SCUM Hunting & Cooking Guide – Improvised Campfire, Skewers With Meat

Take a look at how-to Hunt and Cook in SCUM, the new open world survival game.

We're taking a look at how to hunt and cook in SCUM. We're going to be tracking down our prey with our various weaponry, chopping it up, and cooking it with an Improvised Fire and a Skewer! This quick guide should help you learn how-to hunt and cook, which will lead to you being able to survive for longer.

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Hunting in SCUM

Hunting is pretty straight forward, if you see an animal try to sneak up on it and either throw your spear or take a shot with a weapon. If you wound the animal, this is where it gets interesting. The animal might make its way through an area that is hard to navigate, so you can look for its blood on the ground with focus mode (right click). If you find a spot, you can examine it and it will show you the direction it was headed.

Chop Up the Animal

Once you've found the animal's carcass, you'll need to chop it up. This requires a knife of some kind. If you don't have one, you can look around on the ground for some stones. You only need two to craft a Stone Knife that will allow you to carve up the animal. After you've chopped it up, you'll want to chop up the larger pieces into even smaller pieces.

Cooking in SCUM

To cook up some meat for yourself, you'll need to cut down a large bush. Once you do this, you'll find some small and large branches. Chop down the large branches into small branches. You'll need 5 of these sticks and one other item. You can use gunpowder or various rags to create the Improvised Fireplace. It places this where you are, so be sure to be standing where you want to place it.

Once you've got that crafted, you are going to need a Fire Drill. Hack down another bush and get two large branches. Once you have those, you'll need a Stone Knife. You might want to craft another one of those if you are using one as your main chopping tool. Go ahead and start the fire by holding the F key on the Improvised Fireplace and select Light Fire.

Now we need to craft a Skewer to put our meat onto. Go to the crafting menu and under Food find the Skewer With Meat recipe and hit craft. This will drop the Skewer and Meat on the ground once it's done, pick this up and put it in your hand. You can then hold the F key on the Fireplace and hit the cook option. This will cook up the meat, and you can then eat it!

Consuming Food

You'll need to keep an eye on your energy percentage. Eating food and drinking water will help restore it, however, if you eat and drink too much you can become ill. Make sure to watch your metabolism tab and don't forget to go to the bathroom!

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