Best Fairy Type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

We're taking a look at the best Fairy Pokémon currently available in Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is gaining popularity again, and it's causing everyone to start investigating what type of Pokémon they should catch, train, and use in raids/battles. In this guide, we're looking at Fairy Pokémon! We're going to give you some quick stats about the type and the Pokémon to make sure you know what to look for and how to win.

Best Fairy Type Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Before we begin, we want to cover a few important things when reading over this list. Everything in the list below affects how we rank the best Pokémon, so you'll want to glance over it at least once.

  • Pokémon Alterations: Some Pokémon can be altered into different versions, which significantly boosts them in such a way that it may put them at the top of a list, even if their standard version wouldn't be there. However, the strongest Altered Fairy Pokémon in Pokémon Go aren't stronger than the standard ones, so we've opted to include them in our list.
  • Combination Types: Any Pokémon type can be mixed with any other type, which can cause some confusion in picking the best. These secondary types can change the recommended moveset, weaknesses, and other important stats like Max CP. However, most of the strong Fairy-exclusive Pokémon are not yet available in Pokémon Go, so we've opted to just combine all the types into one large list.
  • The Algorithm: We determine our lists by getting the statistics of the ten Pokémon with the highest CP of their category. Then, we take the averages of their Max CP, Attack, Defense, and Stamina. The ranks are determined by which Pokémon has the best overall placement of those stats. We did it this way because it means you're not just getting the highest CP, but instead, the strongest Pokémon ranked by balanced averages.
  • The Lists for the Top Fairy Types: The list below provides you all the lists we're providing in this guide for Fairy Pokémon.
    • Top 15 Overall Fairy-type
  • Strengths/Weaknesses: This list will provide you all weaknesses and strengths of Fairy-type Pokémon.
    • Strong Weakness(es): None
    • Weakness(es): Poison, Steel
    • Resistance(s): Dragon, Bug, Dark, Fighting
    • Strong Resistance(s): None

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Top 15 Overall Fairy-type

  • #1: Togekiss
    • Max CP: 3767
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 225/217/198
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Charm
      • Charge Attack: Dazzling Gleam
  • #2: Gardevoir
    • Max CP: 3497
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 237/195/169
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Charm
      • Charge Attack: Psychic
  • #3: Granbull (Tied)
    • Max CP: 2885
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 212/131/207
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Charm
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #3: Clefable (Tied)
    • Max CP: 2755
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 178/162/216
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Pound
      • Charge Attack: Dazzling Gleam
  • #5: Alola Ninetales (Tied)
    • Max CP: 2610
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 170/193/177
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Feint Attack
      • Charge Attack: Weather Ball
  • #5: Galarian Weezing (Tied)
    • Max CP: 2592
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 174/197/163
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Tackle
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #5: Galarian Rapidash (Tied)
    • Max CP: 2782
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 207/162/163
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Psycho Cut
      • Charge Attack: Psychic
  • #8: Mr. Mime
    • Max CP: 2518
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 192/205/120
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt
      • Charge Attack: Psychic
  • #9: Whimsicott
    • Max CP: 2277
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 164/176/155
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Razor Leaf
      • Charge Attack: Grass Knot
  • #10: Wigglytuff
    • Max CP:  2178
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 156/90/295
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Pound
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #11: Klefki
    • Max CP: 2204
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 160/179/149
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Tackle
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #12: Azumarill
    • Max CP: 1795
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 112/152/225
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Bubble
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #13: Togetic
    • Max CP: 1931
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 139/181/146
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Extrasensory
      • Charge Attack: Dazzling Gleam
  • #14: Mawile
    • Max CP: 1848
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 155/141/137
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Fire Fang
      • Charge Attack: Play Rough
  • #15: Snubbull
    • Max CP:  1399
    • Attack/Defense/Stamina: 137/85/155
    • Best Moveset
      • Fast Attack: Tackle
      • Charge Attack: Dazzling Gleam

If you have one of the Fairy Pokémon listed above, we suggest looking for raids and battles! Remember: with Fairy Pokémon, you want to avoid fighting their counters, primarily Steel Pokémon. Check back for updates every season!

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