Merry Magoland brings mini-game madness to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

Kirby has always been about fun, food, and good times, but Kirby’s Return to Dreamland cranks this up a notch, thanks to Merry Magoland. This theme park offers various mini-games you can enjoy alone or with friends and provides a delightful break from Kirby’s platforming adventure. The official Nintendo of America YouTube uploaded a new […]

All Kirby Games, in order

Kirby has been the namesake of many games in the past, so many so that it can become overwhelming to try to remember them all. For this reason, the Kirby games have been categorized below in three groups: mainline Kirby games, spin-off Kirby games, and appearances in other franchises. All Kirby Games List All Mainline […]