Little kitty being curious in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Little Kitty, Big City Walkthrough, Part 2 (All achievements)

Curiosity killed the what now?

By now, you'll have more than enough Shinies for your Crow friend. Time to go back to them and make a deal for that fish he promised you.

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For information about earlier events in the game, refer to the first part of my Little Kitty, Big City Walkthrough. Head over to Little Kitty, Big City Walkthrough, Part 3 to run through the last part of the game and finish off some important cat-chievements after you're done with here with Part 2.

Little Kitty, Big City walkthrough part 2 - Learning to climb

Hand over 25 Shinies, and you should still have a fair amount left. I had 56 in total when I gave my Shinies to Crow.

After eating your well-earned fish, you can now climb ivy! You also got the Snack Time cat-chievement.

Crow describing Shinies in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Crow directs you to the ivy-covered wall behind them. That's where your adventure continues. I consider this part 2 of the game because you've done the first major quest and with all of the side-quests/cat-chievements, it's been a few hours by now. You could just get the 25 Shinies and go, but that's not how we're doing this today.

Remember that rubber duck from near the start of the game? Pick it back up; you're taking it with you.

Climb the ivy-covered wall with the rubber duck in your mouth and walk straight until you see a brown duck slightly to the right.

Little kitty meets Duck in Little Kitty, Big City.
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And your third major quest appears: Reunite the family. Along with your task to find the ducklings, you get a nifty map that notes the locations of fish in the city. Excellent.

As you walk past the duck toward the next inactive portal plate, Tanuki pops back up. Be sure to drop the rubber duck here before you go through this new portal because this is almost exactly where it needs to be.

Meeting big potato

Shiba Inu and little kitty in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Curious, you go through the portal again and end up chatting with a Shiba Inu — the same one who scared you at the start of the game!

This little potato has lost his balls. I wish that was my joke, but it's written into the game and I thought I was done being surprised by the amount of memes and pop-culture in Little Kitty, Big City. Anyway, his tennis balls are gone and the doggo invites you into his garden to help him look for them.

Here are the locations of the balls:

  1. In the bucket to the left of the dog.
  2. In the bird's nest in the tree (climb the ivy, jump onto the nest to break it).
  3. On the balcony (jump up, whack it off the balcony with your paw).
Shiba Inu thanks little kitty in Little Kitty, Big City.
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You'll get a Shiba hat as a thank you! You've worked really hard, why not take a nap inside the dog house for another Cat Napper point?

Fast travel your way back to the duck using the Shiba Inu portal outside your new friend's garden. It will cost one feather each time you use a portal.

Pick your duck back up and drop it in the pond to start Rub-A-Dub-Dub. There's a second duck you can drop in, too! You're halfway there; you need to drop four ducks in the pond for that cat-chievement.

The hidden gacha

Turtle hat in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Go around the back of the shrine by the pond and jump the wall. There's a hole in the wall opposite, which will lead you to another gacha ball.

This is the Turtle hat, which we couldn't access from the other side (hole in the wall opposite the fruit and vegetable stall).

Unblock the crawlspace, smash the plant pots, and grab the Shiny by jumping up the bike and onto the air conditioning unit. Once you're done, jump back down and take the other wall hole. this will lead you to another shortcut that was blocked off — unblock this one, too. This latter crawlspace takes you back to the white car, so now you have a quick way around this new area.

Head back to the duck and take the middle path this time, not the one on the right or far left.

The park

Robot slide in Little Kitty, Big City.
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There's another trash can to dive into, Shinies on the truck, and Shinies on the roof above the truck. Get jumping.

Head into the park on your right, collect the shinies, and recycle the cans in the recycling bin by the row of vending machines. You'll see a statue of a robot — there's a crawlspace behind it on the right with a Cactus hat.

Go up the stairs of the slide to find the Chameleon again. He'll give you another riddle and vanish. There's a Shiny on the very top of the slide that you can jump up to.

From your vantage point, you'll see Crow again. He's selling hats for 5 Shinies each.

Crow on a gacha machine in Little Kitty, Big City.
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I had 61 Shines at this point and got these hats:

  1. Tangelo hat
  2. Pear hat
  3. Grapes hat
  4. Watermelon hat

The machine then ran out.

There's a trash can to the left with a Rubix cube inside. Head over to the six vending machines next to the park to activate another portal and find the Chameleon on top of the machines (access via crates on the left).

Another rhyme and two more Shinies.

Broken Shinies jar in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Keep the vending machines on your right and follow the street down for another Shiny and another trash can to dive in. Run across the road for a second trash can and then jump up onto the red truck to find a jar of Shinies!

More hats and Shinies

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Head towards the crossing. Pick up the two Shinies behind the locked gate and then hit up the purple gacha machine for more hats from Crow.

These hats cost 10 Shinies:

  1. Hedgehog hat
  2. Seal hat
  3. Frog hat
  4. Mouse hat

When you're done, go into the shop just ahead on your right.

Playing chess in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Knock all the chess pieces off the board for the Checkmate cat-chievement and destroy the model city at the back of the story for the Big Kitty, Little City cat-chievement.

Little kitty and Chameleon in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Climb up the boxes on the right (yes, the ones with the dinosaurs in) to get to Chameleon at the top of the store and another jar of Shinies. You can also nap in a dinosaur's head. Because that's normal.

It's time to talk to the cat who's been massaging their human this entire time, watching you destroy the store.

Your newest task is to catch a yellow bird called Ramune, who is the black cat's friend. Ramune pretty much stays in one spot, so just stay crouched nearby until you get a chance to pounce.

Little kitty and Ramune in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Once you catch them, head back inside to the black cat, who will teach you the Making Muffins emote.

Contine walking down the street for another Shiny and another box for If I Fits, I Sits. Keep going until you reach the end of the path and find three more Shinies.

Your first duckling

Butterfly hat in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Turn to the left, there's another trash can ahead and another portal to activate.

There's a small, enclosed construction area with a crawlspace. Go through and collect another gacha ball hat: the Butterfly hat. In the ditch here, you'll find the second bone for our loud, barking friends. Put that in the empty dog bowl.

Little kitty climbs crates above a dog in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Jump up the crates behind the dog. There's a bird's nest on the air conditioning unit and another hat in the bathroom you can break into from the ledge. This one is the Onigiri hat.

Travel through the vents above the toilet and collect Shinies along the way. Jump down into the supermarket when you reach the end of the vent and get the jar of Shinies.

Move the fan out of the way to eat the red fish directly below you.

You'll find a duckling by the door. They don't want to leave, but you can use your trusty fan to get them out of their mop-water pond.

Little kitty and a duckling in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Quack Troops has been activated, you have three more ducklings to find. Before you leave, sit on the photocopier for another nap, go jump in the white box across from where the red fish was, and grab the third rubber duck from above the counter.

Take the rubber duck to the pond now because it's annoying to keep putting down. Then come back to the supermarket, there's another hat gacha machine right outside of it. These ones are also 10 Shinies:

  1. Axolotl hat
  2. Rabbit hat
  3. Panda hat
  4. Shark hat
Shark hat in Little Kitty, Big City.
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Follow the path around to the right. There's a small arcade with another duckling inside. You need to make the game stop before he’ll come with you.

Jump on the boxes across the room, and up onto the grabber machine. Walk across the pipes and drop down to pull the red lever. This causes water to spill from the pipes onto the plugs.

The duckling will now come with you. Leave the arcade, there's a gap in the construction fence in front of you. Another hat is your reward for babysitting: the Satsuma hat.

Go back through the hole and leave the alley. You can't take 2/4 ducks back, so we're going to keep searching.

Remember those vents we climbed earlier after getting a hat? Yeah, we're doing that again. Use the back entrance through the fruit market store and get climbing.

The third duckling is flying above a vent.

Little kitty and the flying duckling in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Talk to them, then drag the blue box over so it’s covering the vent.

Third duckling retrieved. One more to go!

Little kitty and the ducklings in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Go down the street towards where the blue and white cars are parked. There's a vending machine on the side of the road that the fruit stalls are on, and a short alleyway with ivy that you can climb.

Climb up the first ledge and go through the window. The duckling is stuck in a dryer and is pretty chill about that. Talk to the ginger cat in the corner after you're finished speaking to them.

Run at the red button after jumping up onto the machines opposite the duckling. The duckling is freed and you complete Quack Troops. Now, let's take a quick nap on the fresh laundry and then return the ducklings. Reward: a Duck hat.

Finishing off part 2

Little kitty in an alleyway in Little Kitty, Big City.
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There's no big quest stuff left for a while, but lots of little things need to be completed before we can move on. To the right of the shrine and pond, there's ivy in the alleyway. Climb it and get the Shiny we couldn't get earlier.

Jump down and crawl through the hole on the left. Climb the vines to reach another Shiny, then walk across the pipe to get the blue soccer ball down. Get the ball into the goal and move on. We did everything else here earlier.

There's a dog bone in the park, give it to the dog at the top of the park. The last trash can you need to jump in for Dumpster Diving is behind him.

Now, find a human with a bagel and take it from them. Go back to the big pipe where the blue soccer ball was and keep going. Climb up the vines to the roof and drop the bagel in the bowl.

New emote in in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Go wake up the cat in the satellite dish, ring the bell by the bowl, and get a new emote: Immediate Nap. Now it's your turn to nap in the satellite dish! Completed: Hello Everyone!

Across from the trash can, there's a small area with another Shiny, and an archway that leads to a Mushroom hat. In the garden with the gacha ball, there's a nap spot as seen here:

Little kitty naps in a shrine in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Cat Napper completed.

Leave the shrine garden area and jump up the vending machines and vines opposite. From the balcony, climb up the next set of boxes to the roof. Pick up the Shiny, walk across the planks, and climb up the vines to reach the next roof.

The lady with the hose won't let you past, so destroy her plant pots and use the vines on the right to find the Chameleon again before you turn off the hose and run into her house. Steal and eat fish and take her Shiny and RUN FOR IT.

Little kitty paints a car in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Remember that shiny red car in the park? Climb the vines next to eat, break the bird's nest, and knock the paint cans down onto the car for the No Parking cat-chievement.

Go towards the red lanterns you can see in the above image, there's a gacha machine just to the left before the alleyway. Hats from this machine are:

  1. Cowboy hat
  2. Space helmet
  3. Traffic Cone hat
  4. Witch hat

Now, continue running straight through the alleyway, towards the red van with the boxes on the back. Jump up, run along the ledge and up onto the blue sheet. Keep walking to the end and jump onto the red sheet metal roof from where you are. You can make it, and then you can climb up the piping to find the Chameleon again. Go up even further and the yellow soccer ball will finally be yours!

Now jump into the fenced area for the final If I Fits, I Sits box.

Head back to the park, towards where the third dog and the shrine garden was. Go down the steps and you'll meet a fisherman. A new goal wants you to steal his fish.

Before you do that, clean up the cans, activate the portal, and buy more gacha! Here are this location's hats:

  1. Salmon Nigiri hat
  2. Taiyaki hat
  3. Daikon hat
  4. Ginko hat
Little kitty and the fisherman in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Now that you have four more hats, head over to the left side of the fisherman and wait until he catches a fish and puts it on the ground. The second he does, steal it and run! You'll get the Fin-tastic cat-chievement.

Go up the far set of stairs on the left and find the Chameleon on a purple sign. Talk to him to reveal his next clue. Once he's done blabbering at you again, go to the end of the path on the left where there's a green fence with a gacha ball behind it.

Little kitty finds a hidden entrance in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

You need to be on the lower path, not the one up the stairs. There's a small gap in the fence by the shrubbery. Congratulations! You get a Fish hat and a Shiny!

Go back to the upper part of the path (up the stairs), there's a flowerpot blocking a crawlspace across from where the Chameleon was. Move it, crawl through, crawl through the second hole on your right, and you'll be in the traditional Japanese-style garden with the first sunspot we used.

Little kitty climbing vines in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Climb up the vine to the roof, jump across to the other roof space, and you get a Bao hat! And a Shiny!

Now let's deal with that pesky Chameleon. Go to the supermarket, he's in the bathroom next door — the one that you need to jump up the crates to next to. After ALL of this effort, you'll get a lovely Top hat.

One last thing before we move on. Remember the wall where Crow first gave us the ability to climb ivy? Go there and hop the wall again.

Little kitty doesn't want to climb more vines in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Same, kitty, same.

Climb up the vines here, drop onto the air-conditioning unit, jump up the second one, and then walk across the planks. Climb up the next set of vines until you reach a rooftop with a fence. There’s a crawlspace in the fence for you to go through. Grab your Shiny.

I know it's tempting to talk to the Crow inside the house, but don't. Not yet.

Instead, crawl back through the fence, and precision jump down onto the other set of planks. Backtrack on yourself, jump up to the billboard, across to the vent on the other side, and make your way up the air conditioning units to the roof.

Little kitty discovers golf in Little Kitty, Big City.
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If you're in the right place, there's a mini rooftop golf feature and a green screen. Locate another nest in the back left corner, grab the Shines by hopping down to the lower section of the roof, and then go down the stairs next to the part of the roof you jumped up to.

It's Beetle! Hi!

The green screen now has a reason. Beetle wants you to pose in a hat for them so they can take a photo. Taffy is being a princess and won't pose for their own social media channels, lol. Follow the balcony around to the left to find ducking number four and then head back to the green screen area and talk to beetle.

Beetle is ranting to Taffy in Little Kitty, Big City.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

When you're done, listen to Beetle go OFF on Taffy!

Go back to where you found the rubber ducky, jump onto the wall, and walk around the wall to the left to find another gacha ball and collect the Sunflower hat.

Run around further and you'll find another shiny.

Go drop the last rubber ducky in the pond, and make your way back to the ivy vine wall that you climbed to get up here in the first place.

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Little Kitty, Big City Walkthrough, Part 2 (All achievements)

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