Treant Druid Deck Guide – Rise of Shadows

Is Treant Druid finally good enough to see play in Rise of Shadows? We'll soon find out! Until then, check out our detailed look at the archetype.

Our Treant Druid Deck List Guide features an early look at this potential archetype for the Rise of Shadows expansion! We will eventually be going more detailed into our analysis and featuring mulligan advice, card choices and replacements, and featuring the best list for the new set.

Treant Druid is an archetype that has been steadily getting some cards added to it throughout the last few expansions. It hasn't come together fully, but the idea of a deck that revolves around Druid and Treants makes a lot of sense. While Rise of Shadows hasn't given a ton in terms of Treant cards to the deck, it still could be possible that the deck has enough to succeed in the new rotation meta.

Treant Druid Deck List

Treant Druid is off to a decent start in the Rise of Shadows meta! Here's the current most popular list being used on the ladder:

2x - Acornbearer2x - EVIL Cable Rat
2x - Crystalsong Portal1x - Archmage Vargoth
2x - Dreamway Guardians
1x - Keeper Stalladris
2x - Power of the Wild
2x - Wrath
2x - Blessing of the Ancients
2x - Landscaping
2x - Savage Roar
2x - Mark of the Loa
2x - Soul of the Forest
2x - Swipe
2x - Wispering Woods
2x - The Forest's Aid

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Treant Druid Rise of Shadows Card Choices

You will notice a severe lack of Treant cards in this list, but the only card that gives Treants from Rise of Shadows is probably too slow (The Forest's Aid).


Pretty strong token card that will get you some cheap minions to play and receive buffs.

Crystal Power

This one is pretty flexible and can work for removing minions or getting a bit of health if needed. It also works well with Keeper Stalladris!

Crystalsong Portal

We're using quite a few spells in this deck, so it's possible we end up with no minions in hand. There's also a chance in the later game that we don't end up with many cards, so this makes a great top deck. Even if we do have a minion in hand, we can still use it to discover a Druid minion which isn't too bad.

Dreamway Guardians

We're looking to keep minions on the board, and this gives us two in one card! The Lifesteal is an interesting twist to this one, it won't always be useful, but it'll be good against aggressive decks.

Keeper Stalladris

We're likely playing a lot of Choose One cards, so this card makes those a lot more useful to us. This card caused Blizzard to have to make custom artwork for each of the Choose One tokens, and each one now has its own name!

Blessing of the Ancients

We're looking to have wide boards, and wide boards need buffs. This is a solid buff card, and we get to play it twice!

Other Likely Cards for Treant Druid

Here's where we're going to find a lot of our Treant synergy. There's actually quite a few cards that could work in this type of deck, but some are more likely than others.

  • Dendrologist - This is actually a slower card, we're unlikely to have a Treant in play this early in the game. However, it does give us a chance to get a good spell, although Druid's spells are a bit more weak now that the rotation will have hit.
  • Power of the Wild - One of the best token cards around and it's super flexible. It can be a minion when we need it, although we're most likely always looking to get the buff onto our board out of it. It also pairs well with Keeper Stalladris.
  • Witchwood Apple - Not the greatest card, but it's useful for us that are looking for ways to get more Treants.
  • Wrath - Solid removal with the potential to draw a card out of it. Also works with Stalladris.
  • Landscaping - One of the better Treant cards, we get a couple of Treants onto the board right away.
  • Savage Roar - One of our game finishers, Savage Roar will help us push some damage and occasionally make it so we can clear an opponent's board.
  • Soul of the Forest - If we end up with a wide board and there's some likely AOE on the way, this is a great card for protecting our investment.
  • Force of Nature - The original Treant producer, it was changed to be less aggressive, but it's still useful to us who are looking to produce some on board Treants!
  • Treespeaker - This is one of the best Treant cards, and it gives this deck its best chance at being viable.
  • Tending Tauren - Very slow card with bad stats, but it does work well with Keeper Stalladris. This one might not end up in the deck, but we'll have to wait and see.
  • Cenarius - One of the very original choose one cards and Treant producers! It's very high cost, so I am doubting it will see play, but it is an option.
  • Mulchmuncher - This is another possible addition, but unfortunately I don't think we can reduce the cost enough to play it early in the game. Having Rush is a pretty nice plus though, so we'll see if we can fit it in!

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