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Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough, part 2

Killing Cassandra.

The Lost Lands puzzle games see Our hero Susan traveling through portals into other worlds, solving mysteries as she goes. I know the puzzles can be tricky, so I’ve put together this walkthrough to guide you if you need a hint or two.

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In Lost Lands 6, Mistakes of the Past you’ll be faced with a series of static point-and-click scenes where you’ll be tasked with discovering hidden objects, using and combining them to uncover clues, and then solving puzzles to progress the story. 

Lost Lands 6 Mistakes of the Past - Walkthrough Part 2

In part one of my guide I covered up to the point where Susan finds Maaron’s Diary in his secret workshop, giving her what she needs to return and try to talk to the witch. It continues until you leave the sewers. If you need earlier or later parts of the story, head to my Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough hub page.  

Now that you have Maaron’s diary, return to the witch’s swamp via the map (bottom right, by the Hint button), click the door to the hut for a close-up, and then click the door knocker. After she tries to get rid of you again, pass the diary through the slot in the door and she’ll allow you entry. Click the open door to go in.

Witch’s Hut

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Click anywhere on the screen to start your conversation with the witch, who says she will help you kill Cassandra. She’ll give you the Destructive Potion Recipe. While you’re here you may as well pilfer some stuff so take the Morphing Object (a1) under the bench, the Collectible Item (a2) by the vases, and the Gauze covering the shelves (a3). Click the cauldron (a4) and place the gauze over it.

After taking the gauze, keep clicking the jars in the close-up of the shelves until you reveal (and then take) the Red Mantis. Also, click the table (a5) for a close-up and take a Manuscript. Underneath you’ll find the Fire Keeper. Be sure to use the fire keeper on the candle here when you pick it up to activate it. Take the Closed Bucket (a6) and head back outside.

The witch’s swamp

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Click the torch (b1) for a close-up, then light it by using the fire keeper. This attracts some moths. Select the catching net in your inventory and drag it around the screen, catching the moths. Once you’ve captured them all, you’ll get the Swamp Moths. To keep your inventory lean, you can add both the moths and the mantis to your recipe by opening it in your inventory and dragging the items onto it. 

Get a close-up of the pool (b2) and try to use the closed bucket. The handle will break off, so use the broken sword to remove the lid, take the Hedge Cutter from inside, and get the Bucket. Now you can use the bucket in the pool to get Fresh Water

Get the potion ingredients

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Use your map to return to the old cemetery. Select the overgrown door at the back (c1) and use the hedge cutter to get a Thorn Branch With Berries, which you can also add to your recipe via your inventory. 

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Back in the witch’s hut, use the fresh water in the cauldron (a4) and then take the Wet Gauze. You can now move to the new cemetery, get a close-up of the flowers (d1), and use the wet gauze to get a Fiery Flower. Add this final ingredient to your potion recipe in your inventory to transform it into Potion Ingredients

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Return to the witch’s hut, get a close-up of the cauldron (a4), and use the fire keeper to light the fire. Add the potion ingredients to the cauldron, and the p[otion will begin to boil. While it is cooking, the witch gives you a Stone Disc and asks you to go and get the Sword of Justice. 

Go to the witch’s swamp and click the mound at the back by the dead trees (b3). Add the stone disc to the device here and then rotate the stone discs to recreate the pattern required. There’s no way I can show how to do this. You just need to manipulate the picture until it lines up by using the sides to allow the other pieces to move into place. On the plus side, you can’t fail. Once done, the portal will open. Click it for a cut scene.

The Ruins of Elogan

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After collecting the Morphing Object (e1) and Collectible Item (e2), get a close-up of the dead soldier (e3) and take the Manuscript and Spear. While in the same close-up, use your broken sword to cut the rope.  

Now click the rope (e4) to shake the tree and when the branch breaks, take the Anvil Stamp from the bird’s nest and in the same close-up use the broken sword once more to get some Rope. Now use the spear on the statue's head (e5) to move it. The spear will break, giving you a Long Stick. Pick up the Shield to reveal a puzzle box, and add the clue from your inventory to start it. 

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All you need to do is move the symbols so that the internal ones match those in the drawing (see the solution above). Once done, take the Piece of Sword from the box. 

Click the door to the ruins (e6) and click the fingers holding the magnet, then take the third Magnet. Add all three magnets to the door mechanism to start a ball-rolling puzzle. The simplest way to complete it is to click the right magnet once, and then the top magnet once. The door opens, allowing you to enter the ruins.

Master Blacksmith’s underground

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The Collection Item is by the broken pillar (f1) and the Morphing Object is by the right staircase (f2). Select the skeleton on the right (f3) and take the Hatchet, then head back outside. Use it on the branches in the birdnest close-up and collect some Pine Twigs. In your inventory, add the twigs and then the rope to the long stick to make a Broom

Back in the ruins, select the skeleton (f3) once more and use the broom on the wall behind it. Take the Hammer Stamp. Now select the door on the left (f4) for a close-up, add the two stamps from your inventory, and begin an object-finding puzzle

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This is straightforward unless you find the sliding puzzle tricky. Think of it as four sets of four tiles in each corner, and you need to move them clockwise to make a diamond in the middle (see completed image above). Once one is done, move a full square from the next one so you can rotate the three remaining pieces and move the angled one into the middle. Once complete you’ll be able to take the Hammers of the Blacksmiths.

Select the arms of the statue (f5) and add the hammers. Now select the anvil (f6), add the two broken pieces of the sword (handle last), and use the fire keeper to harden the blade. Take the Sword of Justice and return to the witch’s hut for a cut scene. Take the Coin, then select the cauldron (a4) and use the sword in it to get the Poisoned Sword

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Head to the new cemetery and select the door to the crypt (d2). Add the coin to the door to begin a handle-pressing puzzle. Follow the image above to know the order in which to click the handles (once each). Once done, the door will open. Click the door for a close-up, use the sword on Cassandra, and then watch the cut scene.

The endless cemetery

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Well, that could’ve gone better! You’ll find the Collectible Item to the left of the wagon (g1) and the Morphing Object on the crypt wall (g2). Click the crypt (g3) and take the Sword of Justice back from Cassandra’s corpse. Select the open grave (g4) and take the Coffin Lid, then use the coffin lid next to the wagon (g5) to gain access to it. Use the sword to cut open the side of the wagon to reveal a chest but you can’t open it yet. 

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Select the castle (g6) to move to the next area, the Road to the City. Take the Collection Item from the post (h1) and the Morphing Object from the castle wall (h2). Now select the signpost (h3) and take the Lever, then click the background once more (h4) to move to the Gate of Maarongard.

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Here you’ll find the Collectible Item on the castle wall (i1) and the Morphing Object on the path (i2). Select the noticeboard (i3), remove your wanted poster, and then click the markings behind it to add them to your notes. Talk to the beggar (i4) to find out he wants alms to tell you where a secret passage into the castle is. Now select the guards (i5) for a close-up and take the Guard’s Bunch of Keys

Entering Maaronguard

Go back to the road to the city, use the keys to unlock the iron maiden’s chain (h5), then again to unlock the iron maiden (h6), and take the Precious Ring from the corpse inside. Return to the beggar (i4), give him the ring, and he’ll reveal a trapdoor he was sitting on. Use the sword to cut the rope holding the trapdoor, then click the open trapdoor to the Sewer.  

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The Collectible Item here is in one of the roof arches (k1), while the Morphing Object is below it by the door (k2). Now get a close-up of the wooden box (k3), and click both top panels to open them up. Add your lever to the mechanism (see below), drag the pieces from its right into the correct places (you can’t go wrong), and then pull the lever. 

Select the device in the now clear sewer (k4) and click the symbols in the correct order. This information is in your diary (bottom left) but if the top symbol is one, click: 4-5-2-1-3. Take the Stand for the Oil Lamp. Now place the stand on the bridge here (k5), put the shield on top of it, and then click the space under the shelter you’ve created for a brief cutscene. Be warned that the next part is timed, so you may want to pause the game. 

80 seconds to escape

You will now need to move through four scenes in 80 seconds to escape the guards. If you fail you can simply try again. 

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Grab the Ladder (l1), put it against the wall (l2), and grab the Sledgehammer (l3). Click the hammer in your inventory, use it on the wall (l4), and then click the hole you’ve made to move to the next area. 

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Drag the Handle (m1) onto the door mechanism (m2), use the handle, then go through the door on the right.

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Drag the Three Beams (n1) and place them in the holes under the door (n2). Select the door above (n3) to open it and take the Sword. Select the sword in your inventory and use it on the other door (n4), taking the Pole from behind it. Use the pole to move the rubble (n5) and then go through the trap door. 

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Click the top, middle, then bottom boxes (o1), then take the Crowbar that’s stuck in the door behind. Use the crowbar to tear down the boards (o2) and escape. Well, at least that’s the plan…

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Lost Lands 6 Walkthrough, part 2

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