A naturally spawning Bogged mob in a Minecraft swamp
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How to beat the Breeze and Bogged mobs in Minecraft Tricky Trials

Meet the trickiest new mobs.

Two new dangerous mobs have arrived in Minecraft in the Tricky Trials update. In this guide, I'll explain what the Breeze and Bogged Minecraft mobs are and provide tips for defeating each of them.

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How to beat the Breeze mob in Minecraft

Since the Breeze is immune to projectiles, you'll have to fight it up close and personal. Like with most mobs, a shield is a good idea. It won't prevent you from taking knockback, but it'll prevent you from taking too much damage from the Wind Charges.

Using a shield to absorb most of a Breeze's damage in Minecraft
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Knowing that you can run and jump over a Breeze's fired Wind Charges is even more important than a shield. I find it easiest to wait for the Breeze to attack, then run and jump over the charge. Keep barreling straight for the Breeze and attack it as quickly as possible.

Jumping over a Breeze's wind charge attack in Minecraft
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The Breeze will likely jump away before you finish it off. Continue charging forward, dodging its Wind Charges, and attacking it directly to finish it off.

What is the Breeze in Minecraft?

The Breeze is essentially a wind-based version of the Blaze mob. It will only spawn from Breeze Trial Spawners found in any Trial Chambers structure.

A Breeze Trial Spawner in a Minecraft Trial Chambers
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While the Blaze sets foes alight, the Breeze has a knockback effect. It attacks players from a distance by throwing Wind Charges at them. If the Wind Charges hit, they deal damage while creating a gust of wind that knocks players away. Additionally, attacks that hit blocks will create a similar gust of wind in the area next to the block.

The gust effect appearing after Breeze's attack
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Breezes can launch themselves up to 15 blocks in the air. They do this by compressing themselves like a spring, then bouncing into the air. They often do this to get around you, making them a harder mob to focus on.

A Breeze mob jumping in Minecraft
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What makes them even more difficult is that they are immune to both fall damage and projectiles. With these strengths in mind, I'll give you a few tips for defeating them.

How to beat the Bogged mob in Minecraft

Since the Bogged is a ranged mob, you'll need to use a shield to block their shots. I also recommend carrying a bucket of milk in case you get poisoned.

Using a shield and a bucket of milk against a Bogged mob
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If you have a bow or crossbow, I recommend starting by attacking from afar. If you catch them off-guard, you can do decent damage before they strike back. As a bonus, attacking Bogged in this way makes it more likely for those in groups to shoot their comrades accidentally. Like skeletons, they can be turned against each other if their arrows hit another Bogged.

  • Attacking a Bogged mob with a bow and arrows
  • Two Bogged mobs attaching each other in Minecraft

After taking down a few, strike the rest with a sword enchanted with Smite. Weapons with the Smite enchantment will deal extra damage to Bogged since they are considered Undead Mobs.

Hitting a Bogged with a Netherite Sword enchanted with Smite IV
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In case you get overwhelmed, bring a Splash Potion of Healing with you. It will harm the Bogged while healing you. The most difficult part is positioning yourself next to them to maximize the damage/healing effects.

Damaging Bogged mobs with a Splash Potion of Healing in Minecraft
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What is the Bogged in Minecraft?

The Bogged is a new variant of Skeleton only found in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps, typically spawning in groups of 1 to 4. They may also be found in Trial Chambers with ranged enemy Trial Spawners. They attack slower than regular Skeletons but shoot Poison-Tipped Arrows instead of regular ones. Like all Undead Mobs, they are damaged by sunlight.

  • A naturally spawning Bogged mob in a Minecraft swamp
  • A Bogged Trial Spawner in a Trial Chambers

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How to beat the Breeze and Bogged mobs in Minecraft Tricky Trials

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