Best Metagross Moveset in Pokémon Go

Not using this guide to see Metagross's best moves is really meGagross!

You might know Metagross by its layman's name: steel-crab-thing. This Pokémon has a perpetually crabby attitude on its face (due to the metal X making it look angry), and brings that attitude to the battlefield in Pokémon Go. While certainly not the toughest, it is a heavy-hitter compared to other easily-accessible Pokémon. In this guide, we're going to go over its best moves and basic stats.

Best Metagross Moveset in Pokémon Go

The best movesets for Metagross sometimes depend on the technique you use as a player and the Pokémon the opponent is using. However, in this guide, we will cover the top-ranking movesets based on their average stats for damage and success.

Before we list the movesets, we're going to cover a few basic stats about Metagross, so you can adequately prepare your playstyle and pick the appropriate movesets.

Basic Stats

  • Type(s): Steel, Psychic
  • Heavy Weakness(es): None
  • Weakness(es): Dark, Ghost, Ground, Fire
  • Resistance(s): Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
  • Strong Resistance(s): Poison, Psychic
  • Boosted By: Snow and Windy Weather
  • Max CP: 4286
  • Attack | Defense | Stamina: 257 | 228 | 190

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Best Movesets

The following two moves reflect the attacks that show up the most frequently on the top five movesets. While this generally means this is the best move of that type, it's not guaranteed.

  • #1 Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
  • #1 Charge Attack: Meteor Mash

The remaining movesets are the top eight movesets for Metagross, ranked by DPS (damage per second).

  • #1
    • DPS: 18.73
    • Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    • Charge Attack: Meteor Mash
  • #2
    • DPS: 18.33
    • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt
    • Charge Attack: Meteor Mash
  • #3
    • DPS: 17.58
    • Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    • Charge Attack: Psychic
  • #4
    • DPS: 16.65
    • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt
    • Charge Attack: Psychic
  • #5
    • DPS: 16.56
    • Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    • Charge Attack: Earthquake
  • #6
    • DPS: 15.92
    • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt
    • Charge Attack: Earthquake
  • #7
    • DPS: 15.14
    • Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
    • Charge Attack: Flash Cannon
  • #8
    • DPS: 14.00
    • Fast Attack: Zen Headbutt
    • Charge Attack: Flash Cannon

Attack Types

Similar to Pokémon, attacks have a type (i.e., Fighting, Fairy, Psychic, etc.). In the list below, we list the attack type of every attack mentioned in the movesets for Metagross above. Use this list to determine the best moves against the Pokémon your Metagross is fighting.

  • Steel-type Attacks
    • Metagross's Moves
      • Bullet Punch
      • Meteor Mash
      • Flash Cannon
    • Super Effective Against: Fairy, Ice, Rock
    • Not Very Effective Against: Electric, Fire, Steel, Water
  • Ground-type Attacks
    • Metagross's Moves
      • Earthquake
    • Super Effective Against: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
    • Not Very Effective Against: Bug, Flying, Grass
  • Psychic-type Attacks
    • Metagross's Moves
      • Psychic
      • Zen Headbutt
    • Super Effective Against: Fighting, Poison
    • Not Very Effective Against: Dark, Psychic, Steel

With these lists, you'll know when to use Metagross and how to use him most effectively. Good luck battling!

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