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Monster Hunter Rise offers a wide variety of monsters for players to hunt. These creatures populate the game's many open areas, and each adversary behaves uniquely. Some monsters are skittish, while others are aggressive. The Tigrex falls into the latter category, as this Flying Wyvern readily attacks any who get too close. One wrong move can spell the end for any unprepared hunter, so make sure you aren't slain by studying up on your opponent. Here are Tigrex's weaknesses, resistances, and drop rates.

All Tigrex Weaknesses

Tigrex Elemental Weakness

Tigrex's main weakness is its aversion to thunder weapons. Make sure to bring weapons of this element for an edge in battle. Dragon weapons are a solid second option, though slightly weaker than thunder. Water gear is a decent third option but has significant damage dropoff from the elements above. Ice should be your last resort, as it doesn't damage Tigrex. Avoid using fire weapons on Tigrex. They are very ineffective in battle.

Those with thunder weapons should focus their attacks on the Head and Foreleg of the Tigrex to inflict the most damage. Dragon element users should aim for the Head, Abdomen, Back, and Tail, and water and ice users are best suited to attack the Foreleg.

Location DamageFireWaterThunderIceDragon
Hind Leg0515010
Tail Base051005

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Tigrex Location Weakness

If you are not wielding an elemental weapon, you want to attack places where you deal extra damage. These places on a monster differentiate depending on the weapon type you use—Cutting, Impact, or Shot.

Location DamageCutting DamageImpact DamageShot Damage
Hind Leg303025
Tail Base403530
  • If using a cutting weapon focus on the head or forelegs.
  • If using a blunt weapon focus on the head.
  • If using a bow/shot weapon focus on shooting the head.

Tigrex Resistances and Ailments

Those aiming to inflict ailments on Tigrex should use either Blast or Thunderblight for the best results. Both Blast and Thunderblight are reliable ways of damaging this boss with ailments. All other ailment types can impact Tigrex but are weaker than those previously mentioned.

Tigrex Drop Rates - Carves, Capturing & Breaking

Depending on your quest, you can get different rewards to forge armor and weapons, but each has a drop rate percentage, ultimately RNG. It is pure luck what you receive.

  • There are multiple ways of gaining items
    • You can carving three times once the monster is dead.
    • You can capture the monster instead of killing it.
      • Or carving the broken appendage of said monster.
    • From looting the drops from the monster
    • After successfully compleing your quest

Most monsters have breakable parts, and Tigrex is no different. Players can break the Claw, Head, and Tail of the Tigrex with enough pressure. If you can break these pieces during the hunt, you will earn extra rewards after completing the quest.

The tables below are the percentage and drop rates of each material from Tigrex, Low and High rank.

Low Rank

Target RewardsCapture Rewards
Item and Percentage Chance Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Scale 33%
Tigrex Claw 21%
Tigrex Fang 17%
Tigrex Shell 15%
Tigrex Tail 9%
Tigrex Scalp 5%
Tigrex Shell 37%
Tigrex Fang 28%
Tigrex Scale 18%
Tigrex Tail 12%
Tigrex Scalp 5%
Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Scale 33%
Tigrex Claw 21%
Tigrex Fang 17%
Tigrex Shell 15%
Tigrex Tail 9%
Tigrex Scalp 5%
Broken Parts Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Claw 80% (Claw x2)
Tigrex Fang 60% (Head x2)
Tigrex Shell 28% (Head)
Tigrex Scale 20% (Claw)
Tigrex Scalp 12% (Head)
White Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Scale 50%
Wyvern Tear 50%
Tigrex Shell 30%
Tigrex Claw 20%

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High Rank

Target RewardsCapture Rewards
Item and Percentage Chance Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Scale+ 32%
Tigrex Claw+ 21%
Tigrex Fang+ 17%
Tigrex Carapace 15%
Tigrex Scalp 8%
Tigrex Maw 4%
Wyvern Gem 3%
Tigrex Carapace 34%
Tigrex Fang+ 27%
Tigrex Scale+ 16% (x2)
Tigrex Tail 10%
Tigrex Scalp 8%
Tigrex Maw 5%
Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Tail 80% (Tail)
Tigrex Scale+ 42% (Body), 15% (Tail)
Tigrex Claw+ 30% (Body)
Tigrex Carapace 18% (Body)
Tigrex Scalp 7% (Body)
Wyvern Gem 5% (Tail)
Tigrex Maw 3% (Body)
Broken Parts Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Tigrex Claw+ 80% (Claw x2)
Tigrex Fang+ 60% (Head x2)
Tigrex Scale+ 20% (Claw)
Tigrex Carapace 17% (Head)
Tigrex Scalp 15% (Head)
Tigrex Maw 8% (Head)
White Drops
Item and Percentage Chance
Large Wyvern Tear 40%
Tigrex Scale+ 39%, 50%
Tigrex Carapace 30%
Tigrex Claw+ 10%, 20%
Wyvern Tear 10%
Wyvern Gem 1%

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