How to play Cargo Run in Moonbreaker

Cargo Run is a roguelike mode where you choose your captain and receive a random set of units. You must go through five rounds and defeat the five boss units. Each round has a random boss, meaning you could face a different challenge each time. Throughout a round, random cargo boxes will drop, giving you […]

Meet Moonbreaker’s death bot Extilior in behind the scenes chat with Brandon Sanderson

Unknown Worlds Entertainment and Brandon Sanderson have joined together to create Moonbreaker, a digital tabletop experience with lore created by the famed author. While the in-game lore is spare, players are able to get snippets of lore in-game and elsewhere, like behind-the-scenes looks. The Moonbreaker Twitter states, “Tune into the first episode of our behind-the-scenes […]

Moonbreaker removes Cargo Run Contracts after fan backlash

Moonbreaker’s early access launch was met with praise and criticism, but its monetization was one of the more disliked aspects. While there were many parts of this, one that upset fans was Cargo Run Contracts, a feature Unknown Worlds Entertainment has removed. The Moonbreaker Twitter states, “We’re making some changes to Cargo Run.” and shared more details in their […]

Everything included in the Moonbreaker Founder’s Pack – Is it worth it?

Moonbreaker is now available in early access, allowing players to enjoy the digital tabletop experience before a full 1.0 release. Alongside this early access, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released a Founder’s Pack. This may leave you wondering what is in the Moonbreaker Founder’s Pack and if it is worth it. What is in the Founder’s […]

Moonbreaker Best Support Units Tier List

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategy heavily influenced by XCOM, Hearthstone, and Warhammer 40K franchises. That interesting cocktail has a lot to offer, as the units (figurines) on the virtual tabletop battlefield are essentially cards with unique abilities. Your success will often depend on your choice of support units, as they can quickly turn the tide. […]