Plague Inc. Fungus Normal Guide – Tips on How-to Beat Fungus!

We're taking a detailed look on how-to beat the fungus plague in Plague Inc.

Our Plague Inc. Fungus Guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to complete the game with fungus on normal difficulty. This one is a bit more difficult than the others, and a lot of people seem to have trouble with it. This guide will walk you through exactly all the steps you need to take to spread your fungus across the globe!

How-to Beat Fungus in Plague Inc.

Step 0: Devolve Any Symptoms You Gain

Sometimes you will gain Symptoms as you play the game, you will want to devolve these so they don't make the fungus as obvious to find. We're not looking to kill people right away, the idea is to infect everyone first, and then ramp up the symptoms.

Step 1: Start Your Fungus in India

To start us off, we're going to need to place our future deadly fungus into India!

Step 2: Gather 23 DNA Points

You will need to have exactly 21 DNA to head into the next step to give our fungus some ability to spread better, and a bit of resistance.

Step 3: Upgrade Transmissions: Air 1 & Water 1, Upgrade Ability: Cold Resistance 1

We need our fungus to start spreading more reliably, so upgrading both the air and water transmission will help this along. To make sure our fungus doesn't just die out in the cold, some DNA into Cold Resistance 1 will give it a chance.

Step 4: Gather 12 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Heat Resistance 1

Next, we'll need to save up 12 DNA to get our next upgrade. Once you've gathered that up, head to Abilities and upgrade your Heat Resistance 1!

Step 5: Gather 25 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Spore Burst 1 - 5

Now we're going to need to start spreading the fungus more and into other countries. You can do this by using the Spore Burst ability. Save up 25 DNA, and then upgrade 1 through 5 of your Spore Burst. This will get you out of just India and into a bunch of other countries.

Step 6: Gather 18 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Drug Resistance 1

Once you've gathered up 18 more DNA Points, we will want to use those towards upgrading our Drug Resistance ability. This will make it so it is hard for those pesky scientists to find a cure for our fungus.

Step 7: Gather 29 DNA Points, Upgrade Transmissions: Air 2 & Water 2

It's time to upgrade the transmissions so we can spread the fungus more effectively. Gain 29 DNA Points, and then upgrade the transmissions for Air & Water to 2!

Step 8: Gather 42 DNA Points, Upgrade Abilities: Spore Burst, Spore Eruption, & Cold Resistance 2

We're upgrading now to finish off one of the Spore Burst trees and to trigger a Spore Eruption. We'll need at least 42 DNA Points to accomplish this, and with those left over points you will want to upgrade to Cold Resistance 2!

Step 9: Gather 12 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Spore Burst

Time for another Spore Burst, just gather up 12 points and upgrade another one of these.

Step 10: Wait...

At this point your fungus should have pretty much infiltrated all of the countries on the map and now you will want to wait until you get the "There Are No Healthy People Left in the World" message. Once you've done that, it's time to start ramping up the severity of this fungus!

Step 11: Upgrade Symptoms: Coughing, Sneezing, Immune Suppression, and Total Organ Failure

Now we have to start killing people, so upgrade your symptoms. You should be able to do pretty much whatever you want, but the ones I've listed are going to likely be the most reliable. If you don't have enough DNA Points, you can devolve some of your Transmission options since you won't need those anymore.

Step 12: Pop Cure Bubbles, Upgrade More Symptoms: Coma, Systemic Infection, Tumors, Etc.

Now that millions are starting to perish, you'll need to slightly be worried about the world finding a cure. It should be too fast for them to deal with, but make sure to pop any cure bubbles that pop up. Also, when you've gathered more points, start upgrading more Symptoms to make it lead to death quicker and harder to cure.

Step 13: Earth's Eradication

That should be all you need to do! The cure should be too slow to create, and once so many people have died they will no longer really be able to do anything about it.

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  1. I have played this game 38 times over the last year and this fungus level must be impossible to be because I have played it every way possible fast slow devolving and evolving and not even come close to beating it yet.. yet