Lens2x - Rockpool Hunter
1x - Scalelord1x - Zephrys the Great
1x - Sunkeeper Tarim1x - Coldlight Seer
2x - Tip the Scales2x - Murloc Warleader
2x - Felfin Navigator
1x - Gentle Megasaur
1x - Old Murk-Eye
1x - Finja, the Flying Star

Deck Code

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Wild Odd Paladin

Starkad34 hit top legend on the Wild ladder with this Odd Paladin.

2x - Blessing of Might1x - Patches the Pirate
2x - Lost in the Jungle2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Never Surrender!2x - Stonehill Defender
2x - Righteous Cause2x - Faceless Corruptor
2x - Righteous Protector1x - Leeroy Jenkins
1x - Divine Favor1x - Baku the Mooneater
2x - Muster for Battle
1x - Rallying Blade
2x - Steward of Darkshire
1x - Unidentified Maul
2x - Warhorse Trainer
2x - Quartermaster

Deck Code

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That's all of the top Paladin meta decks right now in the Ashes of Outland Hearthstone expansion! We'll be adding more lists in the future as more decks are built and new cards are released.

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