Zayle, Shadow Cloak Decks – All Five “EVIL” Deck Lists

We're taking a look at all of the decks you'll get a chance to play with Zayle, Shadow Cloak!

Our Zayle Shadow Cloak Decks post features all of the available deck lists you can get when playing this card as your deck! If you've enjoyed Whizbang the Wonderful in the past, then you will likely have a great time with this new card.

Zayle, Shadow Cloak is very similar to Whizbang the Wonderful. You place it as a single card in your deck, and that's all you need! You can then take it to the ladder or whatever play mode you wish. When you start a game, you will be given a random deck. Whizbang would give you 1 of 18 different options, Zayle only has five "EVIL" decks to choose from. These decks were specifically crafted for this card, and are for the Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior classes.

How Do I Get Zayle, Shadow Cloak?

There are two ways to receive the card: crafting or purchasing all of the wings in The Dalaran Heist. The card is a Legendary, so it will set you back 1,600 arcane dust to craft (it will be available once The Dalaran Heist releases). The other option will either set you back $19.99 USD or 2,800 Gold. This will unlock all of the chapters, and give you quite a bit of single-player content to access. The other benefit to the Dalarn Heist method is that you will get a Golden copy. That means all five of the decks you play will be Golden cards!

Will These Decks Be Updated?

Yes, they will be updated to be Standard legal until Zayle, Shadow Cloak is rotated out of Standard.

Zayle, Shadow Cloak Decks

Here are the five decks you can play if you have Zayle, Shadow Cloak. One will be randomly assigned to you each time you start a game with the deck selected.

Silence Priest

1x - 2x - Ancient Watcher
2x - Circle of Healing2x - Dalaran Librarian
2x - Forbidden Words2x - Wild Pyromancer
2x - Silence2x - Arcane Watcher
1x - Topsy Turvy2x - Injured Blademaster
1x - Inner Fire
2x - Northshire Cleric
2x - Power Word: Shield
2x - Divine Spirit
1x - Auchenai Soulpriest
2x - Hench-Clan Shadequill
2x - Unsleeping Soul

Deck Code


Tempo Rogue

2x - Backstab1x - Bloodmage Thalnos
2x - Preparation2x - EVIL Cable Rat
2x - Shadowstep2x - Hench-Clan Thug
2x - Eviscerate1x - Zilliax
1x - Sap1x - Chef Nomi
2x - EVIL Miscreant
1x - Edwin VanCleef
2x - Fan of Knives
2x - SI:7 Agent
2x - Hench-Clan Burglar
1x - Spirit of the Shark
2x - Walk the Plank
1x - Myra's Unstable Element
1x - Heistbaron Togwaggle

Deck Code


Control Shaman

2x - Mutate2x - EVIL Cable Rat
2x - Sludge Slurper2x - Mind Control Tech
1x - Witch's Brew2x - Hecklebot
1x - Electra Stormsurge1x - Zilliax
1x - Far Sight1x - Unseen Saboteur
2x - Lightning Storm1x - Archivist Elysiana
2x - Mana Tide Totem
2x - Hex
2x - Hagatha's Scheme
1x - Krag'wa, the Frog
1x - Swampqueen Hagatha
1x - Hagatha the Witch
2x - Walking Fountain
1x - Shudderwock

Deck Code


Plot Twist Warlock

2x - Mortal Coil1x - Earthen Ring Farseer
1x - Shriek2x - Proud Defender
1x - The Soularium1x - Dollmaster Dorian
2x - Plot Twist2x - Rotten Applebaum
2x - Shadow Bolt1x - Zilliax
2x - Hellfire2x - Mechanical Whelp
2x - Aranasi Broodmother2x - Batterhead
1x - Dr. Morrigan
2x - Siphon Soul
1x - Arch-Villain Rafaam
1x - Lord Godfrey
1x - Fel Lord Betrug
1x - Twisting Nether

Deck Code


Bomb Rush Warrior

2x - Eternium Rover2x - Augmented Elekk
1x - Spirit of the Rhino2x - Seaforium Bomber
2x - Town Crier1x - Zilliax
2x - Woodcutter's Axe1x - Safeguard
2x - Clockwork Goblin1x - Countess Ashmore
1x - Rabid Worgen2x - Batterhead
2x - Militia Commander
2x - Wrenchcalibur
1x - Darius Crowley
2x - Dyn-o-matic
1x - Supercollider
1x - Blastmaster Boom
1x - Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
1x - Akali, the Rhino

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