Caelus and Stelle (Harmony) bowing in front of a HUGE Break DMG against Argenti in Honkai Star Rail
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What is Super Break in Honkai Star Rail? Super Break explained

Keep up with the meta—no Firefly necessary.

With Super Break peaking its way into Honkai: Star Rail’s meta, I’m sure you’re all wondering if characters related to it are worth investing in and who. Here’s everything you need to know about Super Break in HSR.

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Honkai: Star Rail Super Break guide

Stella and Caelus in Honkai Star Rail
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Super Break is a new mechanic introduced by Harmony Trailblazer (Penacony form) in Honkai: Star Rail. It allows your units to hit the enemies with a “Break” attacks after their toughness bar has been depleted. Super Break lasts until the toughness bar gets replenished.

How to calculate Super Break in Honkai Star Rail

The damage your units do during Super Break—or even during a normal toughness bar Break—is NOT dependent on ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG. It is instead affected by the following factors:

  • Level
  • Break Effect %
  • Element
  • Toughness reduction bonuses (units such as Xueyi and Acheron will have this listed in their skills or ultimates)

The first two are self-explanatory—the higher your level and Break Effect % are, the more Super Break damage you’ll deal. The Element factor is less known.

How Elements affect Super Break

Let’s start with the question: did you know that, depending on your unit’s Element, their inherent Break Damage can be more or less in HSR?

The Break multiplier per Element is listed below:

  • Physical, Fire: Break DMG x2
  • Wind: Break DMG x1.5
  • Ice, Lightning: No bonus
  • Quantum, Imaginary: Break DMG is halved

This means that the best units to partner with Harmony Trailblazer are Physical and Fire units like Luka, Himeko, and Firefly. This is also the reason why no matter how much Break Effect % you stack on Stelle/Caelus, the damage never seems to blow up.

Most people stack Break Effect % on them because it can boost the rest of the team’s Break Effect %. They’re a Harmony unit, after all.

If you check their Ultimate, you’ll also notice that they can cast a Super Break multiplier depending on the number of enemies on the field.

In short, if Super Break is meant to be your main way of dealing damage, then you must stick to one of three Elements as your offensive units: Physical, Fire, and Wind. Though, I’d stick with the first two, as the DoT DMG Wind Shears inflict are better off in DoT teams like Kafka’s.

Best Honkai Star Rail characters for Super Break teams

Now, let’s talk about team setups. The best way to determine the best units are to, again, check their Element and kit (skill/talent/ultimate). Here are some great units to start building your Super Break teams with, no Stellar Jades necessary!


Shunned for her less-than-stellar damage output, Himeko has been benched in a lot of teams.Fortunately, she found her niche in Super Break. Her talent charges with Breaks, after all!

Build your Himeko with Break DMG% rope and ATK % feet. She doesn’t need Speed due to the nature of her Talent.

Then, make sure her Crit Rate is at least 35%. Himeko has a trace that adds Crit Rate +15% if her HP is above 80%. This will ensure that her attacks hit critical half of the time, which should be enough. After all, this is not going to be your main way of dealing damage.

Himeko stat menu in Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The only exception is when you have Fu Xuan, who adds a passive Crit Rate +12.5% to your entire team. In that case, you can have it a little lower for more Crit DMG.


Luka is absolutely phenomenal when built for Break and purely Break. His Ult ensures his enemies receive more DMG (whatever source it is from). Proc that, use a charged Basic attack to Break the enemy’s toughness bar, and you’ll be really shocked at how much HP% they’ll have left after.

While Harmony Trailblazer isn’t in this team, here’s a sample MoC run I did when the passive provided was Break Effect %:

What more if they Super Break with Stelle/Caelus? Just remember to keep his Effect Hit Rate above 67% so his Ultimate debuff will always land.

Honkai Star Rail Luka stats (my build)
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The only catch is that Luka is only good against bosses or teams with two or fewer enemies.


As a Hunt character, Sushang is also a unit good against bosses or teams with two or fewer enemies. But that’s okay; she’s great anyway… at E4 that is.

At Eidolon 4, Sushang gets a passive +40% on Break Effect. Needless to say, it’s already a good foundation to build her for a Super Break team. Toss in a Break Effect% rope for an extra “haha.”

Sushang's Eidolon menu in Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Your Sushang can have a Break Effect% body too, but I like some Crit Rate/DMG on mine.

Sushang’s entire kit is based around the fact that she gets advanced forward all the time like mini Seele. Her entire kits (plus Eidolons) keep her SPD boosted the entire fight and her Ultimate immediately gives her a turn after it is used.

When using her Skill on a Weakness Broken enemy, Sushang (E1) doesn’t use up a Skill Point. When she’s concentrated on just one Weakness Broken enemy with Super Break active in the background, bosses go down really quickly.


Asta leading the group in Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Last on my list is Asta, the lady with the multi-hit hit Fire skill (like Welt and Sampo). Say you have one enemy on the field and Asta uses her skill, all five hits will hit a single enemy. This Breaks bosses like Cocolia really quickly.

Harmony Trailblazer can only inflict one instance (per enemy, per attack) of Super Break DMG. But if we ever get a unit that bypasses that, then those five attacks could absolutely spell doom for Weakness Broken enemies.

Aside from that, Asta has a passive ATK buff of up to +77% (if you’re running other units with Crit DMG or, for some reason, DoT). As you know, her Ultimate know SPDs everyone up, which could be good for Stelle/Caelus to get more turns to regenerate their energy.

For more help with Honkai: Star Rail, check out Honkai Star Rail Effect Hit Rate, Explained – How it works & what it does here at Pro Game Guides.

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What is Super Break in Honkai Star Rail? Super Break explained

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