Stealth Rogue Deck Guide – Ashes of Outland

Our Heartstone Stealth Rogue Deck List Guide takes a look at this archetype from the Ashes of Outland expansion! We've got a look at the best list for the deck as well as mulligans, play strategy & combinations, and card replacements!

Stealth Rogue is an archetype that has kind of been toyed with at various times, but never really came together in any serious fashion. Now that Ashes of Outland is here, it looks like this style of deck has a real chance of making some waves in the meta! The cards that Rogue got in this set that utilize Stealth appear to be pretty strong, so don't be surprised if you see some version of this deck running around.

Stealth Rogue Deck List

Our early look at this deck includes a version from RegisKillbin! We'll be updating this list with more refined lists as the meta starts to shape up.

Rogue Neutral
2x - Spymistress 2x - Southsea Deckhand
2x - Ashtongue Slayer 2x - Worgen Infiltrator
2x - Cold Blood 2x - Hench-Clan Sneak
2x - Eviscerate 2x - Burrowing Scorpid
2x - Sap 2x - Frenzied Felwing
2x - Skyvateer 1x - Maiev Shadowsong
1x - Akama 1x - Stranglethorn Tiger
2x - Greyheart Sage
2x - Hooked Scimitar
1x - Flik Skyshiv

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Stealth Rogue Mulligan Guide

Always Keep

  • Spymistress - It's Worgen Infiltrator but improved! We really want to start the game off with a Stealth minion in play, because our follow up cards are likely going to take advantage of it.
  • Worgen Infiltrator - This should usually be a keep, unless you already have a Spymistress and some stuff that benefits from the Stealth. It's still a somewhat weak card, so you don't have to keep it if we already have a Stealth card.
  • Skyvateer - The stats aren't great, but we do get a card out of it from the Deathrattle. We really need an early game Stealth card, so this is good enough to keep if we're missing one.

Possible Keeps

  • Akama - Solid stats and it has Stealth, but it's a bit higher cost than we'd want in our initial mulligan. If you have a cheaper Stealth card and a card that benefits from having Stealth on the board, then you can for sure keep this.
  • Ashtongue Slayer - Nutty card if we have a target for it! We can immediately grab board control by preserving our 1-drop, or we can push some immediate damage onto our opponent.
  • Greyheart Sage - This is a really good card, but we absolutely need a Stealth card to take advantage of it. So, don't keep it unless we can guarantee an early trigger of it.
  • Frenzied Felwing - If we know we're going hard to the face, then there's a likelihood we can play this card for very cheap or for 0-mana. In the right hand, this card will come down very early and give us an immediate big advantage on the board.

Stealth Rogue Tips & Play Strategy

This is going to be a pretty aggressive deck, so be ready to head to the face quite often. We've got some pretty burst-y cards that we can punch our opponent with, this is especially the case with Ashtongue Slayer which can be applied to our Spymistress for an immediate 6-damage to the face. We've also got various weapons, and cards like Eviscerate and Cold Blood to finish off our opponent quickly!

In the early game, we're mostly looking to get a Stealth minion down and then utilize one of our cards that gives us a bonus when we have one in play. A turn one Spymistress and a turn  two Ashtongue Slayer is going to be one of our best openers. If we can punch the face for significant damage, or get a free tree... we should be in a pretty good spot going forward.

While we want to deal damage to our opponent as much as possible, try to use your weapons to deal with minions. We want our board to get in that repeat damage, so use your life total as a resource for trades when you can!

Being an aggressive deck means that we're going to be running through cards pretty quickly, so it's going to be pretty important that we get value out of Greyheart Sage . If we can get a bit of additional resources early, we should hopefully end up with enough firepower to get the finish.

Akama is our Prime card in the Rogue class, so let's take a look at what it does! Akama Prime is a 6-cost 6/5 minion that reads, "Permanently Stealthed." That obviously fits our deck's theme very well, the only problem with it is that this deck is going to be pretty fast. I'm not sure we're going to be able to draw it very consistently. The ideal situation is that we get Akama on the board early, and then top deck Akama Prime right when we can play it!

In the mid-to-late game, we're hoping to be able to turn up the heat and pressure leathal. We've got damage from hand with Eviscerate , and if we can setup a Stealth minion on the board, we can hopefully land a Cold Blood . If our opponent has a Taunt in play, we have Sap , Maiev Shadowsong , and Flik Skyshiv that should help us get through for that last bit of damage.

Stealth Rogue Card Options & Replacements

It's possible that Stealth ends up getting mixed with the Secret synergy that Rogue has, but we'll have to wait and see how the deck develops!

  • Backstab - A classic Rogue card that can enable combos and clear minions. If this deck goes a bit less aggressive, then it's possible that it sees play.
  • Bamboozle - This Secret would be a good way to keep our minion on the board, and hopefully gets us a strong enough one that can take out the incoming minion.
  • Dirty Tricks - We'll be in situations where we're possible starved for cards, so this would be a pretty good way to get us some additional ones!
  • Shadowjeweler Hanar - A good early game drop with quite a bit of upside if we can get value out of it. It will definitely see play in a Secrets Rogue, but it's tough to say if it makes the cut in a deck where we mix strategies.
  • Jungle Panther - If you're missing another Stealth card, then this could work in its place.
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