Silence Priest Deck List Guide – Rise of Shadows

We're taking a look at Silence Combo Priest in the Rise of Shadows meta!

Our Silence Priest Deck List Guide will walk you through the ins-and-outs of this potentially upcoming deck in the Rise of Shadows expansion! We're doing a bit of theorycraft at first, but soon we'll be featuring the best list for the archetype, as well as a bunch of tips and tricks on how to best use it!

Priest appears to be being pushed back into its roots with a potential combo deck that relies heavily on silence. Too bad old Purify isn't around in Standard anymore, we sure could use that to really get this deck going! Combo Priest itself has still been kicking around, and is usually used as a budget option. The more silence heavy option, however, hasn't seen much play. Priest is getting a few cards that should make it worthwhile to head in that direction in Rise of Shadows.

Silence Priest Deck List

There's some hope with Silence Priest, but it's still a questionable choice right now.

Silence Priest

Priest Neutral
2x - Circle of Healing 2x - Ancient Watcher
2x - Power Word: Shield 2x - Dalaran Librarian
2x - Silence 2x - Wild Pyromancer
2x - Inner Fire 2x - Acolyte of Pain
2x - Northshire Cleric 2x - Arcane Watcher
2x - Divine Spirit 2x - Faceless Rager
2x - Hench-Clan Shadequill 2x - Witchwood Grizzly
2x - Unsleeping Soul

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Theorycraft Silence Priest Card Choices

There's quite a few cards that should work pretty well in this deck from the Rise of Shadows expansion!

Dalaran Librarian

Silence two of your minions and get a body?! This is a solid addition to the deck, and it works in the early game as a card you can throw down on an empty board and defend a bit against aggressive decks. It can also be a liability, because you won't want to silence certain minions sometimes. This will require you to be fairly vigilant in how you position your minions, and be sure to keep the ones you might not want to silence away from the ones you do!

Arcane Watcher

This is a boatload of stats for 3-Mana, but it obviously comes with a catch. However, our deck should be able to pretty easily circumvent that issue and take advantage of this card with a timely silence. This one pairs pretty well with Unsleeping Soul on curve and get you another 5/6 minion on the board.


Not so sure about this addition, but it can be useful against aggressive decks where you might just pullout a weak minion. You won't really want to be using it against control unless you know you can deal with some big minion that might come creeping out of the deck. This card is also mainly for combo disruption, so if you can pull out a minion your opponent might not want to see on the board, you can stymie their combo potential. It also has high stats, which is what we're looking to find and buff with our deck.

Hench-Clan Shadequill

Great card to silence to remove the healing aspect of the card, and we get a lot of stats for a marked down price. Even if we can't silence this card, we're not too worried about restoring 5 health to the enemy hero. We're more of a combo based deck, so we'll be doing big damage most likely and 5-health will usually not make or break the deck. This card will likely see play in general Priest decks just because it's pretty solid. I also expect this to be a staple in Priest Arena decks.

Unsleeping Soul

We're going to be featuring some cards that require a silence, so this card will not only do that for us but it will also summon a silenced copy of it. That's right, if we silence something like Arcane Watcher, we'll get another one that has been silenced. That way, we're getting two usable minions, instead of another minion that would require a silence. This is a strong card for this deck, and can lead to some strong boards in the mid-game.

Convincing Infiltrator

Now, this is one you don't really want to silence. This is good for stopping aggressive decks, and is annoying for midrange decks looking to start stacking the board later in the game. The main problem is that the card has bad attack stats, but we will hopefully be able to fix that with some of our cards.

Other Likely Theorycraft Cards

  • Circle of Healing - Cheap spell that heals our board, and we're in desperate need of being able to keep our minions on the board.
  • Silence - One of the best options for our minions that require silence.
  • Inner Fire - Here's the card that's going to give us the big attack damage we need to finish off our opponent in style.
  • Northshire Cleric - One of the best all-around Priest cards and can be paired with our healing options to help find some cards we might need.
  • Power Word: Shield - One of the best cards in the game, and works especially well in this deck.
  • Ancient Watcher - The OG card that requires silence, this is nice stats for a low cost. This card can carry the game early on if we're able to keep it alive and silence it early.
  • Divine Spirit - The other piece of the big combo. You might need to use this sooner than intended, but it's better to stick a minion with a lot of health then just keep losing the board.
  • Wild Pyromancer - Pyro works well against aggressive decks, and with our 0-cost spells. We can also pair this with Northshire Cleric to get bigger draws as we heal our minions and cast other spells.
  • Acolyte of Pain - A possible inclusion, it depends on how deep we go for combo over just ending up
  • Grave Horror - This is a leftover from the current version of Combo Priest. It works better when you have Radiant Elemental and Shadow Visions in your deck. Unfortunately, both of those cards are rotating. It's looking more and more like this deck will lean away from spells, and more towards a more minion based deck with silence synergy.
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