Plague Inc. Fungus Normal Guide – Tips on How-to Beat Fungus!

We're taking a detailed look on how-to beat the fungus plague in Plague Inc.

Our Plague Inc. Fungus Guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do to complete the game with fungus on normal difficulty. This one is a bit more difficult than the others, and a lot of people seem to have trouble with it. This guide will walk you through exactly all the steps you need to take to spread your fungus across the globe!

How-to Beat Fungus in Plague Inc.

Step 0: Devolve Any Symptoms You Gain

Sometimes you will gain Symptoms as you play the game, you will want to devolve these so they don't make the fungus as obvious to find. We're not looking to kill people right away, the idea is to infect everyone first, and then ramp up the symptoms.

Step 1: Start Your Fungus in India

To start us off, we're going to need to place our future deadly fungus into India!

Step 2: Gather 23 DNA Points

You will need to have exactly 23 DNA to head into the next step to give our fungus some ability to spread better, and a bit of resistance.

Step 3: Upgrade Transmissions: Air 1 & Water 1, Upgrade Ability: Cold Resistance 1

We need our fungus to start spreading more reliably, so upgrading both the air and water transmission will help this along. To make sure our fungus doesn't just die out in the cold, some DNA into Cold Resistance 1 will give it a chance.

Step 4: Gather 12 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Heat Resistance 1

Next, we'll need to save up 12 DNA to get our next upgrade. Once you've gathered that up, head to Abilities and upgrade your Heat Resistance 1!

Step 5: Gather 25 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Spore Burst 1 - 5

Now we're going to need to start spreading the fungus more and into other countries. You can do this by using the Spore Burst ability. Save up 25 DNA, and then upgrade 1 through 5 of your Spore Burst. This will get you out of just India and into a bunch of other countries.

Step 6: Gather 18 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Drug Resistance 1

Once you've gathered up 18 more DNA Points, we will want to use those towards upgrading our Drug Resistance ability. This will make it so it is hard for those pesky scientists to find a cure for our fungus.

Step 7: Gather 29 DNA Points, Upgrade Transmissions: Air 2 & Water 2

It's time to upgrade the transmissions so we can spread the fungus more effectively. Gain 29 DNA Points, and then upgrade the transmissions for Air & Water to 2!

Step 8: Gather 42 DNA Points, Upgrade Abilities: Spore Burst, Spore Eruption, & Cold Resistance 2

We're upgrading now to finish off one of the Spore Burst trees and to trigger a Spore Eruption. We'll need at least 42 DNA Points to accomplish this, and with those left over points you will want to upgrade to Cold Resistance 2!

Step 9: Gather 12 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Spore Burst

Time for another Spore Burst, just gather up 12 points and upgrade another one of these.

Step 10: Wait...

At this point your fungus should have pretty much infiltrated all of the countries on the map and now you will want to wait until you get the "There Are No Healthy People Left in the World" message. Once you've done that, it's time to start ramping up the severity of this fungus!

Step 11: Upgrade Symptoms: Coughing, Sneezing, Immune Suppression, and Total Organ Failure

Now we have to start killing people, so upgrade your symptoms. You should be able to do pretty much whatever you want, but the ones I've listed are going to likely be the most reliable. If you don't have enough DNA Points, you can devolve some of your Transmission options since you won't need those anymore.

Step 12: Pop Cure Bubbles, Upgrade More Symptoms: Coma, Systemic Infection, Tumors, Etc.

Now that millions are starting to perish, you'll need to slightly be worried about the world finding a cure. It should be too fast for them to deal with, but make sure to pop any cure bubbles that pop up. Also, when you've gathered more points, start upgrading more Symptoms to make it lead to death quicker and harder to cure.

Step 13: Earth's Eradication

That should be all you need to do! The cure should be too slow to create, and once so many people have died they will no longer really be able to do anything about it.


I have been getting some comments from people having trouble completing this with these instructions. I have tested it multiple times, following these exact steps, and it has worked each time. Here's a look at where you should be when the infection has spread fully:

A small amount of people will be dead, and you should have quite a few DNA points to work with. If you're having trouble, then here's some things you can maybe do to correct the issue:

  • Make sure you are devolving the symptoms that are randomly mutated right away. Once the pop up shows on the screen, immediately hit disease and devolve it. You can't let it exist for any amount of time.
  • Always hit all the bubbles to make sure you are collecting DNA. If you're struggling with this, then consider slowing down the speed of the game. You can also get the gene that automatically hits all of the bubbles for you.
  • It takes a long time to infect the entire population, so be patient and only add symptoms once the world is fully infected and you get the "There are no healthy people left in the world" message.
  • Once you've infected everyone in the world, you can immediately devolve all the Transmissions and Abilities we've added previously.
  • Pop all the cure bubbles to slow down the cure, and make sure to continue to add Symptoms as you gain more DNA points.

Here's how one of my games looked after I completed it using the exact steps laid out in this guide:

Your Cure Progress may vary, but it really shouldn't get close to completing if you follow the steps exactly!

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  1. after being stuck on fungus for weeks this helped 100%

  2. This worked flawlessly for me! I’ve been stuck on fungus for a year now lol using similar tactics, I was able to breeze by the next few levels too πŸ™‚ so glad to be getting to more fun diseases to play with

  3. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. Xbox player here, I don’t have the when country affected by the wait step. Help

  5. Yes it Works

  6. ty this worked for me on mobile.

  7. I was quite triumfant when I found these tips and tried them after fighting several hours with the same level. First I got every one infected and then started to develop the symptoms like instructed. All was well until the cure started to be researched. I struggle getting through the normal level and I’m playing on my ipad. My fungus killed only about 70 000 people before the cure was ready and all the rest was healed. I’m trying again for sure but it seems to be quite tricky even with these tips and tricks! Thanks tho!

  8. Thank you soooooo much me and my friend where struggling so much but thanks to you tips we did qπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  9. It almost didn’t work out for me. Greenland was the only unaffected country. I finally after waiting about 15min got in

  10. I’ve followed this to the letter and have been unsuccessful in literally 12-15 attempts. I’ve managed to infect everyone but the cure hit 100% with only about half the planet dead. Not sure why this won’t work for me.

    1. Are you on PC? I can’t figure out why it won’t work for some people, because I’ve tried it multiple times and it has worked in each one.

  11. Typo in step 2 of the : ut is 23 and not 21 DNA points

    1. Fixed, thanks.

  12. thank you, I fought a mushroom for four hours

  13. You’re a life saver!!! (Ironic πŸ˜‚) this mode has been driving my husband and I crazy for sooo long not being able to beat it! Guide worked perfectly! πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ THANK YOU!

    1. Glad it worked for you!

  14. Thanks for this guide πŸ™‚ I followed it and got it done on Brutal difficulty (with 96% cure developed)

    This game must have become popular lately ^^

  15. Thanks man!
    My fungus always killed everyone before it could reach those pesky islands ^_^
    I was a bit worried about the cure progress suddenly going forward very fast, but as long as you do everything from step 11 at once, humanity doesn’t stand a chance B-)

    I had about 54 DNA points before starting step 11 without demoting anything so I got some margin.

  16. last country is always greenland or iceland, and i have them both infected but its being infected so slow. what do i do?

    1. You just have to wait, it can take a while.

  17. It’s more fun if you challenge yourself and make it harder. I’m going to start my fungus somewhere crazy ie not in the recommended India China or Saudi Arabia.

  18. Just tried this but instead of using all my spores I upgraded all the animal transmissions and upgraded my medicine resistance twice. Then used one spore burst to infect Greenland at the last minute. waited for a few yellow bubbles to get extra points then went straight for the organ failure. Use whats left for insomnia and whatever significantly slows down cure research. Cure made it to 49% then stalled.

    1. You mean insanity

  19. Absolutely amazing…i got score of 5090 by following the steps…for people who have trouble in last country…spend some DNA for one more spore burst…that will guarantee last country infection…save points and immediately run for organ failure and other lethal when no human is safe…you’ll pretty much kill everyone

  20. Absolute pack of lies. After everyone is infected, DNA points dry up almost completely, and refunded from infectivity mutations doesn’t provide nearly enough to make the fungus kill faster than the ridiculously quick cure research.

    1. I just added a troubleshooting section to this guide with screenshots of a recent run using these exact steps. I had 62 DNA points when the entire population was infected, so I’m not sure what step you are missing or why you aren’t having similar success.

  21. I pretty recommended this strategy but to be honest this game is depend luck i already play this game many time but some of country is still not getting infected.

  22. There’ll always be a last country hard to infect despite these tips. After concluded all those steps, that helps in 99.9% on the way to succeed, verify which country its the last one (the tough one to infect) and evolve your fungus spread syntoms based on the info of this country. Greenland, Iceland etc are the most tough to infect despite cold 2 evolve and others.

    1. After the burst eruption, take a spore burst, wait until some countries get infected naturally and spore bust again just to make sure theres no small countries left (it will save you time while the cure is being developed, cause any second its precious at this point) until you see theres no countries left, when least of 7 billion people get infected, there will be the last tough country, find it and look at its info. If its cold, evolve a basic syntom to spread in cold and if its hot, well..youll know what to do. Only after it, start to evolve the fatal syntoms. Use your DNA’s points wisely during this part and will be enough to succeed.

  23. It works like a charm ! but i did some changes.. I infected brazil and followed the points. The main key here is to SAY NO TO SYMPTOMS.

  24. Thanks for the guide, but I followed it to the letter. Once everyone’s infected I only had 15 dna, and once I started adding symptoms, they are able to cure it way too fast. I don’t get enough dna from devolving my transmissions. Any tips?

    1. You should have way more DNA points at that point. I think I was able to get all the way to Total Organ Failure once everyone was infected. Once everyone is infected, you can devolve all the transmissions. Are you missing the bubbles when they pop up? I’m not sure why you’d have such little DNA at that point.

  25. Doesn’t work. Can’t get enough points to put a dent in.

    1. You’re doing something wrong, I’ve tested this recently.

  26. Great strategy but if Greenland isn’t infected by one of the spore bursts, good luck lmao I’ve managed to infect literally 100% of the population of the world EXCEPT Greenland, but somehow none of the boats going to Greenland have an infected person πŸ€”

  27. Nice, worked first time

  28. Tried this method 6 times and they always cure way to fast

    1. I just tested it and they only got to 40% cure. Make sure when something evolves you don’t hit the X on the prompt and instead immediately devolve it. They shouldn’t be developing a cure at all by the time you infect everyone. Once you’ve done that, make sure to get the exact symptoms that are listed, devolve the transmission stuff, and then upgrade the rest. Anything that helps prevent the cure or kills faster.

  29. i remember seeing a meme about spotted fungus in australia and then the fact that i was playing plague inc with fungus released went across my mind that a fungus spore went to au by air lol