Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Deck List Guide – Rise of Shadows (RoS)

We're taking a look at how-to best pilot Darkest Hour Warlock for the Wild format in the Rise of Shadows expansion meta!

Our Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Deck List Guide will walk you through how to play this powerful new edition to the Wild meta in the Rise of Shadows expansion! We're taking a look at mulligans, play strategy, and which cards have been chosen to fit into the deck. We'll also take a look at some of the combos that make this deck so good at the moment.

Wild has had troubles in the past with certain decks that are too powerful in the format. While it's a bit too early to say, it is kind of looking like this Darkest Hour Warlock or Big Warlock is going to be one of those decks. It can do a lot of crazy things, but one of the craziest is that it can produce an insane board on turn four that is nearly impossible to come back from. If the opponent has taken any damage by that turn four or five, then it's even possible to get a lethal on the same turn with some of the charge minions that are in the deck.

Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Deck List for Rise of Shadows

Warlock Neutral
1x - Sacrificial Pact 1x - Nerubian Unraveler
2x - Mortal Coil 2x - Charged Devilsaur
2x - Defile 1x - Ragnaros the Firelord
2x - Plot Twist 1x - The Lich King
1x - Demonwrath
2x - Rafaam's Scheme
2x - Bloodbloom
2x - Fiendish Circle
1x - Imp-losion
2x - Voidcaller
2x - Doomguard
1x - Skull of the Man'ari
2x - Darkest Hour
1x - Mal'Ganis
2x - Voidlord

Deck Code

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Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Mulligan Guide

We're mainly looking for our combo pieces, and if we have those we can just about win a game on turn four if we're lucky. The other cards are largely unimportant, but just make sure to pitch back your big minions, we don't want to see those in our hand at all.

Always Keep

  • Bloodbloom - You can do the combo over two turns, but having Bloodbloom in your hand enables you to do it one turn sooner. This is more important in faster matchups, and can make a win a lot easier.
  • Rafaam's Scheme - Best to have this in our opening hand so we can get a a larger board of Imps to trash with our Darkest Hour.
  • Darkest Hour - This is the key card in the deck, we use this to pull all of our charge and big minions out of our deck to score some massive damage and make our opponent cry.

Situational Keeps

  • Fiendish Circle - Can be used in place of Rafaam's Scheme. If you have the other two combo pieces, then it might just be worth keeping this so you can get the combo off safely.

Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Play Strategy

Our main combo is using some kind of spell to get a board full of minions, then use Bloodbloom , and use our health as mana to cast Darkest Hour . We don't always need to hit a full board to do this, if we hit the combo on curve then we'll likely get four minions out of it. These minions will likely be huge, and some of them will have charge and can do a ton of damage. We'll also be pulling out stuff like Ragnaros the Firelord and The Lich King who can deal damage and give us some more resources. This combo can be done as early as turn four if you have The Coin, because we'll cast the Scheme, then Coin, Bloodbloom, into the Darkest Hour.

In the early game we're mostly just looking for the combo pieces. If we don't have those, then we're aggressively drawing cards until we can dig them up. We do have some stuff that can sustain us in the meantime. Defile and Demonwrath can clear boards if we're struggling to find the cards we need. We've also got the strong Demon base to back us up, with Voidcaller and Skull of the Man'ari able to get us some early game firepower.

We have another big way to cycle for the combo with Plot Twist . You'll obviously want to be careful with this, because if you have one of the pieces of the combo, you might not want to be dumping it back into your deck only for you to lack it in your new hand.

If you already have the combo, you might want to avoid using your hero power for more cards. You really don't want to draw any of your big minions before you get the chance to play the cards and pull them out of the deck.

Wild Darkest Hour Warlock Card Choices

  • Sacrificial Pact - Good for popping our Voidcaller if we need it, or using on a Voidlord to spread our board out for a larger Darkest Hour.
  • Mortal Coil - This can help us remove a minion and cycles through the deck. It's also good for setting up a better Defile.
  • Bloodbloom - One of the main combo pieces for an early game Darkest Hour. We don't absolutely need this, but it makes it a whole lot easier and we can do the whole combo in one turn.
  • Defile - Keeps us in the game if our opponent is getting too minion heavy on the board.
  • Plot Twist - A really big cycle that can throw a lot of cards we don't want into our hand back into our deck. This is particularly the case with our high cost minions, but you'll need to be careful with this because you can really strikeout if you get an even worse hand than you had.
  • Demonwrath - Another way to keep the pressure off of us while we look for the combo.
  • Rafaam's Scheme - This card is great in our opening hand, and if we're on The Coin and have the combo pieces we need, we can we can do what we need to do on turn four.
  • Fiendish Circle - An alternative to Rafaam's Scheme for slightly more mana.
  • Imp-losion - This can be another activator for our Darkest Hour in a pinch, and can remove a minion which is a nice all-in-one package.
  • Voidcaller - More of our backup plan when it comes to this deck. We might have to survive into the later stages of the game, and Voidcaller is a great card in a deck with a lot of demons.
  • Doomguard - Great for pulling out of your deck or pulling out from Voidcaller. Just don't use it if you don't have lethal, because we don't want to be discarding our important cards.
  • Skull of the Man'ari - This can help us stabilize if we haven't found the combo pieces we need.
  • Darkest Hour - The card that makes the deck possible! It's pretty insane how powerful this combo can be, as early as it can be played in the game.
  • Nerubian Unraveler - If we pull off the combo at some point, this card can make it difficult for our opponent to cast any AOE or removals to take out our big board.
  • Charged Devilsaur - One of the better cards you can pull out, we will sometimes be able to lethal our opponent immediately after playing Darkest Hour with a couple of these.
  • Ragnaros the Firelord - Ragnaros is a great card, and he's even better if we get him on the board for pretty much free.
  • The Lich King - Protects some of our more value based cards, and gets us some resources if our opponent can survive the next turn.
  • Mal'Ganis - This can help us accomplish lethal earlier with the combo if we get a couple of Doomguards who gets the +2/+2 buff. It's also good for protecting us if we got the combo late and we're low on health.
  • Voidlord - Good protection card, and can be used to spread the board for us if we don't have one of our Imp spells.
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  1. Have you considered adding beltrug? Seems like since you already have plot twist, it would be just one MORE way to pull instant-effect fatties like doomguard and devilsaur on the board for immediate damage! Hell, I can imagine pulling beltrug early off skull or voidcaller, plot twisting into a sweet board and then using darkest hour combo on the copies before they die at end of turn!

    Just seems like a good fit for only costing one card!

    1. You would need to watch this deck in action to realize why Beltrug really doesn’t make the cut. If he’s in your deck when you play darkest hour and makes it to your board, there really isn’t any immediate value to gain with him being there. And trust me when I say completing this combo is the absolute holy grail of this deck. It puts crazy amount of stats on the board and can be done on turn four or five. You want all of those minions to have the most useful effects and synergize well.

      Lets take the scenario in which you described: You put him in your deck and he’s in your hand and Voidcaller or Skull puts him into play. You have a good combo with Plot Twist considering there are Doomguards and Charged Devilsaurs in the deck. The problem is there is no guarantee you keep Darkest Hour in your hand if you are committing to playing Plot Twist. Therefore all the minions generated will die at the end of the turn. Beltrug is hugely overestimated especially for the wild meta. That kind of addition might help you out once in a hundred games while hindering you from better value options.