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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset [June 22] Time, Legacy Activities, Nightfall, & More

Every Tuesday, Destiny 2 experiences a weekly reset that refreshes the game with new seasonal content like weekly quests, new raids, pinnacle gear opportunities, and more challenges. All weekly bounties like vanguard and crucible also refresh, allowing for more opportunities to earn powerful and pinnacle gear across multiple characters. In this post, we keep track […]

How to Play Roblox in VR

You can play Roblox in VR mode on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive systems. For many, this is great news, as it provides an exciting and fresh way to experience Roblox games. But it may be intimidating for some to figure out how to do the setup. Read below to see how easy it […]

How to get the Summer Fantasy set in Roblox Royale High

A glamorous new avatar set is available for purchase in Royale High, a popular fantasy school roleplaying game on Roblox. Royale High was created by callmehbob in April 2017 and continues to receive exciting new updates like special themed events, wardrobe sets, and more! The new avatar set, which will only be available during summer […]